World of Tanks – Pucker Factor 10

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Dave’s back. And once again he’s got his work cut out for him.

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  1. 13-75 was likely out of ammo that late in the game.

  2. I think that AMX 13 75 was out of ammo and therefore he was not able to fire at “Dave”.

  3. Actually Jingles, i’m pretty sure i remember you calling someone “an absolute rockstar” for shielding his teammate in WoT. Think it was in a KV-2 replay if memory serves…

  4. It wouldn’t be Jingles without a few errors 😛

  5. IS 2 many 2s 🙂 Awesome!

  6. Nice carry Dave

  7. Jingles moment in the first 30 seconds there mate… new PB… it’s El Haluf not Sand river 😉

  8. Well the T54 had one real weakness, besides the stuff you mention. it had to have the turret pointing forward when the loader had to get to the ammo racks for the main gun. those ammo racks was not part of the turret but a part of the chassis.

  9. DoomsDayPaladin51

    Hey Jingles, um this map isnt Sand River. Its El Haluf. You so silly old gnome.

  10. Well actually jingles, the last time a teammate blocked damage to protect a friendly was in a death star video who blocked damage for an (then unknown) afk t95.

  11. Which game is WarGaming screwing up harder, World of Tanks or World of Warships? Seems to be an internal company competition going on.

  12. RocKITEman _ 2001

    _”DAVE’S NOT HERE!”_

  13. Surprised Jingles didn’t comment on Dave getting surprise butt sex in this video

  14. Dave is amazing. And money is the most important thing in this universe. Why are you surprised by greed. Some humans are nothing but a dissapointment.

  15. Jingles: As you all probably already know…
    Me: Nope. Stopped playing all Wargaming stuff a couple years ago. I literally only watch because you are a great entertainer.

  16. That Borsig was either laughing his ass off or raging uncontrollably at that last shot

  17. Gold spamming top tier russian tank, boring

  18. ah yes the great Sand River map in Al Halluf :P, Jungles.. never change

  19. This is one good game. Not a rufflestomp 15-5. Not an op tank on full gold. Not a wheeled tank turning abruptly and firing on the move with titanium body armor. GG.

  20. I still do shield players if it’s worth it, but thinking more about the value of taking a hit and keeping said teammate alive.

  21. Very good game.
    Still room for improvement:
    Focus could be better. One gun less on the enemy team is better than two guns low on hp. Gold shooting is arguable (couldvve saved it up better) but won’t complain.

    All in all though fantastic gameplay. Really good game. Cheers

  22. Shit I shat my pants watching this end

  23. ruh roh Jigles your lack of giving a fuck about “football” is showing … Wass is a danish football player who some people really hate because of his whiny personality.
    Definition of wass

    a person who is annoying, displeasing, irrational or generally wack. Derived from “wack-ass”. Origin: the Wack Pack. Marc is being a wass because he is whining again

  24. Chomas Thesterson

    Shout out to the SU-14-2 for backseat gaming him all the way through. Dude, I think he can manage on his own…

  25. Thomas Johannes van Ee

    A typical Dutch joke is to ask a German the following: Wat hangt er aan de waslijn? To which the Germans usually respond: Was? No one who does not speak Dutch will understand this.

  26. Sand river looks a little different here….Jingles?

  27. Grand Admiral Raeder

    fucks sake jingles its El Halluf

  28. Don’t be that guy backseat gaming in chat. When you have someone who CLEARLY knows what they are doing. Who screams GO!! in chat. Don’t ever be that fucking guy… God that’s frustrating. That’s exactly how you make someone either choke or stop trying to troll you

  29. GG! Thank you!

  30. Great game! Thanks for the replay!

  31. That super pershing on 8th health I bet was sweating bullets holding that line with that amount of health left until his inevitable end, tip my hat for him.

  32. Won’t comment on this video I am sure it’s fun to watch as all Jingles videos are….HOWEVER WARGAMING yes you thieves ! Yeah Jingles mentioned loot boxes for the USS Missouri a ship EVERYONE will want ! So doesn’t War Gaming have to be worried ? I mean just a little worried the players might start revolting a la Blizzard do they not ? No ? Well that shows you how little they respect us. Which is not at all. I keep watching Jingles videos they are my only connection to WoT now as I dropped all other subs to that game (and it’s nothing to do with the fine YTer/s that make great videos about the game ) This last Christmas was the last straw for me. Wondering why I spent so much money on this game I really didn’t have any love for anymore and I had actually come to despise. I took a note of the last couple of updates and saw not a hint of what was wrong with the game being addressed ie shit maps and the worst matchmaking ever. Instead they looked for a means to hose the players out of more gold and coins with a possible crew skills update ? Oh joy. Guys I really hope everyone just quits like I did and teaches these bastards a lesson

  33. As always, another fantastic WOTs video. “Dave” was awesome. Thank you 😊

  34. Love these down to the wire games. Nice one!

  35. Super P was my first premium in WoT back in the day… before the nerfs, my god she was an absolute BEAST, and still is!

  36. Well done Dave

  37. I watched a T95 replay where the T95 ammo racked the T44 just by hitting the front of the T44 from the side, I dont even think the shell went close to the ammo rack, but the T44 went up like a gas fire

  38. Actually Jingles….

    I’m pretty sure you’ve featured games where the player takes hits for a low health teammate more recently then before physics. I recall a battle in the last two years where a Chrysler GF protects a KV-2 by blocking shots from an enemy tier 7 or 8 heavy. The KV-2 player goes on to save the Chrysler by killing a medium tank that had totally flanked it. I’m pretty sure it was on the Fjords map.

  39. Jingles, the. health bar only displays HP visible from enemy tanks…it will read the HP from. the last time they were spotted. If you take fall damage, arty damage or blind damage it won’t show till the next time you are spotted.

  40. trak pedders kemp best bush

  41. Mr Cheemsburger on blitz

    Lmfao Missouri crates… as a world of tanks blitz player where every single new tank for the last year has been in loot boxes called crates where u spend at least 100 bucks on a t8 no matter how shit it is I can safely say “get used to it”

  42. Great replay and great game. WP ‘Dave’ .

  43. Supper Dave rides again!

  44. When did the gaming industry become so toxic to it’s fanbase? I know were a hard bunch to please sometimes and you cannot please us all. Were hard on developers because we want their product to achieve greatness. It’s becoming the industry norm to employ shifty tactic and general disregard to your fans/customer interest just to make a quick buck. If memory serves me right this wasn’t really the case back in 2010. Thoughts?

  45. Very well played

  46. How did he bounce on a borsig? Lol

  47. Christopher Stringer

    Super surprised a non flight simulator video

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