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Source: The Mighty Jingles

While I was away in Russia there was a great disturbance in the Force, as if Wargaming announced plans to “fix” Preferential Matchmaking Tanks and a million voices cried out in fear and frustration…

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  1. If I wanted to get wrecked by Type 5s and Obj 268 v4, i got the Defender for that already.

    As an owner of almost all pref mm tanks in the game, I would only settle for a cash refund, a swap for a t10 reward tank because any trade in for the tanks will be pointless for me as I already have all the prem 8s I want.

    Many people paid for the pref mm feature and I’m sure there is a case for a lawsuit against WG if they take that away.

  2. Even though I enjoy watching Jingles WoT and WoWS gameplay videos, I’m finally glad that WG are making mistakes after mistakes and proving that they are a horrible company that only cares for itself and its money rather than care for the player base.

  3. You should also mention the two videos from Circon: one about preferential MM and the other about 3/5/7!

  4. Silent_Assassin_Gamer

    I think Wargaming lately (or possibly always) don’t really give a shit about the customer and are quite happy to fuck us over whenever they can and not just in World of Tanks. They do it quite frequently in World of Warships as well. How about the Missouri which was supposed to be available forever and then they decided to remove it and replace it with the Musashi which isn’t as good as the Missouri in several ways. This forced people who didn’t have the 750k free XP to purchase it to spend real money on the gold to convert their XP locked up from premium ships or fully researched ships that you continue to play. If you wanted to get the 750k free XP it would cost around $150 USD assuming you had no free XP available. Yes I’m aware that people don’t have to spend the money but those who actually wanted the ship were forced to make a decision to buy it for fear it may never come back on the market. I own an IS6 and I struggle in matches with it just being in tier 9 games because of the mentioned power creep from ridiculously armored tanks like the Japanese super heavies. I spend hundreds of dollars on premiums and premium account time along with gold and looking back on it I’m regretting it completely as I see Wargaming make retarded decision after retarded decision. The way they treat community contributors is quite frankly ridiculous and I just am so ready to wash my hands of this company and spend my money elsewhere.

  5. This whole thing is about more money for WG.
    3/5/7 mm constantly forces a +2 matchup for the majority of people. This means they have to deal with tanks that can easily overpower them. To try and negate this, they pretty much have to press the 2 key.
    3/5/7 forces premium ammo usage, which is more money for WG. Plain and simple.
    So, suck it up people! WG will never relinquish their new cash cow. Better start saving your gold for the 2000 you’ll need to replace your borked former pref MM tank!

  6. They should A leave the Prem MM tanks alone and not sell them anymore, or give you the full amount of money back you paid for it, otherways I can see quite some people going to court with WG for this bullshit

  7. My beloved type 59 sucks hard enough nowadays, let alone fighting tier fucking ten!!! With its pittyful 181mm pen

    And I have had my type 59 since it was “OP as fuck” and to play it nowadays kinda shows WGs lack of looking at the level of power creep a lot these old machines have copped

  8. Palle Gantzhorn

    20th century insurance company policies level reached! congratulations

  9. 7:10 jingles wtf is an obj 264 v2? i don’t know how to explain this one

  10. Michael Moretti

    Premium tank MM = pay-to-WR

    L2P you fucking wallet-warrior scum!

  11. I'm beachedwhale1945

    I have a minor critique of your argument that if 1.4% of tanks cause a problem, it’s the matchmaker. You ignore the fact that there are 30 tanks in a game. When you run those numbers, 4.7% of tier 8 tanks have preferential matchmaking. Thus in a purely tier 8 game you’ll have 1-2 preferential matchmaking premiums on average.

    You also have to take into account the matchmaking spread. Only tanks from tier 6-9 can ever see a tier 8 preferential matchmaking tank. Every other tank doesn’t matter. Given these population numbers, I’d estimate about one in every three or four games at a minimum have a preferential matchmaking tank, probably more, enough of a population to potentially cause problems that the matchmaker alone can’t easily fix.

