World of Tanks || Pz. III K – is it Worth it?

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. Today I’m looking at a brand new the Pz. III K – it worth it?

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Just like how the upgraded Tier 4 Panzer is the starting point of the Tier
    5 Panzer H, this feels like it was simply a modified tier 4 heavy. The
    major difference is the hit points, which to me seems like it matches up
    with some of the upgrades you would typically get from a Turret
    modification. The requirement to add additional equipment to get gunner
    skills and this seems awkward.

    I agree with this analysis of how to play the tank with its trade offs, but
    it honestly feels like it should have been a GC instead of a medium. Great
    view range, with a longer reload time and more damage would make this an
    Alpha damage style tank with great mobility.

    Yes, I know that isn’t the role of this tank, but it is so much between
    roles it seems to me it would have been better to just sell out and go all
    the way in that direction.

  2. Felix Mustermann

    low tier world of tanks… you shouldnt play on NA m8 -.-

  3. crusader is a noob?

  4. Dvorszky Zoltán

    your hungarian is so good :P

  5. *yawn*

  6. You’re kind of pronouncing ‘prototipus’ more like ‘pro toe tea push’. As a
    Hungarian I find it funny as f. :D:D:D:D

  7. Do you want low tiers to be more challenging? Then stop using gold ammo
    everytime u see a heavy tank that is the same tier as you are…
    No hate, I love your videos. Just try to outplay that heavy instead of gold
    spam him. It will be more challenging…

  8. So many reds?? o.O Sealclubbing to the max. I do wonder why WG puts out
    such a shitty tank.

  9. hey it’s me again,and I also can’t figure out why wargaming release one new
    similar T5 premiun with no special features,until now ,take turen3 as an
    example,the Times I’be met can be counted with one finger only,Do anyone
    really has interest to buy it,that’such a disappointed thing I guess

  10. prototípus pronunciation is almost perfect ! enjoying your videos from
    Hungary ??

  11. Its BC NA server is dying!

  12. doesnt have the armor of a heavy tank look at the b1 and the dw2 they dont
    have any goddamn armor

  13. UninterestingProgram


  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Gameplay: 6:29

  15. quickybaby may it is a good idea to pick a new intro

  16. I would love to buy this, if it was any good. Heck, I buy almost
    everything. But I won’t buy this, based on QuickyBaby’s video.

  17. Wg, stop releasing german premiums and start releasing new tier 6+ premiums

  18. I knew the tank was not worth any real money but watched the video anyway,
    I like QuickyBaby.

  19. It is a fun little tank

  20. WoW You said “prototipus” awesome 😀 I had never heard anybody saying it
    nice like you.. :D

  21. Hello QuickyBaby can you do a review on the russian medium tank the T-62A
    thank you!

  22. Trading aim time, speed, accuracy, and armor for some extra hitpoints. I
    wouldn’t invest in this. I’m attributing most of the success in those games
    to your skill and others lack of it.

  23. DominatorLegend

    If they wanted to add a Tier V german, they could have added the PzkPfw
    KV-1B/C 753(r). The captured KV-1

  24. pro-toe-tee-push ! 😀 you actually pronounced it just right qb im proud! :D

  25. This tank is awful, belongs in tier 4..absolutely pointless tank

  26. they keep holding back german tanks because russain devs just hate german
    things. I mean, seriously, lets just shoot that thing in the lower plate
    and set it on fire by somehow hitting its engine. lets shoot it in the side
    to ammo rack it… aah yes but what about russain tanks?? they are the most
    op things ever! pretty much impenetrable armor most if the time, they tend
    to always penetrate enemies and high roll, while destroying a module or
    killing a crew member…op af

  27. Another crap German tank…

  28. Potentus The ONE

    this tank hat nothing special at all, and there is no reason to buy it at

  29. review

  30. can you do a VK 30.01 (h)

  31. Remember QB, you are on the NA server which is more laggy than the EU, so
    the leading aim is alot worse.

  32. Your hungarian spelling was good, Respects for your troubles learning it

  33. Oh Yeah Great!!!! Thanks wargaming for suspending my fucking account! you
    fucking cunts wtf is have the shittiest internet and the shittiest laptop
    and you suspend my account!

  34. You said the word prototípus with good pronunciation 🙂 I am hungarian so
    you can believe it :)

  35. I just don’t understand why release such crappy premium tanks. Instead of
    wasting time on crappy machines such as this, they should focus their
    attention on improving the game.

  36. Hey Quicky! Im Hungarian and the way you say “Prototípus” is right on. Well

  37. How can you zoom so much?

  38. Aussie Militant

    Gets greedy which leads to being outplayed by a Tomato in a KV2, who now
    gets called a ‘troll’. Then his team loses but its someone else’s fault,
    namely the platoon that went to hill. GG.

  39. Hey Quicky, could you do a full review on the M103? Would be pretty nice.
    All i can find is a review from 3 years ago 😀 Keep up the good work ;)

  40. Beseto Magunasu

    so there’s no real reason to buy it

  41. So basically, this thing sucks terribly.

  42. Pz III K,did i miss something lol

  43. This is the premium experience of what a stock tank is. Useless deployment
    of a premium tank by WOT.

  44. Stiver Ong Tze An

    This tank is available on the Asian server as well

  45. So yet another trash tank

  46. A Personal Problem.

    I am unsubscribing from this channel that does nothing but World of Scrap

  47. Dunno why WG bring out a tank like this which has no differentiation to
    other German T5 premiums or meds. Meh all around. A tier 7 game in this
    would be horrific.

  48. Haha KV-2 Rocks still! U know it’s a rrushiaen tank not a german. So KV-2
    always wins.

  49. Wow this new tier 4 med looks great
    Oh wait…

  50. Madddog? Jingles fans here?

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