World of Tanks || Pz. 58 Mutz – 3 Marks

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Pz. 58 Mutz. Today I’m 3 marking the T8 Swiss- premium medium the Pz. 58 Mutz.

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  1. Im on my way to 3rd mark for the mutz, 94% for last 2 days. but just cant get that 1 good game i need 🙂 I got Mutz and Ripper patton on Top tankers event on NA for free. I 3 marked the patton, so i can definitely say ive played both of them quite enough to say the patton is better imo, while neither one is amazing…

  2. 3 marked my 140 today so happy first tier X

  3. the video starts at 0:00 (you can thank me later)

  4. Thomas Westenholz

    I absolutely love the Mutz. It’s one of my most played tanks ever, and it just never gets old. I have however recently favored the M 41 90 GF Black Dog, as it has just become even more fun to play with the new mm system, but I still play the Mutz often and I always enjoy it 😀

  5. Now im really gonna have to play hard to get my third mark

  6. Quickybaby is it weird that I watch your videos religiously but I never played or intend to play world of tanks?

  7. “Put a jolly-good round into their rear” Lovely.  Rather splendid.

  8. One thing that the Mutz sucks at: Its not a Defender

  9. Shhhh I’m hunting wabbits.

  10. grinding my first 3 mark on my kv-13, with the derp gun. it’s been fun 🙂

  11. our thirt wound hahah
    QB you so silly

  12. its a nice tank their is no question of that…but personally i prefer raw stopping power in my tanks

  13. 10:30 you got rekt

  14. Mutz marked the point where premium tanks stopped being novel and quirky (like the KV-5, Wolverine, TOG) and just became boring re-skins that were better than their non premium counterparts, Defender, STA-2, Patriot, Mutz, Chrysler, Berlin Trio, List is endless.

  15. I usually get $60.000 a game

  16. didnt matter…in the end… damn QB took chester bennington death to heart

  17. I wish I had the Mutz… the Indien Panzer is one of my favourite tanks, this premium would compliment it wonderfully… sadly i’m a broke student that can’t afford jack 😀

  18. Heh, him stumbling over his W’s reminded me of Princess Bride. “Wuv, twoo wuv…”

  19. Arcane Gianterino Kripperino

    QB… the splash dmg doesn ot get absorbed just because you hit a dead tank

  20. Stop showing everyone how much you abuse premium tanks to pad your stats QB.
    Stop pushing that XVM rubbish that helps people target the weaker players so you can bully your way to even more padded stats.
    Stop using premium account and premium consumables all the time.

    What kind of example are you setting?
    Think about that, stop taking kids money on twitch for a living, you are a grown man.

  21. I have one but it’s not my go to premium tank. As it does have good damage point the penetration is not there in my opinion. Good video keep them coming.

  22. OMG cant belive that you really think mutz has better gun handling than panther 88 (88gun has .31 disper can shoot not fully aimed) try that in panzer58 see if you hit the target
    mutz is so average tank that compared to other meds is even worse than average
    compared to CDC :worse mobility and view range, and compared to every other medium tank -mutz DPM is worse, aim time is not that good, and 0.35disp doesn’t match ingame accuracy in my experince is around 0.38-39
    and the armor is shit, there is nothing mutz can brag about

  23. At 10:40, not sure, if it was QB or Linkin Park… you tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it does fkin matter :'( #RIPChesterBennington

  24. The Mutz is BIG target and easy to pen with HE – don’t buy it before you realize you’ll have a lot of games where Arty and anything with a Derp Gun will just make sweet, sweet love to your badly chaffed anus all game long. It’s definitely not a noob tank, so I think only intermediate and expert players need apply.

  25. Love your videos man keep up the great work

  26. After seeing this and hearing your tips, maybe I can finally get past my first mark on the Mutz. ^_^

  27. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    marks STA-2

  28. Nicholas Hemphill

    I was going to buy this tank, but I decided to buy the FV4202 instead. I am happy with it, having already achieved a mark of excellence and a mastery badge, but I wonder if I would have been better off with a mutz. Any thoughts?

