World of Tanks || PREMIUM Firefly VC – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

Firefly VC – World of . Today I’m looking at an upcoming T6 premium tank the Firefly VC!


is a published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. Quackybaby, if you buy a firefly VC
    you are not a free to play player

  2. i always find it funny how he says WOT is just a expensiv hobby. like he would work 40h a different job and then have to put in that money to buy prem tanks. what he should say is that it is a investment in his work to create more contend. exept of that keep up the good work 😉 like watching

  3. 6:34 You use the advanced autoaim? I thought its forbidden?

    • He doesn’t. He right-clicked on the tank himself right before he got behind the rock; you can see his gun line up perfectly with the tank before his tank / camera are blocked.

  4. FFS Quicky, it’s not as if the standard Firefly was a carry tank..

    The standard tank needs buffing up to what the prem is, if not more.WG have buffed it so that more people will buy/play the tank. When was the last time you saw a standard Firefly in game?

  5. Tier 6; 17pdr; low engine power but okay top speed; terrible armour: I’ve owned one of these for years! Expect it is called the AC 4 Experimental. :p

  6. No one is sure who killed Wittman . The British were on one side of a ridge and Canadians were on the other. One of the Canadian tank commanders was Sydney Valpey Radley- Walters

  7. Maybe One Day we Will need to buy DLCs and buy the game itself…

  8. How can I get the modpack for 1.0.2? 😀

  9. The Raging Storm

    Since im from Northampton I have to get this tank

  10. Wargaming has lately been doing a lot of pay to win sort of style, even with tanks that already exist in the game which is disappointing that Wargaming is doing this. I fully agree with QB on how he says that there are already some tanks out there such as the Cromwell B which shine better than the VC. Overall a great replay and hope that Wargaming listens to QB on this one.

  11. Cromwrell 🅱lin

  12. Hi QB. Thanks for the vid. If WG are going to give you premium tanks so that you can review them and that save you money, then brilliant!! Your reviews are always balanced (imo) and if you can benefit from your relationship with WG, then I think you should!!
    I have a Firefly and I really enjoy it – the penetration and the reload are awesome. I think it is my fourth or fifth most played tank, so I would buy the VC just to make the extra credits. I can transfer the crew at no cost, so as long as it isn’t too expensive – our exchange normally makes prems expensive :P.

  13. 10:02 “flyerfy”

  14. Chris Notyourbusines

    it all started to go downhill with the e25

  15. Dear William, when the fuck are you going to wake up and realize that WoT is a pay to win game? When the fuck are you going to stop acting so surprised?

  16. have to say its about time WG started giving back to the contributers free tanks for them are a good thing imop

  17. I would get it even if the stats were identical simply because I want a pimped out Firefly. I can sell my standard one and move its crew elsewhere while still having a firefly at tier 6.

  18. why why why?
    money money money!

  19. Finally you spwak up mate, im proud

  20. Quickybaby!

  21. If they`re going to give you something for nothing, (especially after you called them out on this box of hammers,) take it. You may as well. Only a mug would turn down the offer, and if you don`t have to spend money, then you can do more reviews. Go for it. Be wise!

  22. TrippingElephants

    You forgot to mention the Sherbrooke Fusilers in your commentary. Little disappointed…..

  23. “It’s just pay to win” AHAHAHAHA good one

  24. mod pack ?????????????

  25. The gun had to be turned on its side to fit it in. Makes sense it having 6 degrees of depression

  26. Thats because KV-2 is good as it is, and many want it to be premium, but no on would buy such crap as standard Firefly. It’s nothing personal, just business. Maybe some day standard Firefly be rebalanced to new standart as Centurion did.

  27. Standard Firefly needs a mobility buff, it should have been faster than 35

  28. The V is roman numeral for 5, as it was the 5th british version of the Sherman. C means 17pdr. VC is entirely incorrect!

  29. They made the m4 thunderbolt different from the standard easy 8 with some aspect better and some worse. The only other premium tank i can say theyve made better than the standard version is the t3485m.

  30. QB, thanks for being transparent. As for your decision, I understand completely. No one has done more for the community than you. So it is about time you reaped the reward for that. But on the other hand I have a very strong sentiment that WG is regarding its customers as cash cows and wants to hush community contributors that point that out. You know the saying: “Never bite the hand that feeds you…”
    It is probably about time we parted and moved on. The game and your videos have gave me enormous joy, so thanks for that.

  31. The Sherman Firefly VC really is 0.2 km/h faster than its real life counterpart. Also, since Joe Ekins’ unit was about a kilometer away, it was unlikely that he destroyed the Tiger I Michael Wittman was in. The killing blow likely came from a “Canadian non-Firefly Sherman” tank according to Wikipedia which is plausible because the 75 mm gun of the M4 Sherman can penetrate the side of the Tiger I armour.

  32. you tuber who test pc parts get too keep most of the part they test why not the same for you!

  33. Lone Wolf Bushcraft/Prepping/Survival


  34. Appreciate the honesty QB, got faith in your integrity though. Save the money for upgrades to the service you give us. (if you want ofc!)

  35. Idm if u get the tank for free as long as u still give an honest opinion



  37. I kinda hate how wg keeps shafting the engine power on premiums. If im honest i find the ability to climb hills with a more consistent speed more usable than a higher top speed youll only see going down hill.

  38. Wait…. black baron?? I remember that tank from COD but i domt remember what is the name

  39. DragonFire Blitz

    Oh god… i want this in wotb…

  40. +QuickyBaby Just so you know, its not V-C its 5-C as in the C variant of the Mk 5 Sherman, C designation meaning anti tank. The standard Firefly in the game is the Mk1C. I’ve also already bought this tank today as it was available on early access to me. Is it any good? It’s ok. The main reason I bought it, and the same reason I kept the normal Firefly, is that my granddad drove these in the war and so has a bit of sentimental value to me. I’ve even changed the drivers name to his.

  41. I don’t know why wargaming wants to sell you a tank you may already own in game and bundle a garage slot in with it as “premium” and new stream of revenue.

    Personally if they want to make more money, charge a 1 time gold fee per vehicle that turns it into a semi premium. Slightly more credits and xp but you can’t put any crew you want into it. Or allow any crew in it’s vehicle class without the increase in credit and xp.

    Not a perfect suggestion but if I’m going to complain, I’m going to have some alternative instead of just complaining.

  42. I’m just hoping they want to buff the regular Firefly… It’s a good tank but it could need the slight buff that comes on the premium tank

  43. Adding to my last comment, good on you for pointing out WGs p2w direction. Companies need to be kept in check and I believe you’re doing a good job of it.

  44. Imo Wargaming always prioritized profit over creating a great game. And this is just yet more proof of that. Its is PtW ( this tank I mean, the game for a part).
    About contributors getting the tanks for free? As long they are free to be negative about it, they are as transparent about it and give good review I think it is reasonable. You are providing them with a service. I appreciate your transparency!

    So this tank is another nail in the coffin of armor tanks..

  45. Great!! more shermans please,…

  46. This is really why I quit playing world of tanks. They are just taking standard tanks, slapping a premium sticker on the side of them and selling them for real money when you can just grind up the tree and get the standard version without flipping out the credit card. You are right Quicky. They have quite become a pay to win company, and if War gaming arent careful, it will be their downfall should people get tired of the direction they are taking world of tanks down.

  47. Your 1.02 mod? Thanks

  48. qb why yu no give gold for us existing players…we need free xp…i need free xp….gives us existing players something also everynow and then

  49. Still canon fodder for 8s

  50. Another boring and meaningless prem

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