World of Tanks || Pz. II Ausf. J – SHAME

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Today I’m going the ludicrously priced and totally overpowered T3 premium German light tank the Pz. II Ausf. J! And wash myself of the shame after…

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.

A Turn for the Worse – Sadness by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. Call out everyone that bought the 100€ package as idiot – wow, such a sad
    example of research.. The price you mentioned may be correctly, but the
    package was the normal 30.500 Gold package for 99.99€, as an aprils joke
    you got the tank + a garage slot for free.
    So, if you would have bought gold or a few month of subscription anyways,
    this way you just got a big seal-clubbing tank for free on top of it

  2. Totally agree with you QB and hilarious ending. Kudos

  3. Go to World Of Tanks Hell. Baddd Quickybaby

  4. this little clip on the end was gold, i love ur vids qb

  5. So, QB actually took a bath…

  6. i really liked that one 😀 Wash your hands in shame you filthy dirty
    polltank-bi**h :D

  7. Well this tank is OP only if enemy are stupid but when i grinded my jap
    heavy line there were 20-40 k games players playing Hetzers,Marder 38 t and
    i guess if one or more of them were in this match pz 2 j wouldnt be such
    OP.That would be awesome because we could get to see Unicums vs QB. :P

  8. Stroopwafels

  9. Wait.. why have i seen this footage before? Is it a reupload?

  10. was it worth buying at the 1. of april? i’ll say yes, (blame me) because if
    you remember, you technically bought the gold, and the pz2j was a bonus for
    that, i might not take it out that often, but it is very nice to have in my
    collection, and i love it to death because of the monstrosity it is.

  11. lol the best of all times

  12. 80 milimeter ????!!!

  13. ‫רותם תוהמי‬‎

    ohhh my word… you are absolutly genius… its sooo funny

  14. Nice vid as always!

    My birthday yesterday Quickybaby :)

  15. I bought the 100 euro bundle with the pz2j, hardly use it at all. But the
    thing is that the bundle was for the gold, and the free pz2j and garage
    slot was just an added bonus.
    I know you probably don’t have to worry about gold or premium time, but for
    the rest of us spending a good amount of time here the gold bundled was
    more than enough for 1 year of premium (especially if you wait for the 15%
    disscount on 6months renewal) for roughly the same amount of money as just
    the 1 year of premium alone.

    So I’d argue that if you actually do play with a premium account for a year
    and did NOT get the bundle, you would have to be a raging idiot… Well
    either that or a famous streamer that gets gold gifted to him all the time

  16. Hahaha, you crazy dude ;)

  17. lol wash myself of the shame haha

  18. what a ending, in my mind i tryed to justify his handling but The ending OH

  19. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Yeah, go wash off that SHAME QB.

  20. Give that man an Oscar!

  21. Play e3 kemp bush and fire full APCR :3

  22. anyone who bought this tank is simply just a retard.

  23. I see you watch Game of Thrones :D

  24. Now I will ever watch the end of your video.

  25. Look my channel too

  26. Mr. Puertorican007

    Lol that ending

  27. No words Only dreams.

    That ending. xD

  28. Hahahah great video

  29. That ending was AWESOME!!

  30. I have been recommend to play world of tanks to post on my YouTube channel
    (Hazard_MJ) is it worth it???

  31. you made the shame files lol nice 1 :)

  32. hahahaah shame on you >:v

  33. That was a surprise ending…. Totally through me off

  34. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Is it me or was there a PZ II J on the enemy team as well…

  35. Jack Clark (Jackarooneyroo)

    That ending though… This is why so many people love ya QB! Great
    gameplay, lots of excellent tips and, and as per usual, tons of
    entertainment. Thank you!

  36. what does the green dots mean on the map

  37. “Some say, QuickyBaby is still washing himself” ;)

  38. lmao. there isn’t enough soap and water to cleanse the shame.

  39. ??? that ending of the video lmao

  40. That was a great Video watching you play it on stream was funny..i have too
    say the ending of the video was my favorite…dirty QB….lol.!

  41. That face at 11:21 :P

  42. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    It was put on the SEA server as well for I think a day if not more, I
    picked it up for around 3300 thb (100 USD). I don’t remember the day, maybe
    April fools or so?

  43. loll SHAME!

  44. lmao thanks.

  45. I got this on wot blitz as part of a “blitz madness” thing. Basically a
    tournament like march madness but with tanks. It was the top 100 exp games
    in a variety of tier 5 tanks that started out with 8 tanks. Came down to
    the m4 Sherman and the t69 which is still the old designation of t49 I
    think. I got top 100 in the m4 and won it.

