World of Tanks || Progetto 65 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Progetto 65. Today I’m previewing the T10 autoreloading Italian tank, the Progetto 65, coming to in update 1.0.1.


is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Progetto 65 can use rammer… other autoloaders cant. Thats pretty much 10% flat bonus to DPM.
    i.e. Progetto 65 in its single shot has about the DPM of a batchat… its not THAT terrible but still terrible 😀

  2. Seems to me your whining because its not a new (Very OP) auto loader.

  3. I love prosciutto!

  4. I think this tank negates the DPM meta. With everything following the mechanics of single shot reload or drum reload, this line is the metaphorical equivalent of the gunman that has a spare .38 up their sleeve during a duel at all times. I think to play this tank well, you need to always have at least 1 or 2 shells in the mag. For lack of a better term, its a “gambit” tank that is not meant for the spray and pray play style. With that I think playing this line aggressively is suicidal, and the correct tactic to adopt is of a hybrid MT/assualtTD playstyle. They could however buff the view range a bit, reduce slightly the inter-clip reload, and tweak the hard points on the turret. Also what kills this new mechanic is changing shell types. They fix that, then I think this line would in its near perfect form.

  5. I’ll sum up the video.

    DPM Bad. Reload mechanic. Look at this DPM so bad.

    In all Quickybaby likes DPM. Bad DPM makes quickybaby, the DPM man mad.

    I think he should play war thunder. The DPM on the machine guns are fantastic.

  6. QB too worried about DPM. In practice you’re not gonna use that DPM all the time.

  7. Don’t think I’ll be rushing to this line of tanks anytime soon

  8. Ye but you can fire 1 shot until like 55 secs and then fire the 3 last shots that will bring up the dpm way up

  9. do the tier 6 next pls

  10. Sorry QB there is no asking enemy players for a fair fight anymore or to sit still. All chat is history.

  11. LowCommentaryGamer

    In my honest opinion this tank is extremely underwhelming for what it’s meant to be

  12. its a big unarmored tank that needs to overwhelm its enemy to win, because it has no other ting going for it. Maybe it could need more dpm and…and a bit more mobility to dodge fire.

  13. A test with maxed out stats (spaghetti, directives, maxed out crew, probably advanced equipment) isn´t very useful, I would appreciate a test with stats as a normal player will have it when he gets this tank….

  14. Nice! So it’s garbage. Wasn’t interested in the first place

  15. Suggestion for WOT: slight overall DPM buff and they should make last shell reload time same length like first :] i think that would balance it out and all so more interesting play style would be possible. You could imagine it like loading 2 shells at once when the drum is totally empty 😀

    Now i see this tanks auto loading system as mental shield to scare of aggressive players, but with my idea it would also get a chance to some real finishing attacks :]

  16. 10/12/14/16 … Just take off 2 secs for all of those rounds, and intra-clip of 2 secs seems fair for 360 dmg/shot !

  17. Leave the reload at 10. All 4 shells 10 base. Shooting won’t interrupt reload. Saved

  18. The stash cam running at 240p.

  19. ye its kinda werid that the Progetto doesnt unload faster with more Alpha than a Autoloader and isnt more accurate with higher DPM than other tanks with single shots… I demand a massive BUFF.
    To be honest: some mechanics need to be changed (losing the current progress on the reload when firing is just idiotic) and switching of ammotypes needs to be revisted. Other than that some tiny tweeks here and there and this thing will be absolutely fine… Some comments really are… lets say uneducated

  20. Thanks. It’s a huge disaster. I won’t go for it but will enjoy killing it.

  21. Way too much focus on treating it just as a single shot or just as an autoloader. This tank requires an actually mentally engaged player to make the correct choice for the situation, not even getting to how lethal a platoon of these things are going to be.

  22. @QB, you are just not counting with the playstyle this tank allows you to perform.
    Yes, it has very trashy stats, but you can decice when to put 1300 dmg and when you just want to poke. This is the main strength of this beast. I believe they will buff him a bit, but not much.

