World of Tanks || Pz. II Ausf. J – is it Worth it?

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Today I’m going review ludicrously priced and totally overpowered T3 premium German light tank the !

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  1. i thinks this is a cool tank

  2. 0:12 Your pronunciation was almost perfect. Only the last letter was not
    correct. The proper pronunciation would have been the following:
    In Germany, we even help our kids learn the proper pronunciation with a
    song. You may know it: It is Three Chinese with the contrabass (Drei
    Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass).
    I hope that you will keep trying to learn the german pronounciation.
    🙂 I hope my english was not terrible at all ^^

  3. hm camping ALL game in a corner with an OP tank, first watching his team
    die and then playing the hero?? pls give him a reward tank too, I mean he
    really deserves it…………………

  4. Deja Vu?

  5. And then u have that kind of player, who play camping like that on high
    tier, watch how his team dying.

  6. I see you read my comment on your pz 2 j video a month back ^^

  7. Is the tank worth 100 dollars no… but your basically buying 100 dollars
    of gold and getting it for free.. so IF you wanted to buy gold then it be
    good deal……. or premium time in 1 lump some.. sadly its not for us

  8. i have noticed ft-ac’s get stuck like that quite a lot

  9. I have been stuck as he was…. It’s unbelievable , nothing there , no
    rocks , no obstacle , the tank just lean a bit to left or right and you’re
    bein’ stuck in mid air …

  10. eerrr what that tank has meet tier 5 tanks i remember a jingles video of
    tier 5;s hiding behind this thing because it has so much armour. although
    that may have been a platoon battle

  11. Super fun tank. Completly broken. But super fun

  12. He used the house on the end of the map, because if he didn’t probably the
    enemys will shoot him at the side, and he can be an easy target if the Pz
    II J’s turret traverse is worst.

  13. Utter scumbag, waited for his team to die and then padded stats.

  14. Poor pz II ausf. j, can be 1 shotted by an hetzer, using heat/ap (heat
    round for blitz, because it have 360 hp in blitz)

  15. If the AMX38 just blocks the 2J in it’s corner, they win by cap…

  16. I play on the xbox and I got this tank for free, it was just in my garage
    and I didn’t even play it until I saw a video on it, you see 1 every now
    and again when you play lower tiers but to be honest the very few times I
    do I always end up in tier 4 games, I think because I am an experienced
    player the match maker which is different to the pc does its best to ensure
    I don’t go seal clubbing lol

  17. The reason to buy this bundle should be the gold, not the tank… it does
    not really worth it

    I don’t know how much cost regular 30k gold package, but i guess, that if
    you decide you need 30k gold, the Pz II J is a nice bonus.

    Btw, just wonder – How the F he could get those medals at tier 3..
    Shouldn’t the epic medals (Kolobanov, R-W, Pool, etc) be available from

  18. pay2win at it’s finest

  19. Seal clubbing 101

  20. Do this series for the T26E4 next please!

  21. That place where te France tank did get on 1 trak you can’t com out i als
    did get on 1 trak there and no way you get out of it the france td tanks on
    lower tier have that problem

  22. what a shit person plays that tank with premium ammo…. a loser

  23. maybe the 30500 gold is so you can afford to shoot the gun?

  24. wtf did i just watch?! LOL

  25. Seal Clubbing at its finest

  26. Who i can send you my Replays ?

  27. well I use a 100 prem-shells max on my IIJ. It’s overpowered enough for me
    there is no reason for shooting gold, ofc you don’t to epic dmg with it but
    I still enjoy it to make credits in it :)

  28. It looks like a Luchs shagged a monster truck.

  29. This tank is disgusting. They should ban it or elevate it to tier 4 or
    remove pref match making.

  30. It is a fun tank but ammocosts are ridiculous / gun is terrible and first
    thing other players will do is load premium ammo and kill you without any

  31. So this is how you buy medals in WoT.

  32. They should have just boxed him in to the corner died, and then capped. The
    PZ IIJ wouldn’t have been able to push the wrecks out of the way.

  33. looooooooooooooooooool

  34. Looking at this garbage of a fight I wonder what impression a new player
    gets of the game after being in a fight like that. Why the fuck is WG
    encouraging this shit? Is 100 euros that important to them?

  35. definitely going to be worse for the lower tiers, i dont know why WarGaming
    is being so stupid with this hole new tank, its just like what we are
    dealing with the E 25’s except the new players have to deal with this sh*t.
    Wargaming needs to think about the Gamers and stop thinking about making

    But that is my Opinion, its a harsh world out there, and maybe they need
    the money for some kind of project that will make everyone feel happier,
    maybe fix the MM of the game..