  46. LMAO. You’re a funny guy. Shame on you. Wash that filth off.

  47. What happens if each team has one Pz II J left at the end..

  48. A few of my friends were war boys, and their father was immortal joe. It
    was awesome.

  49. too funny

  50. I’d buy this tank just to do the following:
    Camp at base
    Let team die
    Enemy team comes to you
    They can’t penetrate you, so they are forced to try and cap
    Because you’re near cap, you just shoot their tracks and keep on resetting
    It’s a long and painful draw for the enemy

  51. “world of tanks hell”
    you shall be condemmed to play nothing but the test servers with angry
    russians oh and you won’t get free credits to spam gold

  52. 6005899999 Me again-1

    I love this tank

  53. that ending just made my day…. xD

    but seriously i own one of these boxtanks and after 2-5 games its not fun
    to play anymore because you just cant die against unexpierenced lowtier

  54. Omg QB stoop
    Ur making me feel sad

  55. Shit
    That’s a lot

  56. What about the Pz 38H
    It’s just like that
    But with better penetration

  57. lol nice ending

  58. WORLD OF TANKS HELL!!! ^_^ Don’t like it sell it, and redeem yourself.

  59. So laugh there great scenario QB !?

  60. So you’re not just a Dirtbag so a Mudbag as well…. LOL great ending

  61. Wahahahahahahahaha do more of this

  62. lol man when you said you are “going to hell for doing this” it was soooooo
    unreal, even if kim kardashian would sound more genuine than you do 😀
    admit it you enjoyed it :D

  63. That was a great vid

  64. Васил Димитров

    Wtf xD

  65. so you win a like for the ending ahaha ! nice vid QB

  66. you sicken me. . . . . .

  67. Saw this during his live stream, good times…

  68. soo funny! awesome video QB really enjoyed it and made me Smile :-)

  69. In the end you say that tank was 100€ but thats not true cause it cost
    99.99€ and what did you get with that was tank it self and garage slot and
    30,500 gold so you forgot that 30500 gold

  70. dont forget to wash the twig and berries.

  71. WoT = pay to win, thank god armored warfare actually LISTENS to their
    player base. Good luck WG i hope u go bankrupt ;)

  72. it was essentially a free tank cos it got bundled with the same amount of
    gold you’d normally pay €100 for. same deal as the Pz1V hydro which i also
    bought and which overall is more fun to play than the IIJ with its awful

  73. Well, I never thought I’d see QB in the shower…

  74. Lol the ending was dramatic

  75. So Quicky… Do you not have shower curtains? :o

  76. Damn that ending. Now I have to like this video… Shame. ^-^

  77. I got it on my Xbox 360 from buying Xbox live from the wot garage and I got
    this for free lol

  78. Oh QB…you’re a riot!

  79. wallet warrior…hehe:-)

  80. LOLZ!!! What a great sense of humor….that’s why we like the QB….

  81. Alexander kjellberg


  82. I feel dirty just watching this.the shame the shame!!!!

  83. Haha QB, awesome ending, you goldnoob! Cheers!

  84. yes, wash yourself and repent! 😛 great vid QB

  85. over doing it on the trying to be funny

  86. Then i am a rageing idiot 😀

  87. Can u add the enemy gun shell fire thing in your mod pack?

  88. laughed my ass off at the ending ttly unexpected

  89. hát… mit is mondjak. a pz ii j a LEGSZARABB, LEGHASZNÁLHATATLANABB tank a
    játékban. ennél még a Löwe is jobb, pedig az már nagy szó! hogy mért is
    gondolom ezt? egyszerű: lassú az ágyú tier2-ben is egy rakat szar, ott id
    csak gold lőszerrel lehet használni( pl: pz iid), ezen felül a páncélja is
    szar. vegyük csak át: 80mm. de SEMMI DÖNTÉS NINCS RAJTA TEHÁT ~85mm
    átütéssel szarrá fingatod az “páncélját”. akkor ér valamit is ez a tank ha
    az ellenfél retardált, vagy ha gépágyús fostalicskák vannak az ellenfél
    csapatában. 100€ (~30000 ft) túl sok érte. a reális ár ezért a szarért kb.
    0 ft (gyengébbek kedvéért 0€)

  90. the ending was hilarious^^

  91. IT was actually availiable on EU a couple of months ago for a day or so
    with a 100€ package.

  92. you are wicked bad bad boy

  93. Hahahahaha QB your Ending. Love it :DD

  94. On console edition the pz II J is a joke, in the sense it’s really stupid
    and easy to kill it. Also the console edition gives you the Pz II J for
    free when you downlod the game and the initial update. So it’s a common
    tank in WoT console.

  95. Dorus Coppens (PlayGamesNL)

    Genius hahaha love your vids quiky ???

  96. dat ending

    now this is someone taking the game seriously!

