World of Tanks| Premium Tank Showcase FCM50T Tier 8 Heavy Tank | 175,000 Credits | 6691 Damage

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks| Premium Tank Showcase FCM50T Tier 8 | 175,000 | 6691 Damage
Welcome to this edition of Premium Tank Showcase the series where we take a look at some Premium Tanks! This week is an epic game by Sally777 175k Credits | 6691 Damage | +2000 Base XP
Link to Prem ship for this Tank Here –
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  1. That was an amazing game o.O and that KV-4 was everybodies wet dream :P

  2. I’ve been watching alot of videos if I should buy this tank. I think I’ll
    end up buying it due to the fact it gets prem MM. As always good game

  3. Kv-4 fuel tanks very stronk xd

  4. Well it wasnt a terrible use of auto aim, i have seen worse

  5. I use autoaim to keep the turret front pointed at the enemy if I’m
    expecting fire while moving. Also for looking for a shot through cover
    while on the move. It’s useful for more than shooting

  6. Would u say: The FCM50T is probably the fastest heavy in tier 8 with least
    amount of armor? I agree using autoaim only works well (esp.. on a slow
    moving target) if your tank has an accurate gun with a fast moving shell
    with superior pen capabilities. I use autoaim when pre-aiming while I move
    a lot too but seldom fire unless I have a fairly smooth, level terrain. As
    for the armor, I was surprised by the amount of damage it can take.. I know
    it was a tier 8 battle. Let’s see it in tier 9, please.

  7. I hate it when people say that 90mm has amazing penetration (no offence).
    People say that FCM 50 t and AMX CDC have amazing pen, but it’s just 212mm.
    212mm is amazing at tier 6, good at tier 7 and normal at tier 8. I know a
    lot of tier 8 tanks with more penetration that that.

  8. Its not a bug… its probably a mission on stronghold, it gives you 35%
    bonus credits

  9. giant nacho from space

    when I saw the intro I thought I clicked on a video of rosefall xD

  10. interesting qb puts a video up of this yesterday and now a showcase no hate
    just saying hmmm interesting

    YOUR DISGUISED!!! kikikikik,ikikikikikiki

  11. Keep up the great videos . could we do more of them pause videos loved the
    thought process and learning I got from them =)

  12. GG

  13. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    Nice 🙂 and forst

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