  29. Mutz suckz

  30. What? Good gun handling? Better gun handling than Panther 8.8? QB, you can do better reviews 🙁

  31. All the talk about Marks of excellence and no talk about the fact they are counted from the average of our last 100 games in that tank 🙂

  32. Hi QB, don’t get me wrong, i like your content, especially your detailed Tank reviews and when you explain gamemechanics and tips and tricks for certain situations, maps and tanks. So maybe take it as a friendly advice. Please be careful, your commentary seems to suffer loss of quality. I get the impression, you are not that well prepared for what to say throughout the replay. Maybe it’s just been a not so interesting game to watch?
    Anyway. A lot of confused, timefilling talking. And it’s not just happened in this particular video, but also in some others as of late. I just want to say that you can and have done so much better QB.
    yours sincerely,

  33. Kelly Constenius

    Since the new patch, I have also re found the Mutz. I have been having some very very fun games with it. I am not a stat hog so having fun games is what I am after. Playing the Mutz has kept me from feeling like I have just been getting my butt kicked all day. Worth it… I do like the new match maker. Only three top tier tanks makes it quite less painful on the bottom. You can contribute more than just being a free target.

  34. WOW you managed to 3mark a tier8 *Kappa*

  35. If you want to 3 mark tanks as a proof of skill they should at least tier 9, and in general tier 10…tier 8 is not special…

  36. QB :-“this tank doesnt suck at anything”
    ME :-“give it to jingles, it`ll suck at everything”

  37. Once again, tracking AND spotting doesnt count, Its only the highest number of 1 of them, if you get 2,5k spotting and 2k tracking. It Will only count the 2,5k spotting…

  38. show us some games where you lose after getting team after team of morons quickky, how do you deal with 44%wr moron team mates in top tiers? these are the tutorials we want to see.

  39. I’m glad I didn’t spend money on this tank. Fucking WG made this tank obsolete faster than any other premium in the game. Nowadays you play this tank and you have to spam gold just to be effective against some tier 8 heavies, let alone the higher tier tanks that have gotten their armor buffed.

  40. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    wow another 3 marks on a t8, so impressive.

  41. Graham Montgomey

    “you can really lap it up when you’re facing those tier sixes and sevens” LOL I don’t remember the last time i hoped in a tier eight and saw a tier 6… even in my IS-6! Oh wait yeah it was before the new mm. Not saying I don’t like it but tier 8 ESPECIALLY Preff MM tanks really got screwed by the new MM.

  42. it’s no more special than any other premium tier 8 heavy and just about shares the same specialty like the others too, it sucks your wallet dryer than a whore…

  43. I hated this tank as it was my first premium and i was only 1k battles into this game at the time, it is not a forgiving tank for newbs at all 😛

  44. Gazorpazorpfield

    Hey Quicky, I think arty shells are no longer absorbed by dead tanks… pretty sure I´ve hit some wrecks before and still did splash damage.

  45. Panzer 58 Mutz and The Black one is two of my favorite tanks. They are great fun, earn a lot of credits and they are fairly easy to use in most battles 🙂 Congratulations on your 3rd mark QB! I only got two on mine, but still hooping to get there someday 🙂 Nice video as always! Love from Denmark!

  46. I enjoyed your match and the advantages of the vehicle you show. the Mutz is my go-to for premium tanks and for an overall fun time. Thanks for the review

  47. Uhm, the first of the new era premiums were the M41 90 GF and the Skorpion that came out before the Mutz right?

    Anyway, congrats on the 3 mark 🙂

  48. AlleNamenSindWeg

    I have the faint memory that the Berlin quartet was released before the Mutz .So I would say that the IS2 and the Cromwell Berlin were the first tanks that followed WG’s new premium tank doctrine. The Cromwell B is better than the Cromwell because it has the same stats and earns money. The IS2 is better than the IS because it earns money and has better armour.

  49. XxThe Destroyer xX

    Tip:Don’t speak too much again

  50. Forza Enthusiast

    Please do the super perishing!

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