World of Tanks – Puppy Power!

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Source: The Mighty

In which Corpsetastic takes The Worlds Cutest Tank™ out for spin on and murders everyone who so much as looks at him funny.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. General Grevious

    That hetzer one of the best teammates ever.

  2. nikolai berglihn

    @Jingles, have you seen the TOG replay i e-mailed you? It is from his perspective and my wiew. I am on the enemy team, and this Tog takes it all! Kolobanovs, radley, steel wall, and more! Check it out, it is priceless!? shout out from Norway✌️

  3. Why feature a sealclubbing battle? Do you Jingles encourage players to play PzI, Luchs, T67 etc. and slaughter people in lower tiers who just started at WoT? I think that kind of players are a cancer of this game and featuring their games is obscene.

    Why? Because this people (like Corpsetastic who got 24k games and 700games in Luchs) know the game, maps, mechanics and on top of that they have multiskill crews against people who just got their a-20 or chaffee with 75% crew and very little experience.

    This people don’t fare so well in higher tiers so they go back to lower tiers to get their kicks and you Jingles just praised one of them.

  4. Pz IC are greater malice than Luchs. WG should limit their number per game, or at least weaken their tracks or engine. Smaller magacine and longer reload would be apreciated… Had to buy somua to mitigate little pricks…

  5. Turns out Jingles the VK 16.02 is the successor to the VK 16.01, the big brother of the Luchs- the monster II J!

  6. Go to Steam. Search for “Heroes and Generals”. Install. Play to get enough credits to buy a german tank guy. Play Pz I to unlock Luchs and to get credits. Buy Luchs. Play Luchs to unlock APCR ammo. Play, record, make video for youtube. And please stop hijacking Chuck Norris’s (and mine) birthday.
    BTW – You can also spend some money and get german tank guy and Luchs in H&G really fast.

  7. Давид Прусов


  8. Youbetter Backoff

    Jingles if you tube goes down the drain you could still make money recording book audio. Your voice is so nice that I could even listen to you explain instructions on how to embalm a human body 🙂

  9. Pretty sure you titled a previous video the same in the past.

  10. It’s allways funny hearing Jingles calling it a PanzerSPAwagon! Is the tank crew taking mud-baths and getting massages in it? 😛

  11. Uh… Jingles, isn’t Lynx a type of cat?

  12. I was in a tier v game Luchs platoon…got hate mail for being the kind of player that ruins the game.

  13. Actually Jingles, the lynx is a cat …

  14. The amount of people using fucking derp guns in this game lately. It’s ridiculous.

  15. “The world’s cutest little tank” heheh

  16. Great video Jingles I love little tanks. My Tetrarch is my favorite 😛

  17. ah – when british try speaking german… 🙂 it is the Spähwagen (Scoutwaggon – or vehicle) – not the Sparwaggon (scrimpwaggon or conservewaggon)

  18. Play wot console!!!!

  19. jingles posts the same 3 tanks over and over. ??

  20. My penis is 400 mm. Any one want to feel it penetrate you?

  21. Do you need to watch a Jingles video before you like it?

  22. JIngles u should pick up one guy from your subs and play platoon!!!!

  23. >Title is “Puppy Power”
    >featured vehicle is a Luchs, german for lynx
    >the lynx is a cat


  24. …dreaming… all WOT players must be like these two. Waking up, getting teamkilled ! Dammit.

  25. Ah the Panzer II, the fastest lawnmower in the west

  26. anybody see the new Minecraft PE ad? FUCK

  27. 8 Kills, all those medals, a premium account, and he still lost money. There’s something wrong there.

  28. Hey Jingles ummm I have a problem with world of tanks so I have gone from the AT 5 to the Fv2 15b 183 in about three days

  29. Awww, the Luchs is so cute!

  30. The littlest Panzer
    My little Panzer
    And I’m already out after two

  31. I just jumped from the phoenix cruiser at tier 4 to the cleveland at tier 6! Thank you try your luck containers.

  32. He trademarks world’s cutest tank. Lawlz. Thanks jingles

  33. Oberleutnant Dieter

    jingles, my arms hurt from working in the slat mines! can i go one a vacation?

  34. Glad you posted a new WOT vid – I was ready to unsubscribe and migrate to DezGames… Welcome back 🙂

  35. + The Mighty Jingles ….read David Irving’s books about WWII, you won’t look at anything the same ever again…guaranteed.

  36. With BERT!

  37. It’s not puppy it’s pupper

  38. Mabey do a American tank destroyer replay like a T67?

  39. Should have named this “The Killing Kitty”

  40. *Looks at Thumbnail*
    Please be a Luchs video! Please be a Luchs video!
    *Clicks on video*

  41. poor bastard lost silver that game like fuck

  42. I’ve seen luchs’ eat tier 7 heavies they’re hilarious

  43. Those were The only ones

    I LOVE this tank

  44. I haven’t played WOT in a year or so now and I have missed your videos!  Hope all is well with you!

  45. Bert Jingles…where is our glorious Bert?????? I’m officially on strike from the salt mines, till i get a Bert vid!!!

  46. good guy hetzer. we need more like him.

  47. Jingles, if all players were had the same wn8 rating then which tank would you consider have highest chance of winning a kolobanovs medal?

  48. Wargaming are bullies …. #Jingles #Foch

  49. The cutest little tank that will fuck you up in a heartbeat.

  50. I’m glad Jingles is lowering the volume of some of his intro vids.

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