  36. Only time i met this tank was when i was driving a Renault UE 57.. he cried
    like a little ****. Why buy this, when you can have PZ I C :D

  37. Had the same situation like the FT-AC, on Sand River with a KV-1. Terrible
    and embarassing…

  38. Do a tank review on the Alecto. Tier 4 British TD I think

  39. I would’ve loved to see the chat in that game.

  40. God WoT is so broken. If you´re gonna put this thing for sale again,
    allowing it to play against mostly brand new players, at least fucking nerf
    it WG.

  41. the bundle that this tank came out with in the asia server is the tank, 10k
    gold and 180 days of premium

  42. different region servers sell different stuff daily. this tank came out for
    Asia a few days ago

  43. amx40 a.k.a Duck tank is much worth than this tank

  44. i have met an pz II J
    they are totaly overpowerd for tier 3
    but not tier 4

  45. On blitz it was sold for 15 bucks with 4500 gold during black friday

  46. On blitz it was sold for 15 bucks with 4500 gold during black friday

  47. This needs to be removed A.S.A.P.

  48. Fair and balanced Comrades!

  49. Whoa it has better armor than a DW 2 and Pz IV!

    Crafty Germans

  50. On the X1 I have played about 50 matches and NEVER got top tier with the pz
    || j

  51. I waited all through work to watch this video and it’s this pos tier 3
    troll ? dafuq .

  52. That was one of the most ridiculous things I have seen in WOT.

  53. T-70 destroys this tank

  54. It just a stat padding poofters tank that has no place in the game.100
    pounds for a pixel tank,wg you are so silly

  55. wait
    province still exists? :O

  56. i think premium tanks lower than 5 or 6 aren’t worth it correct me if i am

  57. Great, NA gets the ugly ass BT SV and the EU get the badass Pz II ausf J.
    Yes I know about the the amazing sloping but come on, you can’t tell me
    that the BT SV is prettier than the PZ II ausf J.

  58. A super unicrumb at tier 3. lmao. Seriously dude stop seal clubbing and
    beating up new people trying to learn the game. PZ II J is seriously
    overpowered at tier 3 but it doesn’t last long in tier 4 matches. A lot of
    units can pen it and not get damaged in return by a PZ IIJ. But a trainer
    is a trainer.

  59. Tom “Tex” Walker

    It’s a pretty disgusting replay to use if i’m honest. 1700 games in a pz2j
    – a clearly bad player stat padding. People like that are the reason people
    dont get into f2p titles.

  60. Does anyone know the title to the vid jingles uploaded with two Pz IIj s? I
    must watch it again!

  61. Believe me. Once you break the physics, they stay broken

  62. Spoiler: Nope.
    Especially when you consider modern matchmaking will put it against people
    who tend have a few rounds of APCR handy *just* for the occasion that they
    roll up on some poor idiot in a $110 tank. Thicker-skinned tanks like
    T-127s and anything with a 2pdr *love* feasting on these things.

    Spend your money on Christmas presents or something, don’t encourage WG or
    they’ll simply pump out more of this sort of crap.

  63. Not worth it, sure all you see on youtube is these videos of them getting
    10+ kills, but, if you have 1 skilled player on the enemy team that knows
    how to aim you will be fucked in a matter of seconds.

  64. I like blitz because premium vehicles are cheaper and you don’t have to
    purchase every module. There are other reasons, but those are the main 2

  65. balanced tanks are balanced……

  66. At the beginning of the match, he wasn’t just positioning his tank… he
    was waiting to see if his team would all die without a significant amount
    of kills, so he could go on this rampage. Not cool.


  68. when i have payed in this tank it gets tracked in every close combat…did
    not happen here though??……………marty

  69. Black90 I AM GAMERZ :D

    what a monster!!

  70. purely pay to win WG. how much more in your face could this be?

  71. Oh WG, you certainly have a sense of humor. Hopefully these won’t deter too
    many new players.

  72. I’ve seen this tank as a rare tank before. And it’s fun to play it once in
    a while. I’m not paying more ten 10 euro’s for it. But as I am getting 100
    euro’s out for 30k gold within a month anyway. Why not pick this tank up as
    a free extra. Thanks for the tip. I almost did not get it, because I missed
    the gold aspect

  73. That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen… Of all time!

  74. I thought that Province was removed and replaced with Mitten what’s it
    called, or Mittenbowl to many?

  75. I thought they removed province +QuickyBabyTV

  76. Why is it not available on the NA server? And is province still a map on NA
    server as well????

  77. This thing doesnt damage the lower tiers.

    Now, shoving newbies into Mittengard and then Himmelsdorf to face the Jap
    Whales once they hit T4… Different story.

