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In which Dobla_hunter allows a game to get a bit out of control before stepping in and sorting out the amateurs from the professionals…

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

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  1. For a TD on that map, he sorta did the right thing camping back. His
    heavies, outnumbered as they were, should have fallen back to allow him to
    support them better. It was a smart play that he did.

  2. Makes me wonder if they’ll implement the hydraulic suspension for the STB-1
    also, since that had it too IRL. Not sure how they’d work that in,

  3. this guy is playing in a tier 9 and in THAT TANK without sixth sense…
    another genius i guess..

  4. “Let them come, then I can help”

    Or you can get off your ass and move so you can help your team. Seriously,
    common sense

    And then he pings “help” facepalm.

  5. He referenced Jekyll and Hyde, yes ???

  6. Everyday is a school day.
    X key to lock traverse – I knew there was an alternative to RMB

  7. Ah. Watching Jingles sends me to my happy place.

  8. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    Even if he were not able to kill the BlackPrince at the end, the afk-tank
    would have been auto-destroyed at the end of the battle and it would have
    been a victory anyway.

  9. Hendrik Veerbeek (AzureShadow)

    I understand having an impact at start game helps ur team a lot and you
    should try to do that. But his team died so quickly this match i only think
    him positioning forward wouldve gotten him very much killed instantly.

  10. Has no six sense because he probably payed to skip all the shit tanks at
    first 8 tiers.

  11. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Not fair td kemp bush

  12. Yep, I’m getting that tank.

  13. I’m an arty player, and I know how frustrating is when the only chance your
    team have to win is when they must just… spot the enemy for SPGs (TD’s
    and arties).
    But I lolled when he asked for the arties to… SPOT FOR HIM… lol o/ lol
    o/ lol He don’t know that arty view range is just sh*t? And if they’re
    spotted, as their mobility is sh*t aswel, they get instakilled? (I’m not
    talking about the LeFHeFHeFHeFH, that have a nice view range – I’m talking
    about the conventional ones)

  14. You don’t draw against afk. If your only enemy is afk at the end he gets
    destroyed. I think QB gad a replay like this lately.

  15. Hola papu pro jinggles

  16. do you know if there is a way to see all of the medals that you won on the

  17. I think if someone goes AFK, their tank is automatically destroyed at the
    end (it comes up as “x” was lost in battle). I think therefore even if he
    couldn’t kill the BP he’d still win (I recall this happening in some QB

  18. “Actually Jingles” He could not loose if the Black Prince was somewhere
    else, as we saw on Quickybaby’s channel a few days ago, if there are any
    afk tanks when time runs out, they selfdestruct and you win :)

  19. His twitching with the aim is making me seasick.. jesus..

  20. Random Noises

  21. That Tiger II… gotta wonder what he had planned for his life.

  22. Ummm jingles I would like to correct you about the siege mode. People like
    circon do not need to use siege mode to hit things. People like circon
    automatically hit every shot with 0.4 ac and 3 second aiming time every.
    Single. Time.

  23. Speaking about overpowered

  24. T9 TD without sixth sense? Brave or foolish ?

  25. What’s the intro music?

  26. I think his passive play was the only thing he could have done. Agressive
    play in this tank gets you killed sooo quickly. Also Jingles, even if he
    hadn’t found the Black Prince he would have won, because WG has implemented
    a mechanic that kills every afk tank ta the end of a battle by default.

  27. I don’t understand what WG is trying to do with WoT these days. They add
    more and more fictional autocannon stuff making it some sort of Michael Bay
    version of what the game used to be.. And then they add TDs like these..
    They’ve would have been great in what WoT used to be probably but they seem
    so out of place in the current game. What on earth are you going to do in
    this thing when you get Himmelsdorf 5 times in a row? It fits the meta of
    so few maps in the game today. :/

  28. I can hardly blame him. He is communicating with his team very clearly.
    They could at least have hit the “negative” button in response. Also, I’m
    more a person for tactical games, which WoT isn’t. Seeing two tier 9
    heavies + some tier 8 versus his team 1 top tier heavy + TD. It was the
    tactical smart choice to let them come in the open and be easy shots for
    the TD and Arty. The players that kept rolling forward, even without the
    KV-4! was a bit like suicide scouting. What was it again: never pick a fair

  29. all they had was give it an 1mm of overall thickness to avoid the
    autoboucne issues

  30. i like it

  31. Tier8 IS3 can over match, but T110E5’s 120mm can’t over match the armor of
    this silly TD, because the minimum required caliber is 121mm for 40mm

  32. Players like this are what made me uninstall WOT.

  33. Very well played match!

    Question though: How can you have a tier 9 tank without a crew with at
    least 6th sense? Especially on a TD? Did he grind the whole line with 75%
    crews or something?

  34. Nah, I didnt enjoy this game.

  35. So, is it OP?

  36. I read pornstar first, by soul is tainted, but what if WoT is my porn? pls

  37. another replay of another lucker taking advantage of a moron team, too
    stupid to cap. please jingles can you feature some good teamplay, rather
    than a lucker taking advantage of the one-shot kills that his team have
    given their tanks’ hp for? you have a massive following and can promote
    better skills and team play rather than highlighting camper mop ups? thanks

  38. no 6th sense… damn wallet warriors…

  39. Breathing manually is such a wonderful thing!

  40. I have no idea but. Every time they introduce a tank line. The tier 9 seems
    to be more fun and better than the tier 10. Like the amx 30 b. Or the is
    line for example. N. I know ill get bolbarded by peopel saying im a moron
    dont be too harch :)

  41. This one is BORING. So you feature campers replays now, as long as a lot of
    damage and shiny medals are in the end results?
    Is it just me or others will confirm you did comment (not once) you don’t
    feature camping games whatever spectacular results they might feature?

  42. These tanks add nothing but another redline tank.. They’re almost on par
    with arta.. imo

  43. Did he make a mistake in this game by playing too passively in the first
    minutes? Probably, but it’s also possible that he would have got spotted
    and arty-nuked, if he had played more agressively. What remains clear is
    that, once he realized things didn’t work as planned, he played WAY better
    than most of us would have been able to and saved the game. We ALL make
    mistakes in WoT all the time, but few of us are good enough to pull
    ourselves out of it afterwards.

  44. I doubt the thought of Overmatch mechanics was in his mind in this game.

  45. His team had less heavies, he asked them not to push so he could offer good
    support. Its heavies played like yolo idiots, pushing a flank with an
    inferior number of tanks (without being even able to kill more than one
    opponent). If he had pushed, he would have been spotted and killed and it
    would have been a loss.

  46. Well you would think that if you want support from support vehicles, like
    TDs, then maybe pulling and teasing the hvys into their firing range would
    be a good idea, but hvys being hvys… this rarely happens
    Instead they usually get nailed by the opposition and then start spitting
    venom at support vehicles for not helping or being up front with them
    Completely forgetting that a lot of TD’s have bad armour!
    I have to agree that this guy did play too far back, but it kinda worked
    his advantages
    Basic rant about Wot: (in order of annoyance)
    RnG too high
    MM is kinda wacky
    Lemming trains
    People not reading chat or looking at map
    Negative remarks and venom
    People using mods deemed illegal by fair play

  47. If Dobla moved with heavies at the start of this game, he would be killed
    first and this game would be 15:3 defeat in 3 or 4 minutes. If allied
    heavies would be smart enough to play defensive – this would be 15:3 win in
    same time span.

  48. finally WOT und der Jingels
    Gesundheit zusammen!

  49. Well actually jingles, you can go up to 10km/h in siege mode

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