World of Tanks | Premium Tank Showcase T34 American Heavy Tank | 5699 Damage | 1643 Base XP

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Source: Sir Havoc

of Tanks | Premium Tank Showcase T34 American Heavy Tank | 5699 Damage | 1643 Base XP
Here game heads of what this Tanks is about and hopefully some information to help you decide if this tank is for you.

maybe you can return the favor…


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  1. I haven’t had any great game yet in the T-34 (only done 15 games or so in
    it). I was mostly 2 Tiers lower than others and…yeah never played so much
    hull down. Watching this Video should help me Play the tank better. Great
    Video and explanations. Thx :)

  2. I wonder how the Löwe is after the slight buff.

  3. Another good game due to no arty!

  4. In my IS-6 I barely ever shoot premium rounds.

  5. Love my T34 for yeah reasons :)

  6. Hehehe I still have done better in mine 😀 I did 5800 damage, 6 kills, and
    did ht 15 in it – the map was mines, so I can vouch for how good it is

  7. Was going to buy an FCM this Christmas, but now I’m not so sure. Great
    review, SirHavoc.

  8. LOVE my T-34, ground out a 4 perk crew to put straight into my T-57 when I
    unlocked it. Currently grinding 3rd perk on E5 crew. Lowe was disappointing
    as none of the reviews mentioned how slow it is and won’t fit my full E100
    crew, but enjoy my Tog and CDC, and KV-5. May buy the 50t soon. I would
    love to have a Super-Pershing but I refuse to buy one untill they de-nerf
    my M48 Patton. >.<

  9. I bought t34 and t14 when i got my t1 heavy, and ran same crew in all
    three. by the time i got to t29 crew was on 2nd skill, almost to third. i
    did find the t32 a let down at tier 8 because t34 turret seemed better,
    never really minded the slower speed, great tank.

  10. Good video, yo.
    Any thoughts on the IS-4 vs IS-7 lines?

  11. Great Game !!!! Good Money Maker and Crew Trainer, but a Little slow, nno
    problem for regular heavy tank drivers, Light Tanks beware :)

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