  78. this tank was just on sale on the NA server for Blitz. 15 bucks. It was one
    of four tanks on sale, the others were the KV-5, BTSV and the M-22 Locust.
    I chose the btsv, lol

  79. I completely forgot about province lol

  80. its looks like heavy tanks

  81. One of the best Troll videos of all time on Quickybaby’s replays.

  82. One of the best Troll videos of all time on Quickybaby’s replays.

  83. oh hey this tank reminds me of a tier 4 what was it…. oh ya the amx 40

  84. well, luckily i always skip tier I-III by using free exp, i met this
    machine few days ago but i’m on matilda… so not a problem :3

  85. This is fair and promoted but rigging for a free T22 isnt.

  86. Hungarian :D

  87. I NEVER saw a Tier II/III Match with this tank. Only Tier IV/III and every
    one who saw this tank shoots immediatly gold.

  88. Killing this tank was my most memorable kill. It was fairly wounded and it
    was 4 vs 1. T82 (the old TD version) that I assume lost connection and then
    me and my platoon mates in Pz1Cs and one at a time we went full speed and
    rammed him. Of course each of us died we had no clue how damn heavy that
    thing was, but the final ram killed him and the afk T82 won the game for

  89. should have just blocked her in the corner and capped

  90. 1. It’s not sold on the NA server
    2. I need to spend that money on xmas gifts not a tank on a dying server.

  91. Hope they sell the SU-76i so I can club these things.They’re like little

  92. Nice disinformation here, sir. Advise people to buy an overpriced (to say
    the least …) and overhyped tank, then have people realize that it’s utter
    shit when they get raped by TDs.

    This game is one in a million, stop dreaming. I have met Pz2Js three or
    four times and they always have been non-issues, even often the first ones
    to die.
    I’m really disappointed that you are actually advertising this PoS. That,
    and your clicker videos, what have you become ?

    WG money has no odor, I guess.

  93. the same thing happend to me in the ft ac hahah province is buged or smth

  94. Bring the weakspot back, so even if its only experienced players, at least
    there is some way for most tanks to kill it. At the moment, about 90% of
    tanks should just turn round and run away if you see this thing lumbering
    towards you. At tier 3 at least

  95. Probably shouldn’t be able to get the 14 kill medal until like T5 lol

  96. I’m sure I’ve seen this video on your Chanel before? Or am I experiencing
    some mad de ja vu

  97. put this thing into a tier 4 game and you’ll realise that the “overpowered”
    term is kinda bullshit, and overused. Hell, there are a good number of tier
    3 vehicles that can pen this thing whilst in return it has to load gold to
    pen most tanks even at tier 3.


  99. Spoiler alert: deez nuts

  100. wow worth it!!

  101. This light tank plays the “HT” role better than the Type 91

  102. cant find this tank for bay,help me pleas

  103. not worth it.

  104. sigh and this is why wot has a problem….

  105. the enemies must be raging

  106. Totallly ruin T3 battles NO tank at T3 can Pen even its rear realiably what
    a is a bad joke WG do something like nerf at least rear to like 30mm but
    buff speed a tiny bit.

  107. Is QB uploading daily now?

  108. This “Advent calendar” aka “Cashcow calendar” has been absolutely
    ridicouless so far. I think the only bundle that had a decent price tag on
    it so far was the one for the AMX CDC and now they seriously sell this
    little crap again? I wouldnt even be surprised anymore if they put a
    similiar Type 59 bundle out there soon.

  109. bad game… dont play it…

  110. a light tank has the best armor? that’s preposterous

  111. I’d buy it cause it gives a lot of gold to spend on prem time, tanks and
    free Xp

  112. I’m pretty sure people would want a Raisainei’s medal before a Kolobanov’s,
    QB. You just sorta swept that whole 14 kills to the side.

  113. combined with the m44 replay of last week, this has to be one of the most
    pathetic games I have ever seen… but then again, if you manage only
    40ish% winrate on all your T10 tanks, you gotta play like this …

  114. I’ve seen the Grille get stuck up on one track like that a couple of times
    – once mine. There seems to be absolutely no way to get yourself free.