  97. It was a hundred Euros for 30k Gold and the IIJ.

  98. Water is not enough to clean you from that. You need a shower of
    hydrochloric acid to get rid of all that dirt. :-P

  99. I remember watching this on the live stream, it was funny af

  100. shame pzIIjer lolol

  101. Stop playing this dick tickler tank!!!!

  102. you dirty scum you. and good job peppy

  103. omg that GoT ending

  104. The end was best

  105. fcm pak40 can rape this box tank 😉 fcm cost me about 300 gold on sale :D

  106. this tank is a must have for all you rainbows

  107. Wow that ending tho LOL

  108. I think that was a bit of over kill lol

  109. henrik berg pedersen

    lol you are great :)

  110. I don’t believe qb has paid his penance for this game yet. Your six game in
    the Japanese OW NO are waiting ! :)

  111. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    That ending….

  112. I watched this live :)

  113. best ending ever

  114. Next patch Pz III J gun nerf
    The commander will just pop the hatch and fire off his lüger at enemy tanks

  115. And as always thank you so much for as watching, you’ve been epic, and
    hopfully – I’ll see you soon!

  116. It was also on the christmas calender sale last year.

  117. Funny vid!

  118. Oh QB thanks for the laugh!


  120. Someone’s watching Game of Thrones :))

  121. massive penetration hetzer ?? 63 op

  122. i laughed hard on the ending 😀 :D

  123. BEST EVER !!!!

  124. The console version has a much easier way to get the II J, you just renew
    Gold through the game.

  125. On HE DMG – there is actually a formula for it, just few know it. If a HE
    round does not penetrate, it gets it’s dmg calculated, divided by 2 and
    then armour thickness is subtracted from it. So for a 105 mm shot from Pz
    sfl IV b:
    (410/2)-80=125 dmg. Now this is obviously with 25% rng, and tracks and any
    less qrmoured/space armoured parts make a difference, but he should take
    around this much from a direct hit on his front.
    And for the 25 mm plate, and standard 75 mm he that does 175 dmg =
    (175/2)-25=32 dmg
    For lower calibers… 40 mm guns have 60 HE dmg. 60/2-25=5 dmg
    So you might just do a tiny bit. If you don’t hit any spaced armour,
    tracks, gun, other parts. And you will only need 54 hits like that in your
    cruiser 4. Yay! You probably fire less during the whole battle. On the
    other hand, had he not been spamming gold, he would have trouble with your
    Also, if you are shooting HE in a cruiser IV, you are a bloody noob. Load
    AP, get around the side and pen 50% of your shots.

  126. Nice german pronounciation QB!

  127. Ding ding ding SHAME!

  128. rofl. amazing ending.:) you wash off that shame you dirty dirty little
    tanker ;)

  129. What the world!? U are Shame this time~~

  130. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    LOL.. yeah… liked the video, especially the penance…

  131. Quicky scumbag ?

  132. Lol, tank was free, mate, you paid for the gold.

  133. Best video on Youtube. I love you QB<3

  134. Shame on you Quicky!!

  135. Poor QB. since he is able to troll almost every game no matter what tank he
    is driving, I’m sure the bell is tolling often. You’re a good sport QB.

  136. Send him to the salt mines.

  137. Haha that was really funny

  138. xD I will buy it some day. I will. It still must be fun ;P

  139. Loved that ending

  140. #goldnoob

  141. Lol that ending. Shame on you!

  142. I was so damn confused why that hetzer wasn’t turning, WG and their damn
    replay bugs.

  143. SHAME! That end ?

  144. hahaha i love my PZ II J, but i don’t use gold ammo, i use the armor to
    push so i get shot, and my allies can follow and get shots, lol at the end
    of the video 😀 +1

  145. SHAME (dont forget to wash your body) ;)

  146. It was a good show but my questions where is the shower head or is that
    setup just so uk thing

  147. good warning:) ty

  148. Shame indeed

  149. Did you learned German? Maybe in school?
    Greetings from Germany. LG Colin

  150. Priceless ending ^^

  151. Lets put the Luchs’ gun on this monster!


  153. dat end :DDD

  154. SHAME!

  155. OMG 😀 (#GoT)

  156. fuck off you and your premium op tank

  157. Lmao, best ending ever.

  158. Shame!

  159. I got him, I am an RAGING IDIOT by your standards…

    But the FUN FACTOR is worth all the money….

  160. Hi QB. That end was soooooo amazing!!! :)

  161. Yesterday i’ve been The Joker (The Heath Ledger version)

  162. Best ending ever ??

  163. Pz II J vs AMX 40… If this happens just scramble for the enemy cap, you
    can’t pen each other even with gold, and you are too slow to ram each

  164. WN8 10 568-super Unicum, the hell does that mean?

  165. lol very good end

  166. LOL !! You pillock !! What a brilliant video.

  167. ROFLMAO Quicky

  168. that ending :D

  169. I don’t get the ending

  170. I have this nice thing :)

  171. more SHAME!!!!!?