  23. I thinck that IT neteda a 2.5 inter clip deoarece and the full 105, 390 damage will make the tank decent

  24. CasaXtreme TheGemanLegion

    The thing with DPM is that it only works when you fire constantly. If you played the match in a single-shot tank you would have to constantly fire with the same DPM to reach your max DPM. I guess the advantage of the Progetto is that it varies in DMP according to your playstyle (between very low DPM (single shot) and very high DPM (unloading)) so i guess it would make the most sense to just unload almost whenever you can to acutally get some shots out. The time is gonna come when there isn’t an enemy spotted for a while. I think QB was worrying about getting his POTENTIAL DPM as high as possible while his ACTUAL DPM decreased due to not actually shooting at all some times.

  25. in my opinion i would say that this tank require patience and skills to play, when i tried it on the test server i did quite well in it but its still not on the live server so it may get changed before then

  26. Why do WG even bother with the new mechanic if they just make it useless? They defensively need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

  27. QuickyBaby sounds more like CryBaby! Sorry but remember you was playing on test server! Plus its a new play style you have to get use to!

    I used to like watching you stream but anymore now you seem to complain more then enjoying your self.

  28. Do you fire? Do you wait? This mechanic I truly hate.

  29. F ugly tank… Not gonna play anything more than the beast and beauty Panthera.

  30. I did’t liked the tier 9 and 10 becuase the reload. But I loved the tier 8. The pantera had better reload per shell for the dmg than the the tier 9 and 10

  31. damage per minute does not equal damage except engaging close combat in this tank

  32. great review,
    thx alot

  33. Italian bias in the next update confirmed

  34. Somabody damaged ma progett!!!

  35. Connecting Konrád

    I just don’t get the 360 alpha…

  36. It might be a little weak to you – is it just a new way of playing? I bet some people will love this tank.

  37. increase power/weight ratio to 100, buff alpha to 440, just remove reload timers and let it have 50shell magazine

    oh wait its not a russian tank

  38. Vladimir Shogunalfa

    Hi QB, i play WOT for 3 years… not an unicum, but not a potato 🙂 really, still playing for fun… tell me, its this new line of autoreloaders FUN?? yea we all know about DPM.. but fun dont depends on DPM… or acuurancy etc… For some players its this still game for fun, try to add this aspect to your reviews. just my opinion… so its FUN or not? thanks for answer…
    Wolverine966 EU

  39. There’s too much focus on the lowering of the DPM of this tank. I think the load time for every shell should be the same, but pretty long. So it’s just playable as a single shot gun, which can load two extra shells, with very low DPM to compensate for the fact it is a combination of the advantages of an autoloader and a single shot gun.

  40. I think Armored Warfare made autoloader in AMX 10 CR better, it has 2 rounds which both load 5s but if you are in middle of loading second shell and fire, it resets reload.

  41. Qb is cheesy cuz he couldnt get a mastery badge. obviously there are players out there outplaying you in this tank, l2p

  42. Seems a bit of a Jack of all trades Ace of none to me. Maybe they could buff the dpm by not cancelling the reload every time you fire? I think if you look at this as a standard tank then it looks shit. I agree. But if you look at it like an autoloader, then it looks like the best as you don’t have the disadvantage of being vulnerable after firing a whole clip.

  43. I hope WG buffes Objekt 268 v.4 instead of Progetto 65.

  44. I just love how QB pronounces the tank’s name in a french accent

  45. Increase the damage per shot to 390 and decrease the time in between to 2 seconds. Would be balanced imo.

  46. ichazteloN_is_BeAsT ichazteloN_is_BeAsT

    you didn’t talk about the uper plate who works like the strv, overmatch by 150 caliber +

  47. Do you even spaghet on your tank ?

  48. As an italian i was expecting a bin: we got it!

  49. the best thing they should do, is, that they can reload a single heat round without reloading a full magazine. Give the italians the room to be the most flexible tank. Then they have to look, which other things are needed.

  50. looks like a pass on this line

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