  115. This tank is literally pay to win. First the cost of the tank and secondly
    the cost of all those premium shells if you win you’ve definitely paid for
    it and will have to every time.

  116. idk but when played ft ac i got it stuck every where just like that and its
    really easy, when new physics comes and u can flip tanks over –> whit ft
    ac u only need to start engine and its already upside down 😉 some bug on
    that tank or something :O

  117. No, it’s really not worth it. It’s very novel, but not for the average

    I play on xbox and we still have the hatch weak spot, also, our mm is
    weighted to where there’s maybe a 1% chance you get top tier.

  118. I got one for free on xbox haha

  119. How too choose if you should buy the Pz. II Ausf. J

    1) Reconsider.

  120. what happened is he almost fell over and stopped half way. I had this
    happen in my M3 lee.

  121. its worth it if u like killing noobs and losing credits but in the end ur
    not really buying the tank ur buying gold where it is a bonus package

  122. why are you featuring this basically exploitative gameplay? This is like
    championing people who are cheating, caring nothing for their own team but
    the stats of their own personal account?

  123. LoLforlife Gaming "Make Create and Love it!"

    simply no to much money .
    Even in game you only shoot apcr as a support tank.

  124. I think the new Czechoslovakian tier 3, from what I remember of the preview
    of it, that will butter this thing, if I’m remembering the stats for the
    top gun of it. So play it now if you have one! 😀 lol

  125. Why did you call him “they”?

  126. Why is this shit even in the game -_- oh right, wg!

  127. its for sale on the eu server AGAIN? and not the us server? crazy

  128. It is worth it when you spend a lot of money on gold anyway and when you
    are the abolute wort seal-clubbing son of a gun around.
    Seriously, seal-clubbing and gold-spamming in one tank? It can’t get more
    rediculous, now can it?

  129. PZ II J is still weak, bad Gun and American 105mm guns at t3 can derp it
    with one shot with gold

  130. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    why cant they just sell it once time for 30 euros ?? and not alwys for 100
    in a huge pak

  131. Alisa Omerović Vasiljević

    qb Will you ever do a review of my favorite tank the Elc amx?

  132. This is why you play blitz, I picked up one of these beasts for for a
    tenner in blitz on Black Friday!

  133. Are you fucking kidding me! It’s going on sale on EU… AGAIN!!!

    And NA still hasn’t had one sale!

  134. I’d guess the 15 people on the enemy team were thinking, whats the point!!
    this is BS!! WOT sucks!! At least one out of 30 people had fun though. No
    pen is a fun factor killer for WOT. Besides good angling, I think
    everything should pen even for just 1 damage. I don’t think 1 damage is too
    much to ask for.

  135. I love it on Xbox one

  136. Why does he keep saying “they”, it’s only one person driving the tank!

  137. i would spend 140.000 credits for those medals :)

  138. pay 4 win

  139. why this shit III premium does not meet with KV1. I just played AMX 38 and
    I am asking why AMX did not get preferencial mm too? anyways, very funny

  140. I miss province and wish stupid WG stopped removing every good map in the

  141. we don’t get this tank on NA but we do get bt-sv

  142. Novelty to milk cash from people who has everything already and a way to
    milk 100 from them to make their status charts.

    Glad I play 94~105 mm derps or things with 90+ pen. Though my advice for
    the current state of my servers (US E/W) if you see this thing constantly,
    just play tier 1 for a while since matches often run 6 tanks per side after
    2-3 minutes of waiting. Steal those tier 2’s from them so they get caught
    in tier 4 matches often. A way to fight back for the new player.

  143. just a noob pay to win driving a op tank , i see no difference between
    noobs shotting him and him shotting the amx38 , all seems just noob
    shotting random and dont know what to do

  144. just a noob pay to win driving a op tank , i see no difference between
    noobs shotting him and him shotting the amx38 , all seems just noob
    shotting random and dont know what to do

  145. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    This tank should not be in the game.

  146. Anyone who plays one should tuck their penises between their legs

  147. FFS I’m never playing teir 3 ever again.

    Not dealing with Pz. II Ausf. J Ultimate Troll platoons…

  148. province is removed i think right ?

  149. The Cruiser MKI can obliterate it, it has 121 pen with APCR, and it’s a
    tier 2 tank. I’m the guy who added the “insane penetration” line on the
    wiki. Apparently people didn’t pay attention to the pen of the gun, I never
    see anyone playing this tank.

