World of Tanks || Pudel – First Polish Tank

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. Today I’m previewing the first in the T6 premium Pudel!

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  1. “Do you think it looks like a really exciting vehicle?”
    Who could possibly think that? I expect some are excited for polish tanks and training polish crews, but I can’t imagine someone being excited for what the tank specifically is.

  2. The next patch : Chinese tank destroyer tree

  3. When will WoT bring out the Italians?

  4. This is shit,polish kiddos took over WOT,fuck this.

  5. Vk M is my favourite tank at tier 6 so I am very happy to see this tank.

  6. *This tank is captured by Polish army. Is german but have very nice Polish story. 🙂 We dont have many tanks so all go to tech tree 🙁 and this tank is ideal to Polish premium*

  7. HEY! i love my Matilda BP xD

  8. The poodle wtf should call it after my pomski..

  9. Will it be in Xbox one and when

  10. BuildMasterGaming

    Yay I’m polish

  11. I will be happy with a Polish tech tree but has anyone considered an Italian tech tree. Imagine the language, Mama Mia!

  12. I wonder if WG will put the polish tech tree

  13. Hope pudel isnt a representative of the polish line. Dont really need a copycat of the german/russian tech tree, just like we really didnt need the chinese tech tree. WGs already making up tanks, so i hope they make the polish tech tree worth while.

  14. TL;DR – Almost identical to the 30.02 M but with less HP/t and some other minor things. There I just saved everyone 16 mins.

  15. Gr8, a kto pl witam tonk.yuy

  16. Wtf why they dont yell kurwa when they got shot

  17. Vladimir VojtaML

    World of Copypasta

  18. Actualy T-34-85 Rudy is Polish to but there was no Polish tech tree so they gived it to Russian tech tree. (I needed to say that sorry )

  19. i prefer labradors…

  20. Why should I buy a premium tank, when I already got the best tier6 prem for free: the T-34-85M. And yes it s so even better than the Cromwell B…

  21. I am from Poland and this comparision at start was simply unnecesary 🙂 – this is simply Panther 🙂
    There is this huge pressure from polish community to have national tank line…
    IMHO there are no good candidates in our history, at least not past level 4 .. we were simply importing/receiving tanks and calling them Polish is exaggeration 🙂
    Just like 3rd or 4th version of Tiger I in this game is silly.

  22. Waiting on the Black edition.

  23. The American voice sucks as default, I want to use the Nigel Farage British voice as default.

  24. Polak noobs dont deserve a premium tank and a whole new tech tree. Its a shame. This game is a big joke.

  25. well this tank is nothing special, non the less I think its a good edition to the game and I think more premium vehicles should be like this. its not overpowered or pay to win. you just have a regulair tank just like free to play players with a polish crew that makes more money, pretty mutch the perfect premium tank. atleast a lot better then the recent overpowered premium tanks.

  26. Olivier Versteeg

    The polish arive

  27. they put a polish tank because how many polish players there is hahahahaha

  28. Oh my dear god please no…

  29. Might as well made a Canadian line and a tier 10 Sherman

  30. The next premium tank is going to be a Welsh tier 6. Basically a Cromwell with some leeks growing out of the cupola. And the unique crew all have nice singing voices.

  31. Olivier Versteeg

    Next video is gonna be him gettinv 3 marks of exellence on this tank

  32. Greetings from Poland.

  33. This is not truly Polish tank! It’s disepoiting because Poland have a lot of tanks or project since 1918! WOT with this thisg shut up Polish people for a moment.

  34. QB, when you went to Poland, did you get a chance to see “Old Town” Warsaw? I hear that it is one of best attractions in Warsaw. From what I understand, it was rebuilt with old blue prints from before the war, to make it look identical to it’s pre-war condition. If you get a chance, check out the 2 part mini-series called “Spies of Warsaw”….. This is a GREAT movie/show starring David Tennant and Janet Montgomery. Filmed about 60% in Old Town Warsaw. What a beautiful place. You should take your wife and go check it out and hit one of the Pre-War era pubs. Have a drink and dinner in a pre-ww2 era setting. Personally that sounds like a blast to me!!!

  35. MysticBlazeOfficial

    How do polish MoE look like?

  36. Poland just stealed the tank an change the name to ANOTHER animal! 🙂

  37. Hitl0r: Niggah stole mah tenk

  38. Just Panther with polish skin , and yes , it’s premium -_-

  39. my O-I will love that tank to 1 shot

  40. mate Rudy is polish too 🙂

  41. well still in rusian tree ;D

  42. Wheres the normal tree of poland? 😮

  43. Polska
    to musiało boleć!

  44. With this shitty MM i will never buy a new prem.Tank.

  45. 100k subs without video

    Ugliest tank in world of tanks history…

  46. So basically it’s a German tank

  47. Polish language was in the game for a long time now. If u set your game to Polish, the default crew voices are all Polish.

  48. Two vk was captured, one was nickname Pudel BUT THE OTHER ONE, Delpu?

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