World of Tanks – Pwnage

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which people get rekt, and much pwnage of face occurs.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

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  1. WAIT
    when did they remove the bl10 from the ISU?

  2. Top Tier light tank… Although he had a good game, its not THAT impressive 🙂

  3. Злой Асисяй

    Literally translated as GG or is laughter just?

  4. Lol, the LTTB is Han Solo. XD

  5. Злой Асисяй

    ЛТТБ- лёгкий танк тяжелого бронирования)

  6. I use to hate playing the lttb because of that horrid -3° gun depression.

  7. Great content like always Jingles. Even though I don’t play WOT anymore. Good to see people can still have fun with it

  8. Lol. 34k received Credits on an amazing game In a tier 8 tanks. gg WG.

  9. 4:38 that guy in chat is not the brightest of the bunch

  10. World of Tanks has far, far, too many prototypes and paper tanks.

  11. jingles, why is the map so small?

  12. Obj 140, being one of 3 top tier tanks, completely smashes the enemy team? Never saw that coming. Zzzzzzz

  13. The first clip is near unwatchable. That constant scrolling and zooming might be neglectible when you play yourself, but as a viewer its more than irritating.

  14. Jingle, you said it the way I tell ppl who calls me out camping in the Ferdinand. I play it to where I maximize my advantage by placing my tank at the best spot and situation, that I can support the team by placing as much hits on the enemy and draw the enemy attention looking for me that supporting team can land hits on them. It dose not always work but when it dose it is worth posting on your channel.

  15. ChristianMan777 [69TH]

    I just realized that Prokerovka (sorry abut the spelling) is just Dead Rail on Blitz but bigger. Yes I know that Prokerovka came out first, but you know what I mean.

  16. Ah, high-tier Russian mediums…

    Must be nice, driving tanks with absolutely no weaknesses.

  17. I’m surprised that jingles didn’t give at least a shout out to the IS-2 driver in the second game. The dude with like 30 damage less than our LTTB hero and got 7 kills, that’s still pretty impressive imo.

  18. Hard to play a over powered Russian tier 10 medium.

  19. When the thumbnails been your background for 2 years

  20. That IS2 was having a good match aswell, he was in the running for the pools medal

  21. I never noticed before, but the LTTB is the new T-50-2… it even looks similar.

  22. Thanks Jingles was great to watch and so true to know your tank and use its skills fantastic to show this to the guys,,,,

  23. Nice video

  24. I used to play Golf. Every year I’d watch the Masters then head out to the links based on all I “learned” and shoot a 105. That’s what these videos are like. I sure have the urge to go play WOT. But I will still suck and get my ass handed to me. Oh well, hit Battle.

  25. R U S S I A N B I A S

  26. Is this mod ”i autolock-aim from wherever i fucking want” still legal?

  27. Who here remembers when WOT was enjoyable? I’m talking 2-3 years ago, those were the days 🙁

  28. OMG .. I got an Ad the first time around!

  29. Obj 140 is cancer

  30. Great commentary as always. Thanks!

  31. These replays are in like the top 10% of players having good games, yet they’re LOSING money?! So basically anything t8+ WG forces you to buy premium or you can’t play at all. How do you make money at these tiers?

  32. Good job Jingles. You just showed a replay of someone cheating. In the second replay, did you notice he is locking onto tanks while he and them are behind cover? That is an aimbot and a banned one at that.

  33. *Just too bad what an RNGist “Fee to Play” game WoT is / has increasingly become over the years, eh?*

  34. Mr Average plays______ with GamerDom

    Jingles you’re crap….. Make the mini map larger for us old timers

  35. Wanna know how I dominate on prokarovka? I consider each of my teammates as my armor and when all my armor is gone I start shooting and more than 100% of the time I carry. You know…..carry?

  36. Small note about 4:30, he doesnt actually have to risk anything. By using the render range circle on the mini map, you can bounce back and forth between being able to shoot guys on the hill or near the 1 line without being able to be shot by the other side even while spotted…. Dont know why Im giving this tip away, I guess you gave away the secrets already.

  37. Small note about the lttb, its not actually the aiming time that allows for those types of snap shots, but the soft stats, particularly movement dispersion and turret traverse dispersion

  38. NIce to see a tanks video. I am looking forward to another historical tank review/history class with Jingles.

  39. The thumbnail looks like all the nations come together to fight a greater enemy

  40. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    6:51 How to get ammo racked 101 right there, don’t do this shit… showing his side like that, he was really lucky that his ammo rack only got dmg-ed not blown up

  41. if the IS-2 had shot first we could be seeing this replay from a different perspective

  42. So balanced wow

  43. The first replay demonstrates why I left WoT for WoWS.

    Maps are too small.
    View Range Satuation.
    Everyone is a sniper.

    It’s CoD with tanks.

  44. We miss you on circon and QB stream

  45. It’s not how to make the most out of these tanks. They’re russian, and they’re idiot proof. This game has such shit balance.

  46. been playing this game game since 2012………………. and have had some god damn epic games since then……but JIngles doesn’t run XVM ….nor do I……. Quicky does because it enhances his game experience, .. quicky finally showed what a 49%ter can do in a random battle,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyone can play any tank on repetitive maps and do good….

  47. I hate the economy in this game. Warships is good but Tanks is so bad. Have an amazing game and still make basically no profit, if you dont loose credits.

  48. 14:26 take this statement out of context XD

  49. OH NO! Russian tanks that pwn the battle field, oh for a second I thought we were playing something other than WOT.

  50. The snap shots by the LTTB are utter bullshit. He isnt even pausing for a sub 2 second aim time. Total BS

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