  150. Why are you talking about “them” and what “they” are doing? Are there 5
    people driving the tank at the same time?!

  151. Hell yeah! Its worth every penny!!

  152. Hero from czech!

  153. No are big NO

  154. I love it when someone not german trys to speak german 😀 #loveu<3 btw i am
    german so close there it is quicky its not close enough 😀 oh and guys
    donald trump will be forbidden to travel to UK anyone heard of it? No ...
    google it!

  155. just pick up the french h35 just as fun

  156. This tank was balanced by the same guy who created arty….

  157. This tank is OP i really want to get it! If someone have a code and dont
    usedbit pls give me it!

  158. Pz. II J, the true pay to win tank.

  159. The answer is always Yes.

  160. just get a matilda and do the same for free

  161. if there’s a skilled BT-7 Art. on the enemy team and you get a bit too
    cocky, you’re dead. simple as that.

  162. yesterday in my pz 1 c there were 8 of these in the game 5 on the enemie
    team 3 on my team what a fun game that was because the pz 1 c is 100%
    useless against a 2 J

    in the end there were 3 of em left and all other tanks were dead so i didnt
    bother shooting but just rammed him while going 92 kp/h down the hill that
    killed the bugger but we lost because i was the last tank left alive

  163. that is a bug i think, you cant get epic medals under tier 5

  164. How can something So WRONG feel So GOOD??

  165. Slow day dude?

  166. Is it even possible for this tank to pen B2 or the Mighty Duck?

  167. The XBone US server has quite a lot of these little bastard, but we have
    enough people playing T3 TD;s that they are non issue

  168. Province got removed from the game

  169. everything wrong with WoT in one video…..oh wait no arty

  170. i can buy olmost 60 liters of beer for that kind of money…

  171. Well I have FCM 36 Pak 40…and | Pz. II Ausf. J is easy pen

  172. best eqal tier tank to kill this shit.. pz 2 g with the 30 mm gun

  173. I have this tank in Blitz!

  174. WTF was that replay

  175. Ran into one of these once, Mr Smarty Pants thinking he was going to do
    just what this guy was doing. Only problem with his plan was, I was in a

  176. wow, i disagree in so many gameplay styles with this guy. Why did he dump
    his last 8 shells that far away into that renault? he could easily get

  177. Guys don’t get me wrong but…
    That tank is simply Pay2Win and has 0 to do with skill…
    This thing shoudn’t exist….

  178. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    I just realised that this thing has more frontal armor than the tier 5
    german Heavy…

  179. We really need to stop celebrating this tank, it’s just making seal
    clubbers feel good about themselves and making randoms think that it’s a
    good thing.

  180. QB,

    I don;t think that showing this kind of gameplay and promoting this tank
    adds anything positive. It;s a disgrace of a round where this guy just sat
    there waiting for his team to die. Afterwards, taking advantage of the
    ridiculous stats just buttered everyone else. How is this fun for all of
    the enemy team? they probably worked hard to kill so many and in the end
    just being denied a rightful victory because gold noob.

    I’m sorry but this video is just disappointing. You will have a big dislike
    from me and a promise that if this kind of toxic content doesn’t stop, i
    will unsubscribe from the channel without any regrets.

  181. wow an replay from patch 8.11 good old times :)

  182. pz iij 99EU
    ammo 140k creds
    14 kills game: priceless!

  183. Not worth it, I am glad it actually is that expensive otherwise you would
    encounter it alot more often in low tier battles.

  184. Why isnt it on the NA premium shop??????????????

  185. …Wait.
    Is that QB account?
    22,415 gold?
    Over 5 million credits and… 500k free xp?

  186. QB, do you have a Type 59? I used to fear that tank when it came out and I
    was wondering if its still worth playing. Would you consider doing a 59

  187. Geometry Dash IHateWaves

    yes, of course its worth it 😀
    But the price is so unfair! 100€ for a very rear tier 3 (!!!) and 30k gold
    (30k gold is available the whole year)!!!!