  12. The AMX CDC, STA-2, M56 Scorpion, Heavy Tank No.6. are not pref MM tanks… Could be argued the Alpine Tiger is the last pref MM tank released. It is a WZ-111 but it is noted as being a different vehicle.

  13. Just so i’m up to date; we’re still pretending this is not P2W?

  14. I think that the ppl at WG r just bunch of dicks and im so glad i gave up on the game almost 1,5y ago

  15. Like, sure, I can derp a Maus with Rhm Borsig HEAT shells. In fact I shot it in the turret 3 times before I got killed (He still had 3% hp left unfortunately).

    What chance does a same tier/lower tier HT has then?

  16. I like circumflex’s video on this topic. Needless to say, there was a CC that quit over this subject as well!

  17. The worst fear here is that we don’t know what will happen to the TOG II*.
    No matter how they “Buff” it, its gonna lose some of its character.

  18. HesH And MAC Time

    What I think is it’s just another shit thing they are trying to force through I’m done with the game I have 43 premium tanks and 250 normal ones I’ve been playing since beta I’m done with it only play to help my clan. There are more games out there that so I’ve moved on to war thunder and was streaming the play test for post scriptum it’s amazing. Any how bet you’re glad your not cc to such a greedy shitty company all the best. Another pissed customer in a growing list

  19. Michael Cartwright

    Yeah, I just boycotted Wargaming products now. They pissed me off too much over 2 years.

  20. Well if the type 59 cant shit on every t9 after the changes wg will be in for a shitstorm

  21. STA-2 does not have preferential Matchmaking. I get into enough tier 10 games to know that… And I’m pretty sure the AMX CDC doesn’t have preferential MM either. Just saying.
    But I agree. this change is bullshit.

  22. what a joke…boycott my dudes

  23. Every time I think to myself “yeah, I should get back to WoT, I had some jolly good fun there!” something like this comes along to drag me back to reality. But then, I’m the sort of tomato-potato hybrid who struggles to make even the IS-6 turn a profit…

  24. “fix”

  25. meh, the whole clan stopped playing world of FAIL years ago
    having said that, WG better figure out away to perfect teir 8 better than this abortion of a idea

  26. First they should fix the mm raster. First 5-10, then same tier, and last but not least 3-5-7. That will fix a lot of problems with the mm instead of changing the preferential mm tanks. Thats the reason I bought them in the first place. So I feel rather f*cked and betrait by wg if they gonna do this with those tanks.

  27. jingles isnt a knome, hes yoda

  28. Wargaming also claim that Preferential MM tanks also increases the queueing time, which puts people off playing. However DezGamez held a survey last week and more than 90% of those who took part would be more than happy to wait another minute to get a better balance in matchmaking. I believe that this is just a money making exercise on Wargaming’s part.

  29. It's not what you think

    That 210 mm of armor is going to be great against Shitbarn and Jaegeroo HEAT.

  30. Václav Kučera

    Couldn’t they just allow arbitrary amounts for each tier instead of 3/5/7? It works really well for Blitz, even with +1/-1 MM the waiting times are pretty short.

  31. You see it’s all well and good complaining about what’s wrong with an update but war gaming isn’t actually gonna get any better unless the community tells them what they want. Instead of straight up complaining we need to go to the war gaming forum and tell them EXACTLY what we want. I’m not a PMM tank owner so I am not aware of the problems nor do I have a solution but there must be someone with some sort of idea of how it could be fixed and if they propose that idea I should bel me popular and people will chant and chant at warns img until this idea happens

  32. Skorpion G DOES NOT have a T10 gun it’s a T8 gun the same damn gun you get on the Jagdpanther 2, Ferdinand and Borsig, the reason Skorpion is really strong with that gun is because it has 1) a turret and 2) speed, making increadibly strong in capable hands, despite having bad camo values and abismal armour while also being huge (you can get HE penetrated by any gun with more then 30 mm HE pen unless they hit the tracks).

