World of Tanks – Pref Premiums in 9.18

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Source: Anfield


  1. hey Anfield how much dmg combine you need for 3moe on fcm 50t?

  2. do you have t-34-3?

  3. Well all tanks got pref mm now pretty much.

    Now the worse you can face is 2 +2 tier tanks. Before 9.18 it was maybe 10 of them.

    Premium MM tanks need either a compensation or a permanent toptier status like PzB2. Otherwise they have no real point anymore over newer stronger premiums. IS-6 is already way worse than Obj252U even with pref MM, but now that 252U has almost the same MM there is no point in it.

    Hooe WG adresses that. These tanks have pref mm for a reason, they are weaker than their normal-MM equivalents ; and new MM puts them on an almost identical level.

  4. wtf why don’t we have the 9.18 update on EU server ? I know the differents servers have differents date for premium tanks release but wtf is going on with this update ?

  5. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    He went left and didn’t get sniped for 1/2 his Heath? And he stayed hull down?¿? What is this witchcraft?

  6. So you’re the reason people camp there.

  7. Panther Panzer Gaming

    I would be so happy if you made a voice pack of him speaking german.

  8. I don’t think I can explain that but sub-par tanks gameplay shows much more what a fantastic player you are than tier X meta gameplay. GZ Anfield :’)

  9. Alexander Agustine

    Anfield, thank you for playing with premiums. Although I don’t get this kind of mm

  10. I seen you in battle today. I wondered if it was the same person.

  11. your way of saying mice(Mais) means corn in german ?

  12. Who was that german sounding retard you were in comms with???

  13. Anfield have you ever played on the RU cluster?

  14. Anfield! a couple questions:
    1. Is there a reason you exit sniper mode almost exactly as you are taking a shot?
    2. Do you ever do on-stream reviews of replays sent in by viewers?
    Love your stuff, congrats on 19k subs 🙂

  15. Light tanks shouldn’t be top tier, they shit all over equal tier heavies with vision control and lower tiers don’t have a hope in hell at spotting them either. Their guns are pretty damn good too and they can take game winning positions before the enemies have even left their spawn. e.g: Mines, Lakeville, Prok, Malinovka to name a few
    “EDIT” just noticed hes in type 59 but my point still stands 😀

  16. I don’t mind the New MM at all it isn’t perfect but it is a step in the right direction. A few things I see wrong so far is sometimes you will get a map like himmelsdorf and one team will have 7 Heavies and the the other team will have 1 heavy and they get rolled, or if you have XVM you will see 1 team with mostly green players and the other with almost all red players.

  17. your attitude against arty and lights SUCK SO MUCH….. GO SEEK TREATMENT!!!

  18. With this new MM system , why would one buy the IS6 than the Defender?
    My IS6 will not be out to war till it is buffed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Does the new MM make the fcm 50t a viable t8 premium or is it completely useless now?
    Im considering buying a tier8 premium for gold I accumulated from tourneys and my original choice was either the FCM or Sta2.
    New MM gives the sta2 a bigger boost, right?

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