  188. MY SU-76I approves you all get the PzIIJ

  189. Hey QB, I really want to see new Heartbreak replays !

  190. I saw the title……..didn’t even watch the vid……..the aswer is no

  191. Hey QB, I really want to see new Heartbreak replays !

  192. Hey QB, I really want to see new Heartbreak replays !

  193. Sorry but for a virtual piece of crud you can buy lots of other A type
    games defo not worth the cash being as others can use gold and pen

  194. please be the amx m4 1949 soon T_T ! (or the m56 scorpion :3)

    ps: that pz II j is s so troll but not worth it xD

  195. that happened to me too
    i got stuck

  196. such a hilarious replay

  197. is it worth it NO xD

  198. I bought it last year they sold it for a special, defo worth it

  199. I have that tank on my world of tanks blitz account

  200. You have already done a video on this ?

  201. I had a game in my H35 and i blocked over 4000 Hp of damage, sadly i lost
    the replay.

  202. Hey QB, you spelled Raseiniai wrong. As lithuanian, i heard Razeiniai 😀
    you should use google translator to spell that word for you :)

  203. i never saw the tank until I had my first tier 4 tank, the Matilda so I
    thought them just as underpowered as any tier 3 tank. its armour is
    invincible to such pitiful weapons as those carried by the pz II J, and its
    gun is more than a match for even well angled 80mm armour.

  204. Ahhh my pz2j, i love it so much 🙂 province was extra with it, now i can’t
    :'( snif

  205. Thys battle been in faja77

  206. Do not want. Wish they’d bring in a t7/8 German LT premium for crew
    training; maybe the Auf Panther?

  207. Why wouldnt you get closer to the FT in that game? not like it could hurt
    you effectively

  208. Thanks for spreading disease.

    This playstyle is pathetic and so is promoting it by showing & approving of
    you could have shown the tanks abilities with a different, ‘proper’ replay
    but went for ‘show factor’, despite you admitting that the playstyle is
    cheap. those 5 seconds you mentioned it for don’t relativise showcasing
    such a poor play, though.

    I don’t want to go so far as to condemn you for advertising for WG, but
    honestly, I couldn’t argue against someone claiming that. You are in no way
    critical of WG in this video. Sure, you are somewhat critical in other
    premium tank reviews, but I refer to this single one and it certainly is
    something special (out of the ordinary) considering the tank is currently
    available in the gift shop. This tank is literally throwing money at the
    screen, more so than any other freemium content in this game. Why does this
    thing get a pass?

  209. I’m a little annoyed because I was talking to one employee about this tank
    and he said there was no way they would ever be selling it, and that’s
    still true for the NA server -_-

  210. Use the French pak43 td

  211. This tank will never be worth its price considering tanks like the hetzer
    exists. he shells say “hai” little pzII j

  212. Valentine II is a much more cost-effective (and straight-up effective)
    armoured sealclubber due to its low purchase price, +0 MM, and its ability
    to actually make a profit while spamming gold ammo which itself is just
    enough to pen everything the tank meets. It’s pretty much a budget Pz.B2
    (which is better than either V2 or Pz.IIJ, and cheaper than the latter when
    it does go on sale) and I really don’t know why it isn’t more popular than
    it has remained for many years.

  213. 100€ yeah sure :)

  214. i thought you needed to be tier 4 for the “larger”medals such as kolobanov
    and Raseiniai

  215. this is infuriating can WG sell the pz2j on the na server for once and not
    the stupid bts like wtf the eu server already had the chance to buy a pz2j
    for april fools day and now again for xmas yet last xmas the na server got
    the btsv then again for halloween and now again for xmas

  216. €100 to lose money. How about that! What a bargain!

  217. …and why is the never available for NA, we only get the BT-SV

  218. I got stuck in Provinz tooo

  219. Quickybaby will you play WoT blitz?

  220. Czech players are the best 🙂 in central Europe

  221. On console this tank is so bad it just gets killed so quickly

  222. pZ 2 J, the tank taht has discouraged the most new players from progressing
    any further. GG war gaming

  223. It is almost moraly wrong what wargaming is doing here. people realy want
    this tank because of the fame it has gotten over the internet, and
    wargaming knows this and takes advantage of it. 100 euro for this tank? i
    wouldt pay 100 euro for all the tanks in the game combined. and i knew this
    was going to happend too. Not only does this tank ruin the game by beeing
    massevly owerpowerd. almost as owerpowerd as the tier 8 – 10 autoloaders in
    the game (in my opinion). Wargaming know that people wants this tank and
    bleeds us dry with no shame. I lost a lot of respect for wargaming after
    seing the calender.

    sorry for using your commentsection to voice my opinion QB. you dont have
    anything to do with this obviously.
    keep making these videos, im learning a lot and they are entertaining to
    watch. keep it up :)

  224. this is cheating xD

  225. hey quickybaby, I heard you are padding your stats in the tier 7 comet (low
    expected damage values for high wn8) and have been seen raging in battle
    chat at random pubbies making them cry?

