World of Tanks || Progetto 46 – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – 46. ITALY IS HERE with the Progetto 46, a T8 premium autoreloading premium medium tank – here’s EVERYTHING you to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Well if you’re comparing it to a mutz I dunno if I’m excited for it, as I haven’t played my mutz in forever. But as I’ll be looking for a crew trainer I’ll probably pick it up anyway.

    Maybe that constant internal battle of trigger discipline may make it more interesting to play

  2. I feel like that they should change where if you’re already loading a shell it resets. If you fire they should just minus the amount of time you’ve already loaded to the full reload, I think then it can be a decent balance.

    Example you’re reloading the first shell and have done 5 seconds on that if you fire the second one it reduces that 2nd shell reload. 9 – 5 = 4. thus you should wait only 4 seconds for the second shell.

    what do you guys think?

  3. buff the T69

  4. Another Ace Tanker Gameplay on the test server/test account. That’s like bragging about a participation badge.

  5. No bottom tier gameplay…? ?

  6. Can you press a button where you’re able to switch sides to the winning team?


  8. I feel War gaming should add more high skill, high reward premium tanks so p2w players won’t do well in it, but players who know the mechanics can excel. It could stop the p2w meta of WOT and force these players to actually learn mechanics before deciding to purchase these tanks

  9. I still don’t know how this tank works lol

  10. Seems to be an interesting tank, though it sounds like I would be one of those players playing it on pure APCR, just to avoid the costly ammo type changes.

  11. Muma meya!!

  12. I can’t wait to play this tank

  13. A for effort! Thank you

  14. A tank that requires thinking. Some people will melt.

  15. I noticed an error in the ranks of the crewmembers. The right wording for the italian ranks of junior officers are Capitano (Captain), Tenente (First Lieutenant), Sottotenente (Second Lieutenant). Primo Tenente is not a rank in the Italian Army.

  16. QB: “I like this spaghett.”
    *one night of buffs later*
    QB: “Something is different…. somebody touch-a my spaghett!”

  17. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Premium food should have been spaghettios.

  18. why wot test server don’t work?

  19. Not bad of a Tank, I agree with just the single shot until I had gotten into trouble. It looks like a British Churchill Hull and a Russian Turret

  20. 2 options for the release: 25th of april, liberation day here in Italy; 2nd of June, Italian National Day / Republic day.

  21. Oh look. Another fake tank.

  22. So was it you platooning on my team yesterday? I had two of these Poorghetto tanks onboard


    who cares about female crue

  24. does the skull come included on the tank?

  25. Alexander aka DriverX

    What’s the intershot reload when the gun is fully loaded and does it change wether there are 2 shots or 3 loaded?

  26. Sounds like a gimpy awkward auto

  27. that skull…. no buy here…

  28. Thanks QB, enjoyed it…….keep on keepin on!

  29. SPAGEHT!!!!

  30. Firstly well done for the work you put in behind the scenes for this. I think the mechanic is interesting and this tank will attract a certain kind of player who will love it, others will hate it. One suggestion for when the Italian tree comes on line (and for any other reviews you do really) – Can you cover the grind? I accept you want to get the videos out quickly and often use free xp but most of us don’t and it greatly colours the gameplay, some tanks are a real pain to grind through (IS-M for example, awful stock gun and turret). Again well done.

  31. This tank will be a real challenge to play

  32. Stho - ThorsassGaming

    4k <3

  33. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!!


  35. Ooooooohhhh my god ive been waiting for this tank, finally its here im sooooo happy 🙂

  36. from what i’ve seen so far it would be like: sniping – one by one shell (more if able to destroy target) ; brawling and poking around the corner – 1-2 shells (3rd if you can destroy target and safely retreat for reload) ; and finally YOLO if you poke around the corner in city maps – shoot 3 shells – reposition to next corner – shoot 3 shells – repeat

  37. good job QB…i hope a lot of noob payer buy it cuz i wil be farming…otherwise i am roasted. It can be realy OP

  38. No individual shell loading, so I guess these will be shooting 95% gold “Just in case”

  39. who else still doesn’t get the system

  40. Herr Kasteleiner

    I dont like the idea of playing this tank as a single shooter but thats obviestly not the sense of an auto autoloader

  41. Matchmaker will screw this tank, no armor at tier 9/10 it’s toast won’t be buying any more tier 8 premiums nice vid confirmed my choice

  42. Why does ‘Progetto’ remind me of the hormone ‘progesterone’. Well I suppose that means the reload times of the tank are as stable as a female’s hormones at age 46, that is not stable at all.

  43. love your vids but like to se more how to vids 🙂

  44. 4K video, check, female crew grinded, check, Mark of excellence achieved, check. Spaghetti with meat sauce EATEN! Hope you all enjoy this review!

  45. Spaghetto 46

  46. The best thing about this isn’t the new fancy auto-reloading mechanic, it isn’t the new nation added to the game, no no… The best thing is the cattle skull on the turret.

  47. Outstanding review. I really appreciate the extra effort and investment of your time, which enabled me to hear orders barked in the smokey voice of Capt. Gina Lollobrigidatoofar…

  48. Thank god it is big and weakly armoured.
    I am SO GLAD they didn’t make this thing stupidly armoured with this mechanic.

  49. Emile Verwaaijen

    bad math 🙁

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