World of Tanks – Pz.II. J Domination 2 vs 8

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  1. WTF!!!!!!!! OP TANK! !!!!!!!!!

  2. Posti Movies (Posti666)

    They did NOTHING that impressed me. Anybody can do it with that tank agains
    newbies. That tank is OP. If they play in any other tank. They wouldt be
    dead long ago. Thats a “no skill tank”.

  3. Lazy l'KiiLLaxl

    Full Gold noobi

    • Felix Mustermann

      these tanks have 23mm penetration with normal shells 😉 and its a fun tank,
      a god damn not cheap fun tank

  4. how much dmg did he block?

  5. Pee zee? Seriously? It’s Panzer.

  6. I have recently won a 2(artys) vs 7 enemys with my platoonmate in a tier 5

  7. Maksymilian Reviews and Tutorials (Maksymilian Tutorials)

    Intro song?

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