  226. i looooovvvveeee how you Speak German its SO hilarious When you try hard to
    Sound German xD

  227. No it’s not. Can’t pen butter. And you can’t even kill low tier French
    lights. Nor is it that “rare” anymore. My SU-76I had a field day today
    bouncing form them and killing their slow mobile tanks before they could
    hide. Sure you see people brag about it and rack up 10 kills in it. But if
    there is 1 good player on the other team. You will most likely die fast.

  228. Czech flag!
    Česká vlajka!

    I’m only at max tier IV in WoT and I do like tier III tanks, but I think
    i’m in love with this German vehicle!!! :3 Can someone (please) tell me how
    much does this beast cost in the game? ;)

  230. is the btsv any good? its on for 135$ with 25000 gold

  231. That was epic!!! Thank you so much QuickyBaby I always love watching your
    videos. Keep it up!

  232. great review!! Can you do a review on the IS-3A?

  233. i want to get the kv 220-2..i missed it last year when it went on sale.
    hopefully it should be on sale for the advent

  234. Mattias van der Wal

    its 100 euros, thats way to muchh!

  235. Wait, Province is still in the game? Why do I never get it playing with
    tier 3s? It always seems to be just Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg… I really
    like that map but I have never got it the last few months.

  236. quickybaby can you feature some proper games in your next videos? I’m
    getting tired of these, first the gold firing arty, now this ridiculously
    overpowered machine

  237. You know, I’m glad it’s not on sale on the NA server.

  238. Szegény Kinga :S

  239. its like a up armored pz2 d which has the same gun

  240. 1:31
    It can also meet Crusier 2´s with their 94mm HE gun. With HEAT shells wich
    butter through the armor of the pz2j because it has 83-138mm of

  241. the physics on ft ac is a problem I have had that happen to me many times
    on province It happens in certain parts on the map

  242. @QuickyBabyTV is there anyway that you can buy me one and i can pay you

  243. quickybaby….the best tank to kill the pz2j is the valentine AT. pz cant
    pen u with gold, were as u can pen him over and over evern if he is angle

  244. I love this tank..I don’t own it but my BT-SV loves to feast upon them with
    ease… And that’s why i love them :D

  245. Totally Balanced :)

  246. I don’t want to see this tank in the NA shop lol

  247. 21:10 its damaging the balance ? HAHAHAHA No… ……………It´s only
    ripping the balance a part… …………… :/

  248. We want Proince map back!!! Most original map in game. Who is with me!?!

  249. Pz II J, meet Cruiser II. Pomk.

  250. Woooow QB you are uninformed like our Koštunica. They removed Province map
    patch ago! We want Proince map back!!! Most original map in game. Who is
    with me!?!

  251. A completely pointless tank. If you are interested in buying the large gold
    package anyway then yes it might make sense to get it now and get the tank
    in the deal but don’t otherwise. It’s only really good against noobs who
    don’t know how to handle it and it will bleed money like crazy. It’s a joke
    for a couple of games but nothing more.

  252. is he/she Czech?

  253. DJ shit! They buff it and that sucks, but my friend Washer still killing 2
    of this in avg every day in common, weak, Pz. 35(t) which is tier 2 tank :D

  254. Haven’t they removed Province last patch because it’s to campy for new

  255. That game was utterly pathetic.If you want to seal club so much,get a t-2
    light ffs.

  256. I have the best damage with pz2j, according to vbaddict, with 652 average
    dmg with more than 200 battles… Try to beat me!!!

  257. What is the point in even uploading a pzII j video?

  258. yoy are saying Raseiniai medal wrong. It is a lithuanian town that is
    spelled Ra-sei-niai. S not z

  259. Yes QB it really is. Good video also

  260. What’s that mod where it shows you what modules you damaged? I need

  261. wot is slowly dieing out. nothing new. same.ol same new content.
    hell. your doing same old reviews of tanks you already did two times
    atleast. no patches did not drasticly change their gameplay. i have played
    21k games 1650win8. gl.

