World of Tanks – Punching Above Your Weight

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Todays video is once again brought you by Minion Eddie, uploading for me while I sit at home internet-free while XCOM2: War of the Chosen, World of Tanks 9.20 and Armored Warfare are all out.

Shit :p

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  1. The IS-3 is not a good tank for economics. The other tier 8 heavies have high shell costs and high repair costs as well.

    Look at the costs on the tier 8 lights. Their shells are only about 20% of the cost of the heavy tank shells. While they do less damage, it isn’t 20% of the damage of a heavy tank.

  2. What??!! A Russian tank suffering from power creep??? impossible!

  3. This is exactly why its so hard to play WoT because of the fucking credits

  4. I remember rushing a mous in my IS 3 and kill him he was full health too and bounced of me with a APCR shell because he shoot my spaced side armor and funny thank is he did it two time’s lol

  5. You also forgot British BBs finally being released on WoWS.

    Getting mighty forgetful in your old age, Jingles.

  6. He earned that shit.

  7. Evil Popcorn Generator

    The WoT credit economy is so screwed up.


  9. Hang on… EddyVision!

  10. Most impressive. Wish I could do as well. x.x

  11. Victor, SerB, Stalin orders YOU TWO to the northern Siberian gulag for 5 years of exile, you two are very REPORTED for all of this, damn losernoobs who run WG are in need of actual brains. No I don’t care their making money, they NEED to support gamers by making GOOD to play games and STOP banning YTers who display their content and call them on their BS since they can’t really hide any of it because their games are so very public which means either fix the BS or enjoy such very bad PR.

  12. Jingles, thank you for the videos. My home is currently underwater from hurricane Harvey, my mother and grandmother in a shelter, and I’m barracked in a 911 operations center on a radio while we attempt rescue.

    The familiarity and enjoyment I find in your videos is a comfort right now believe it or not. Even some of our officers who are off are watching with me. Thank you for what you do!

  13. And yes I’m sorry Jingles I’m mad but WG just needs to stop the crap and make their game better for casual players who like watching one of their own wreck unicums in DROVES. Sorry again for the anger, I just hate I can’t enjoy any of the 3 tank based MMOs.

  14. lol ,,,, you are still the best jingles,,,, and one high five to eddie

  15. Hey i have a question for poeple i play wot on the xbox and so i get off work i log on to wot and i see a pz II J sitting in my garage . i didnt buy one wats that about

  16. I lost my Sh*t at the intro lol

  17. bandgeekforever100

    World of Tanks economy sucks. That’s part of the reason I find warships better

  18. Talk about punching above your weight, that poor JP 2 at 1:28 in the back with the 105mm… still managed to do damage and even get a kill before getting knocked out. gg to skullboy but kudos to the JP2 as well. been there, done that, almost shot my self

  19. When are you going to do another of these?

  20. He LOST credits??? You should never lose credits for a match like that. Wargaming is a P2W company now… just go ahead and hang up the videos and find some new games.

  21. Fix ammo, and have it cost nothing.

  22. Ahh, I see jingles is hinting at the fact that he may or may not be uploading XCOM 2 videos in the future. You’ll love war of the chosen. Make sure to blame billy!

  23. That’s why I don’t play WOT anymore. Owing money after being top of team? Not cool bro

  24. I love my IS-3 no matter what other people say, go back to tier 1 if you have a problem!

  25. Jingles, I must have played that two – tank intro 10 times. It’s hilarious! Please make more!

  26. That end result is why I play War Thunder now..

  27. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    3:35 is why I stopped driving the 263 “it has amazing armor !!! And tiny weak spots!!!!” Tiny weak spots you say? Because every god damn time I play it an is7-e100-is3 snap shots my weak spot no aiming required. Only litterally. Every single time. I can’t be the only one that this happens to. that shot just made me laugh so freaking hard I spilled my drink. Because I know I can’t be the only one if it’s happening to that guy as well.

  28. The bs credit consumption is why i quite wot

  29. notpartofKKKsostopcallingmeracist

    People in the comment section are just cancerous.

  30. Buy premium instant profit WoT WoW the bill after every game is high af

  31. This is why this game just needs to die already.

  32. Jingles! Send this man some credits! He deserves them!

  33. “Free” to play.

  34. I think its time you stop covering World of Tanks and World of Warships, you need to evolve and move on. They are a despicable company with despicable business practices, they act like they are untouchable, and Youtubers covering them is part of the reason why. Since you do not play it yourself now (other than the occasional bit of timed torture) my opinion is that you delve into covering a different game.

  35. 8:44 WG FIX YOUR SHIT!!!

  36. Thank you Eddie.

  37. This economy reminds me to carriers at T8-10 in WoWs. No matter how good you do even with premium you lose most of the time money and if you dont you were insanly lucky. 🙁 140k damage 38 plane kills and made minus credits in my essex for example) ><

  38. Snapshots ftw.. lol

  39. Lol reuse of a title, I see u jingles I see u

  40. Jingles,
    Would you please make an account on a website such as or and upload new videos there as well? In light of the recent Youtube censorship, I would appreciate having a backup of the ole’ Bohemian Eagle.
    In addition to this, I would like to stop using Youtube if possible. I don’t think Google deserves my clicks.

  41. i play without a premium acc as well and except from tier 8 SH with credit boosts it is nearly impossible to make some credtis

  42. This is why I don’t play my only tier 8 tank (kv-4) that often because 60% of the games I lose credits( I am an average player). Even if I’m able to connect 10 shots, I’ll lose about 6-7k minimum.

  43. The economy in WOT is bloody awful now. Even my Tier VIII premiums aren’t making the amount of credits that they used to due to the “Always Vs Tier X” style of MM + Armour powercreep (press button 2) now.

  44. I love this game but the consumables and equipment etc. just costs way to much in my opinion

  45. I love this game but the consumables and equipment etc. just costs way to much in my opinion.

  46. Thank you, and that Skoda T50, for reminding me why i dropped WoT and its cack handed, three legged donkey, retard player base three years ago, and from what ive heard, the SEAtards are still as bad as they were, if not gotten worse. Wheres more of that bloody boat game? lol

  47. Already like it from the intro, lol

  48. “Todays video is once again brought to you by Minion Eddie, uploading for me while I sit at home internet-free while XCOM2: War of the Chosen, World of Tanks 9.20 and Armored Warfare 0.21 are all out.”…. Don’t forget that World of Warships 0.6.10 will be live soon with the British Battleships as well! 😀

  49. not enough credits lost for that 10% above your opponents

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