World of Tanks || Pz. Kpfr. VII – Tank Preview

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World of Tanks – Pz. Kpfr. VII. Today I’m previewing the brand new German , the Pz. Kpfr. VII, and discussing how it stacks up to the and E 100.

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  1. the pz.kpfw VII(7)is the king tiger doe

  2. I feel really dissapointed that they introduced a tank that is almost identical to the clan wars reward VK 72 01.
    This looks like WG really don’t care what players feel. It was a long and hard clan wars event to get it.

  3. JanMatthew Pasandalan

    Best Tank Review so far those funny moments with CDC and Jg Panzer E 100 LOL

  4. pffft what an ugly duckling. I am used to sexy German tanks but this one.. is just too ugly

  5. High-tier HE would probably WRECK this thing if it hit that gun mantle…

  6. 16/16 hits? missed a shot at the BC, blind hit?

  7. If you let me to choose between Pz Kpfw VII and VK 7201, I’d choose Pz VII. VK 7201 uses E100’s 15cm gun albeit with slight worse handling than E100 in my opinion. The WORST aspect of VK 7201 is its LACK of ammo capacity. Only 35 rounds, if you miss/didn’t pen a few shots, it becomes very hard to carry the team.

  8. so e100 is now officially the worst tier10 heavy, great, the tank never get love when buffs are coming

  9. Fricking figures I was grinding up to the Maus that is now in a different part of the German tree.

  10. I wonder if WG has ever considered a damage downside to premium rounds. Maybe, say, 10-20% less damage as a sacrifice for the extra pen. Seems like it would fix any “gold spammer” argument, right?

  11. Thank you for not pronouncing Mäuschen as mausen…

  12. hey QuickyBaby! I’m from last night with St. Emile just could not help 🙁

  13. That edit before saying Mäuschen made me smile 🙂

  14. World of Hackers , WG offer full suport for all hack mods from res_mods , no reports hackers and cheaters in game becouse gay`s moderators banned not reason , fucking shit jews game

  15. There is so much salt in the comments mates. Play as good as QB and then you can start nitpicking. I dont get it why some people watch his content when they dont like what he is doing or saying. Get lost! 🙂

  16. Illuminati confirmed

  17. ha. i did 6800 dmg round in pz7. i win

  18. But how that this tier 10 model of Löwe is that good compared to the existent model in the game ? Why ?

  19. i was playing SB today and didnt find battle log .. how qb has it in SB or maybe replay mod ???

  20. low on credits? wonder how that happened…..maybe you should shoot less gold ammo, i have watched your streams and you are totally overusing it

  21. That JgPz was played by Randy Orton

    JgPz outta nowhere !!!!!!

  22. What software do you use to record your world of tanks game plays?

  23. There’s also another glaring flaw of the tank you missed. When the tank side scrapes the VERY weak armor under the gun mantled becomes exposed. The entire line of armor under the gun mantled never exceeds 210 mm in thickness. Some tier six’s can pen it.

  24. PolskieArmyBestArmy

    wow, cant wait to get the “Pz. Kpfr. VII” 😛

  25. looks like a lowe with a rear-mounted turret

  26. Fucking noob spamming HEAT calling it HESH don’t you know HESH is HEAT in the game files you noob yet you call your guides #tankbetter you know less than the average noob lol.

  27. Please buff the E100. It’s completely garbage now and all you did is just buffed the pen ? I still don’t know why the Type 4 and 5 heavy got thier armor buffed although they’re strong tanks already ???

  28. How do you get the foreign accent crew setting?

  29. I like that tank

  30. How can you use that invite code on world of tanks?

  31. no more gold for you QB 😀

  32. Cheers QB.

  33. more heavies, new mediums, new high tier light tanks, reworked tds.
    something missing?
    typical WG. oh, i am so excited, NOT.
    bring out more TANKS, with little difference, different name, shape size. all these stats, i just dont give a crap. BORING.

  34. I thought the lowe is the panzer 7

  35. QB: Any chance you would do review of updated T-34-85M? Plenty of people are looking for its capabilities in skirmishes

  36. The massproduced videos with no quality made me unsub

  37. 13:58 the maus driver just got rekt LUL

    QB, explain this…

    “When Wargaming announced they would be introducing the VK 72.01 as a “normal“
    Tier X tank, a lot of players went crazy about it, including me. The VK
    72.01 (K) is a Clan Wars Reward Tank and it should have remained that
    way, but Wargaming got creative and changed it’s name to Pz.Kwf. VII and
    changed the gun to a 128mm… Voilá a brand new tank.”

  39. QuicyBaby, its not mauschien buut Mauschen “Maushen”

  40. dude u dont have a t95e2 rewiev wtf?i need to learn about that tank

  41. In short about the tank: It never existed because this game is not about tanks. Cheers.

  42. 12:00 I just unlocked the T-54, and looking at the new cupolas on the Obj 140 I think I may decide to grind for the T-62a instead. Those cupolas really pronounced, they look quite easy to hit.

  43. I need this thing. 🙂 Thanks for the video.

  44. Pz. Kpfr. = Panzer Kampffranzose
    oh the irony…

  45. Panther/M10 next time???

  46. you should watch college football

  47. so out of the MANY tanks that are currently in game, how many of them are actually played? Think WG has gone mad personally

  48. the sound of this gun is..omg..

  49. Spell Panzerkampfwagen

  50. #Panzer_7_is_Lowe

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