  262. I have one of these tanks, and I can tell you it is not worth it. Sure you
    can get monster games like this, but out of the 178 games I have played in
    it, I have never gotten one of these matches. There are three ways the
    average match can go in this. 1. You try to keep up with your team, but
    your to slow to, you might get a kill, and then your team wins for you. 2.
    You get tier 4 and get completely wrecked. Or 3. If your lucky your team on
    your flank suck, you get at most a top gun a bill for 100000 silver, then
    go grind out some more money so you can play it. Not really worth it to

  263. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Oh and btw QB, the pz. II J is not the most expensive tank in the game, the
    most expensive tank is the Golden type-59 sold in the Chinese server for
    3888 RMB, i.e. 551.97 Euro in today’s currency rate.
    In the world of pay2win, Chinese server always wins :)

  264. TheMinecraftHoarder

    I really hope this deal does NOT go on sale on the NA sever…

  265. He blocked 4 700 damage? Damn, I struggle to get that amount in the

  266. I thought province was gone everywhere for every tier?

  267. Extraordinary Gentlemen

    2 years later and still didnt solve the wheelie problem of the
    FT-AC…..Btw wiggling doesnt help he is stuck.

  268. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    This is probably the one single tank in this game that is truly, 100%,
    pay2win, you pay to get the tank, then pay to play the tank, it’s the, one,
    tank, that WG use to earn a huge amount of money from insanely rich

  269. Remember, WoT is not P2W.

  270. Wargaming’s way to make new players quit in disgust.

  271. but you get a lot of gold with it right

  272. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    the literal embodiment of balance no ? :)

  273. If this thing faces a Matilda, just forget it you have no hope of beating

  274. Karolis Dobrovolskis

    razeiniai :DDDD you spell the ‘s’ like a normal s, for example ‘ sun’ and
    you spell e, spell it with your mouth as wide as possible to have an idea
    how it sounds. nou you are ready to say Raseiniai :D

  275. Technically the tank is free – you’re still paying for that 30k gold.

  276. Pre-video answer: No :D

  277. This tanks costs 100€ but you get the 30500 gold+1 slot too so its like you
    bought 30500 gold and you got this tank+1 slot for free… So because its 1
    of the most troll tanks in the game i think its worth it (if you have the
    money for it).

  278. thankfully it’s in an inflated price bundle

  279. Premium premium premium Premium premium premium Premium premium premium

  280. Province is no longer in the game at all *sniff*
    Instead they insist on the horrible Mittengard map which truly sucks.

  281. so this tank is perfect to become blue? wn8-wise

  282. The thing shoots money.

  283. This makes me moist

  284. same video again

  285. @Quickybaby
    0:13 How many attempts you needed to speak it cleanly? ^^ You have much
    talents, and your german is very good for an english speaking people (;
    Greetings from germany!

  286. Mini Maus-souris-mouse-egér-mysz

  287. lucifer cerverus krianka

    Soooo not as cute as the locust ir pz 1c

  288. What happens when two Pzkw. IIJ fight 1 vs 1 ?

  289. Would be nice to see one offered on the NA server.

  290. I have it on xbox and tbh I don’t think its worth it I got it for free and
    I don’t enjoy playing it slow and can’t pen only keeping it because its
    really rare

  291. QB will do t34 American heavy is it worth it?

  292. Oh no QB! Oh, no! SHAME, SHAME. You’ll have to take a shower again! RING
    ring ring

  293. sweet I got this tank for free. thanks war gaming

  294. Hello QB. Im very sorry that you and many others missunderstood my feedback
    in you last video about the WZ-132. Im a WoT play from QSF-S. I love your
    videos, im always leaving a like and im watching and did watch every single
    one of your videos. But i cant leave feedback without getting
    misunderstood, hated and insulted so i wont give any anymore. Im sry… it
    especially hurts because i was always and i will always be one of your most
    reliable subscribers and i cant even speak out my own opinion. Great video
    and good job. I hope thats at least something i can say!

  295. I live every single replay you do quikybaby!

  296. 66th like!

  297. here we have total goldspitter sealclubber faggot what costs 90€ with that
    stupid package!

  298. This thing went on sale in World of Tanks Blitz along with the BT SV.
    However unlike in PC, it only cost £10.99 which i think is worth it as you
    get loads of gold along with it.

  299. I met this thing once and in my SU-85B. That was no problem.

  300. Wargaming money grab, pathetic, shameless

  301. yes it is worth it! ;3

  302. woo, under 300+ club!

  303. its cool and worth it if you are a low tier tanker

  304. Do you want to lose 20k silver every match in a premium tank that costs 100
    euros… Well look no further, its the PZ II J… *wink*

  305. I dont believe its worth it. IMO many tanks cancdo just aswell but it
    always comes down to your own personal skill level.

  306. Short Answer no

    Long Answer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  307. a number :))

  308. What do you think of the Pz. II Ausf. J? Is it worth it?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  309. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming

    First haha

  310. Right from stream

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