  33. Its NOT the cost in Gold im fucked off about its if they change my Type 59 and I don’t like OR want to change it I can HAPPILY take another T8 Premium in exchange? what! I paid CASH MONEY for my Type 59 in the Xmas boxes sale in the Premium shop last December and won my type 59 ~ i bought 3 x Xmas boxes at £85 to get the fabled Type 59 that’s £85 ~ if I wanted a normal Tier 8 Premium I would have dam well bought one wouldn’t I ~ fuck greedy WG cunts lying through there teeth like slippery politicians ~ why ever again would I buy anything from WG?

  34. IIRC the latest preferential MM tank has been the Stug IV, the mission reward tank for the first set of personal missions

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  36. ohhhh but jingles wait theres more, why cant wg fully refund of those same preferential mm tanks that a player buys, and aply a discount wen clearly they are messing up whit something they sold has a garanteed unchanged item? or what will they do wen they decide to fuck up the tier 7`s preferential premium tanks, what then? or any other tier in fact…

  37. So I’m going to state a really unpopular opinion, and I expect a lot of hate for saying it but at least try to understand what I’m saying.

    I personally own a ton of the preferential premiums. And because of tier 8 and 9 power creep I almost never drive any of them. Even in frontline I never once took out any of my preferential premiums, though i used my newer premiums extensively.

    I think the tank refund policy is a little shady. It was done with more or less the right intentions but poorly executed and even more poorly worded, even still it has no impact to me. I bought these tanks not caring at all about the preferential matchmaking, I bought them as crew trainers, or because they were cool looking (kv5 and the mutant) and admittedly 1 (the type 59) because lolololol balance.

    I wont be trading in any of my pref tanks. And I’m really looking forward to them being improved enough to be viable, and slightly nervous about a few (re: type 59) possibly being op, but I’m hopeful that these changes will be successful in making tanks that have been power creeped into oblivion enjoyable again.

    That’s just my opinion of course. Your mileage may vary. I must return to the salt mines now.

    ~Submersible Fox

  38. I wonder what about IS-6. It is currently not competetive at all with 175 penetration everyone shits on it. Also its armor is not effective at all. It used to be effective but with so many new tanks it became paper. They added defender which has better armor and 220 penetration with the same alpha dmg for the same price. WTF, its so useless right now that I need to search for tier 7s to even be able to penetrate or go from behind. With this kind of slow tank its miracle to earn significant amount of credits form it…

  39. Jingles dont forget these armoe buffels wont work against t10

  40. Still waiting for a single gold purchase to span across all world of games as per wargaming’s original promise…..

  41. Conecici Madalin

    dude get your list of preff mm tanks straight ,…….

  42. And this is why I gave up on World of (Shi)Tanks a couple of years ago

  43. Andrews Art & Scale models

    Great vid. Standard wargaming. The MM is certainly not as good as it used to be and premium owners are going to be even more pissed lol.

  44. Bad uncle Jingles, trolls us on Monday, doesn’t upload on Tuesday… I demand 1 hour free from salt mines this weekend!

  45. Stupid WG selling the M6A2E1 again. It was supposed to be a rare tank now WG just sells so called rare tanks. Unbelievable if WG touch my KV5 i want a FULL REFUND. Dont dare touch my IS6 T26E4 Super Pershing and 112.

  46. Conecici Madalin

    also wait until you see the changes…. i bought the is6 just because i knew they will change it

  47. Doesn’t matter for tog 2 tog 2 always win

  48. TheNuggetThatCould

    Er jingles this replay is exactly the same as the youtuber matt

  49. And remember some people gambled >100-150€ on christmas time to get a Type 59. Happy now guys ? That’s WG’s policy for you. They are not giving a monkey about what we tell them, they have absolutly no respect for us, paying customers (with premium time, premium tanks, etc) who make their society work.

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