  172. I think I will unsubscribe this channel

  173. bet ya that ya had fun at the end of the video there

  174. I am one of those raging idiots who spent £80 on the Pz II J, and I can say
    I have no regrets. Load up full gold and stomp all the pubbies in this
    super fair and balanced tank. Lose 60k per game while doing it, but the
    hilarity that ensues game after game is totally worth it. Also bought the
    BT-SV before for another £80. Wallet warriors, unite!

  175. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    really are people really that bad that they dont even know how to pen a
    pz2j???get your self a valentine AT with its top gun you can pen the pz2j
    even if he angles the armor were as even when pz2j is shooting gold he cant
    pen the valentine AT armor yeah the gun sheild isnt that good but you can
    angle that to when shooting. trust me the cheapest way to kill a pz2j is
    just using the valentine AT. I killed 2 pz2js in one engagment taking no
    penetrating hits from them. best thing is you dont even need gold rounds to
    pen pz2j.


  176. The cruiser II can 2 hit it with normal HE and 1 shot it with heat

  177. can still pen a Hellcat

  178. SHAME!!!

  179. that ending, xDDD

  180. I’m a raging idiot lol.

  181. Gary van der Merwe

    Wish I heard your advice before I bought this.

  182. If I had sumitted this replay for the 300K competition, how many million
    golds would I have to pay as a reward for being such a scrub?

  183. Omg that ending was mental…. i can imagine the face peppy had when Qb was
    washing his sins….. :)) glorious :3 :3

  184. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    i love the end of this video ! do stuff like that more often ;)

  185. Bad Quicky, that Hetzer is probably traumatized by a Pz.II J by now..
    Still, i laughed my bloody arse at the ending though..

  186. That ending tho

  187. lmao ending was hilarious

  188. Shame!

  189. Can you really consider that thing a “light” tank?

  190. lol

  191. Blighty_SlowReflexes

    I can get audio but not video on this replay. The ad plays fine, other
    replays are fine. Don’t know why.

  192. I got this tank at gamescom 2012. Until it is on sale this Tank was

  193. I disagree that this thing is a seal clubber. This thing gets will never
    see below tier 4 games, and tier 4s destroy it. My experience is on
    Xbox360, of course.

  194. gonna need some bleach in that tub to wash away your sins

  195. Good gameplay >>> many kills or damage. There were some disappointing
    videos lately, like this one, the KV5, the E3.
    The humour was appreciated tho.

  196. Shame on you! Loved the end :)

  197. shame…. you forgot to mention it also came with £100 of gold in the april
    1st promo too. But hey, why let reality get in the way of WG bashing.

  198. Cruiser II’s love to eat PZII-J’s

  199. U know, the Pz2J was on Shop at 99,99 €…but with 30,5K Gold?! so the Tank
    was just a Bonus…

  200. Michał J (Minto107)

    Look at zoli53(enemy arty) 18k battles 600 WN8 ??????

  201. I need to wash myself just because i watched this….

  202. Really Funny! Greets from Berlin :)

  203. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    lol that last part….

  204. Dirty dirty dirty man….repent! Repent – send us all the II Ausf. J!!!

  205. shame *bell* shame *bell* shame *bell*

  206. that end xD

  207. i actually got this for free on the Xbox 360 during the early
    beta/incomplete era , god damn i remember when there was only like 10
    lines(on xbox), 4 American, 4 German, and 2 British lines AND you could
    play on the EU server, even if you were playing with an NA account, being i
    didn’t have to deal with the shit bags on NA, god i miss those days


  209. Nice end :))

  210. They gave us these for free really early on Xbox when I still didn’t have a
    clue what I was doing… and I sold it for the garage slot. Whoops.

  211. Is the last scence based on Game of Thrones ? :)

  212. shame

  213. Cool video. Now – how about you BOTH get in the shower :)

  214. Shame on you for playing op tanks and kicking puppies like a pedobear!
    Nah not really. Cool vid keep it up!

  215. I just saw the last part of the video. I nearly died laughing.

  216. haha funny ending to the video

  217. Hopefully that shower was cold, you dirty seal clubber! ;)

  218. OMG that end was soooooooooooooooooo cool ahahahahahahah

  219. Finn Alting Siberg


  220. lol too much

  221. Hey QB i can’t upload a replay on your site do you know what i do wrong ??

  222. scumbagsealclubbingbaby

  223. The last part was funny as hell???

  224. what is better pz2j or btsv as pz2j looks op but btsv is so coool

  225. there is nothing more dirty than arty shooting gold, but then there is this

  226. GG !!!!!!!

  227. shame *ding* shame *ding* shame

  228. 8. comment! WIN! xD Nice match, GG

  229. quicky baby I love you so can you help me for our mission

  230. Any more gameplay on the Centurion?

  231. Nice lol

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