World of Tanks – Precious Snowflake

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Yes. The title is clickbait. Sort of.

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  1. Good old blame game. I notice that it is usually the ones who do the worst who scream the most. In this case, the 121 did 5 times the damage that the guy blaming him did! In fact the T95/FV4201 didn’t break a thousand damage.

    • I had a match yesterday in my 12t. One of my heavy tanks was screaming that we report the enemy T-34-85M for hacking. Because how can you possibly be killed when you don’t bother angling and all your shots hit the most extreme angles of his turret and front armor? He even had the health advantage; 585 to 75. Obviously he must be hacking! He at least stopped when I pointed out he had every opportunity to close with and destroy the T-34, and could even have rammed him if he wanted to. Funny thing is this never would have happened and I’d never have known this if it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t kill the T-34. I missed the last shot in my clip and he caught me on the reload.

    • Came to say that aswell. The Chieftain guy had an aweful lot to say for somebody who’s had a really, really bad match.

    • to be fair C1 north spawn is faster then C1 south spawn on this map and as its a important location ( more so then the normal heavy flank) i can understand him a bit
      Still not the best chief player as looking at the map is a skill too and he could of ran away the moment he saw no one coming along with him

      also north spawn doesnt go to c1 almost everytime even though its easier a similar situation with muro south going heavy flank and sitting there doing basically nothing

  2. Should have gotten Ace tanker- cmon, Wargaming. Kills should matter at this rate

  3. Tsukiko Yori Yuki Black

    Two steps from hell wings of Ukraine

  4. First clip taking me straight back to 2012

  5. Jingles “It’s world of warships”
    Its obviously world of tanks, and I see no TOGs, so I think he is pulling our legs!

  6. Didn’t WG kind of even issue a statement in support of Ukraine when they fired their creative director who was in support of the Russian invasion? Or did i get that wrong :-X

  7. Congratulations on your Leveling up day great overlord Jingles. my youngest also leveled up today to level 9, so having a fun day and wishing you all the best and a lot of levels to come

  8. Watching the replay this wasy just anoyed me. And they lost because they wanted to win harder and they could have won earlier.

  9. @DiabloDBS You’re right, they fired Serb for making pro-Putin statements. Also WG is technically Cyprus based, so not really any reason to shut them down.

  10. The Mighty Jingles

    Happy Birthday to Osama bin Laden, Chuck Norris, and me!

  11. Jingles, why not play some World of Tanks Blitz?

    Absolutely hilarious when someone shit talks in chat, only to die less than 30 seconds later.

    Also much easier armor mechanic.

  12. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦


  13. I hate this game so much… The other day I’ve started playing again after years. Claus Kellerman vids got me back into it. Yesterday I’ve played su152 and ammo racked 3 meds in a row… RNGesus was on my side i guess.

  14. What’s up with a good bad and ugly it’s been a while???

  15. Congratulations to another turn around the sun!

  16. Jingles: Welcome back to World of Warships with Rear Admiral Jingles
    Viewers: Haha Jingles Moment

    Jingles: Actually salt miners…

  17. Shaitan Morgenstern

    He has Circonflexes as a commander 🙂 Recognize that “Gotcha!” anywhere (and congrats on your birthday Old Man Jingles)

    • thats not Circon, his voice is way deeper, there are so many special commanders and mostly all US Commanders say this Line lol

    • Shaitan Morgenstern

      Listened to some of the other one-liners and I believe you are right. However, circonflexes voice is actually of a higher pitch that this commander (not deeper). I never said he is the only one saying gotcha. I just said i recognized his gotcha (which turned out to be wrong) LOL

  18. Gawd, when the fella in the opening said he peaked, guarantee he didn’t mean in the game.

  19. That was great. I am thoroughly impressed.

  20. “Once again bad team”

    Yeah idc how correct or good he is, fuck this guy

  21. “I peaked. I’m done”…. LOL

  22. Such a rewarding light tank gameplay to watch. An for it to not be a gold spamming car, is that much better.

  23. Best wishes and many more from across the pond. Huzzah!

  24. What’s the odds the IS-7 player is an old guy. Rip van winkle.

  25. Thanks Jingles. And a very happy birthday Old Salt!

  26. well, do battleship secondaries count? cuz if yes, then we might actually have a battleship gun on a tank…technically

  27. happy birthday jingles 21 …again

  28. @Al everyone has its own playstyle, you dont have to like it, like others dont have to like your playstyle. He will lesrn from that, by crashing so often that he drives with a diffrent camera setting or he will learn to be better in it.

  29. My favourite part about the British lights is going from the Crusader with 2000dpm to the Setter with 900dpm, with the same gun.

  30. He nearly flipped several times due to careless driving.

  31. I won’t be watching or playing any video games made in Russia or any of their allied countries. Altho still enjoing your content from other games.

  32. Hold shit,thats impressive ,well done:D

  33. PSA: Scroll zoomer alert!

  34. This is mr snowflake here, I actually was talking with someone IRL throughout this game so occasionally I was looking away from my PC and that’s why I was driving kind of shitty, I don’t usually drive that bad.

  35. A shoutout to Rip_Van_Winkle in the IS-7, who as well as being the other survivor of the team, also successfully backed up our hero and distracted at least 2 enemy tanks to concentrate on him, whilst the Manticore ripped them a new one. 🙂

  36. Snowflake lagged behind. Let team knock most enemy hit points down then drive thru at end to rake up kills on low health tanks, seen players do that to consistently improve their game stats, at whole teams expense. WHAT A NOOB play

  37. The guy at the beginning who got killed probably deleted the game right then and there.

  38. Hey everyone its snowflake here, first off thanks jingles for showing my game. this match was really really fun to play. Secondly the manticore is one of the tanks I just love to play even though its statistically awful, idk why but I always seem to perform well in it, cant really explain it, its just a fun little brit, also about my camera angle, I cant exactly remember why I was zoomed in like that, I usually play zoomed out further like jingles was doing when he zoomed it out himself. I do recall though that throughout this game I was trying to play and talk to someone IRL, so my driving was kinda shit. I usually don’t drive as bad as I did in this replay, but it is what it is. I didnt really notice the chat until the end of the game lol (the you guys are welcome was for the cheif and 121 that kept playing the blame game), Anyways happy birthday jingles! hope you have a great birthday.

  39. @Al
    I still wondered about it since most of their assets are still situated in Belarus or did that also change when they moved their ‘tax base’ to Cyprus?

  40. Happy birthday Jingles

  41. Is Noivy really Yuro? lmao

  42. @handgranate2008 Plus he was a special little snowflake. Though seriously, I work in IT and people can have some really weird ways of using computers.

  43. Nice to see that I’m still doing well to stay away from the game …

  44. Belisarius Plebicus

    Well, I like to think that I have another excuse to not play any wargaming titles in the wake of, *Insert serious conflict here*. In other news, Happy Birthday Overlord!

  45. epic intro 😛

  46. That first clip never gets old, the iconic weakspot on the IS-series tank that is only present when angled, that spot is also where the ammo rack is located for the IS-7 so ammo racking them is usually pretty common when I played many years ago

  47. Happy Birthday!

  48. – And if I remember correctly; Happy Birthday, Jingles….! How is it you express it, “another level of experience of not dying”?

  49. Happy shared birthday!

  50. @Zigzera Yeah I agree, like I said in my comment on the video I honestly have no clue why the hell I was playing that zoomed in, I never do that, but it is what it is. Thanks!

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