World of Tanks – Punching Above Your Weight

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I’m off to Comic Con! Managed to squeeze out a couple of videos to keep you entertained in my absence, however. Here’s Russia’s stronkest tenk, the , doing what it does.

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  1. LOL LOL LOL i gues kv2 and Kv1 best troll tanks :D

  2. My 1st rule on WoT or WoWs :
    If u think u have a tank/ship enabling you to be surprised or laughing in
    the aftermath ,KEEP IT !

  3. Post Traumatic Stress Ball

    I know this might attract some hate, but do you condone this sort of
    “fail”-platooning? It may be hilarious at times, but I feel most of the
    time it wouldn’t work, and might cost the the platoon’s team a win.

  4. KV-2 is Dutch! As the finishing touch, God created the Dutch! ☺ All cheese
    heads unite!


  6. Jingles I don’t play world of tanks and I don’t play world of warships but
    I do love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  7. Gnome laughter… the best laughter!!

  8. I have similar match with two kv2s and E75 but we shot down E100 alone with
    two kv2s 😀 :D

  9. You create platoon with tier IX idiot

  10. gustas lugauskas and don't even try to say my name

    lol i’m in the thumbnail

  11. In Russia, Kv2 choose the tier!, and the gun say fuq u everytime

  12. Someone sacrificed some political dissidents to the gulags for that game

  13. Bravo Company Major Nelson

    KV2: I go kill tier 9 tanks for Motherland!!!!!

  14. lol I once saw a kv2 in a tier 10 match and he wrecked a poor lorr 40t.
    Kv2 is the only tank that can fail platoon safely.

  15. look (squad)E75 and KV-2 is the same squad (they testing the kv2)NOT THE MM

  16. Nederland for the win

  17. That’s how motherfucking Hungarians play this game! :D

  18. Best WoT vid in ages…..

  19. THere is no reason what so ever to not take that last shot.

  20. JuiceboxVanHouten[UATD]

    KV-2 does not need to aim.

  21. Clap clap clap

  22. I thought with the first MM it was a four teir spread. I swear I could
    remember being in my PzKw iv spamming HE at T9 heavies.

  23. Ou the times when i used to play WOT, rolling around with my little tier 6
    and ou boy its tier 9’s and even tier 10’s.. Well i’m not going to
    surrender, lets rush them!

  24. GTX Jake “Randal The cat”

    Can i have KV-2 Pls

  25. Things like this is why I no longer play this idiotic game regularly…
    It’s 100% rigged and completely unfair… People put lots of time, effort,
    and money into unlucking higher tier tanks and improve their gaming skills
    only to bounce from the side of a french light tank 3 times in a row or
    miss a japenese heavy from 50m with a fully aimed “sniper” gun, and then be
    one-shotted by a KV2 or an SPG from the other side of the map that doesn’t
    even have to bother to aim. No, it’s not funny at all. It’s just
    ridiculous. The whole game is. :(

  26. KV-2 is the stronkest

  27. If you take a vodka shot everytime Jingles wheeze, you could get into
    alcoholic coma.

  28. Hello from the Netherlands

  29. Today on “Can I pen that?” starring: KV2 feat. Tier IX.
    That last shot…

  30. yeah, this video proves it. Jingles is everyone’s favorite uncle :P

  31. What I noticed is that the HE ammo is in ammo slot 1 – instead of 3 where
    it normally is – is this a mod? Anybody knows what it is? I would like to
    have this too!

  32. Reminds me of SU-KA; No aim, no problem

  33. You can tell by the Gnome Overlord’s maniacal laughter at the start that
    this is gonna be good. Oh, and Jingles? How’s the Gnome Queen doing?

  34. I got the panzer ii J in wot blitz, a KV-2 bounced off me, I still not

  35. just like SirCircon, we are crazy dutch people

  36. I’d say that’s about the best matchmaking you can have with that situation.

  37. Who remembers the KV?

  38. TheCommunistGamer “Institute Synth”

    Always happens to me. I’ll be using an KV-1 [V], and I’m fighting against
    Tiger II’s [VII]

  39. Bah, KV-2 in T9 game? Finished 3rd on damage with T5 Arty in T9 battle,
    because arta is all about skill and stuff…

  40. this is how people cheat in wot to get high xp games when there are
    promotions running that award a tank for highest xp game and such. i know
    someone that won a type 59 by platooning with 3+ higher tiers than him. the
    higher the tier, the more xp you get

  41. Anell “AZD” ALL

    This is too funny. Jingles with his laughter is making me laugh harder.
    Thanks as well Quint.

  42. Ok, where is that gif of the screaming Baroque-looking fellow from? I’ve
    seen in a number of times on Why you heff to be mad videos etc. and I’m
    getting really curious.

  43. Holy shit that final shot

  44. Forced laughter in virtually every sentence, offensive, cursing, vulgar
    language, it’s the same childish behavior in every single video.

  45. I was once in a platoon in the KV-2 (then just the KV) with a Lowe, It was
    a tier 10 game on the desert map with a huge vally where both teams start
    on the hills on both sides, basically long story short, I saw a maus,
    derped it for ~800 damage… (this was before HE nerf) and he one shot me.
    Everyoen thought it was hilarious.

  46. Did you see that E 50 looking at him at the start of the match. It looked
    like seeing the KV-2 completely disoriented him for second. Like he thought
    that he accidentally loaded the wrong tank or they changed up the match
    making. Then he seemed to realize it’s just a fail platoon and it looked
    like the E 50 spent a little while being amused by it.

  47. “A vigorous helping of surprise butt sex”… that specific alignment of
    words even legal?

  48. that last shot was a thing of beauty.

  49. I hope this isnt going to give ideas to the tomatoes…

  50. I remember some time ago seeing a KV-2 in a tier 10 game, getting a
    penetration with HE on a WT-E100

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