World of Tanks – Prok vs Super Heavies

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Source: Anfield

the saviour we needed in these times of WoT balance turmoil?


  1. I was pretty salty after repeatedly playing against Type 5s and Maus over and over then prok came like the hero we all needed

    We need more open maps

  2. lmao, WoT is now like load gold or GTFO, no skill involved. That and arty were the reasons I stopped playing WoT.

  3. opposite. l dont like open maps much but l dont say they should remove. Just dont like . They need exist in game for balance

  4. i got into a game with 6 batchats on my team against 5 mauses….

  5. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I can taste the rankeds…

  6. It’s only bad when there is artillery

  7. anfield do you find that your ultra wide monitor makes a difference whilst playing? When i watch you its almost like the monitor allows you to take more risky shots because of the less clutter and wider view etc

  8. Would u play on my account anfield ? im struggling to 3 mark few tanks 🙂

  9. Is that a mechanical keyboard I hear? What model and switch type if I’m right?

  10. Still playing the weak medium… Kappa

  11. Super Heavy tanks are obsolete and useless.

  12. okay so u had like 25 heat right? thats 9750 and assuming u avg rolled and penned all of them, you would barely kill 3 types i think, kek

  13. Richard Gustafsson

    The fact that Type 4/5 can meet 2 tiers lower than themselves is just criminal

  14. silverandcold80

    Question I’m on my way to the vk30.20 can you go from vk30.20 tech tree to the hwk12 to get to the panzerwagon?

  15. Hey Anfield I’m wondering what that glass is you have on screen? I have seen it on some streams but no idea what it is.

  16. Hey Anfield, I am a huge fan of the E100 as well. I would love to see a video detailing the best position for it on varying maps, and current setups in the given meta.

  17. SteelWarrior115

    My E 75 3 mark game was on prok

  18. E50M dreams of the day Dragon’s Ridge returns for the glorious ramming kills

  19. Bad as this is the amount of TD spam back in 2014 and 2015 was complete cancer, at least heavies don’t need much effort or skill to counter.

  20. Marshall Allshouse

    a good player in a medium
    won prok north spawn
    when the enemies didnt push the hill

  21. Anfield I have a question about what tier x medium I should go for

  22. types fight r easy to play against its the maus’ that piss me off

  23. Wanna hear a joke?

    Wargaming map design

  24. -Open maps balance superheavies

    -friendly E100 gets top damage and XP

    -E100 is best medium

  25. Anfield I just got the E50m and im kinda disappointed… The E50 was epic and Ive never had so much fun on a “grind”
    But the E50m only offers aprc as standard, bit more speed and a bit more health.. which is hardly a step up..
    The e50 gets way better MM for being almost the same and I seem to do wayy better in it even with 220 pen
    Oh and the turret is a joke at tier 10, my grille gets penned less in the turret
    Did you feel this way too? I know you only play 10s mostly though

  26. This super heavy madness in word of tank. Sometimes I don’t shoot a AP… And noob golder, he said after the battle 😀

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