World of Tanks || Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 – is it Worth it?

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– Pz.Kpfw. B2 740. Review of the seal clubbers dream the T4 premium Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 which is one of the most overpowered in the .

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of Tanks is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Full gold player in op tank (just because of the matchmaking). Another
    great example of autoaim no skill play. Dislike this replay. Its like
    playing Doom with IDDQD, simply boring and unfair. Thumbs down for this
    player and for this tank’s tier matchmaking.

  2. The Beast (Incarnate)

    lol, whats the point of this premium tank when i can get a strongly armored
    and very dangerous normal non premium tank, aka the Matilda? lulz
    Wargaming, ur drunk

  3. QB is boring
    I love watching his live streams,but youtube in last few months is really
    boring. Why dont you talk about tournaments 1vs1 or 3vs3. It is.good way to
    earn easy gold. U have video about game economy but you did not mentioned
    tournaments. All in all you are good bit you can better.

  4. I was just about to start getting back to my PC version of WoT to try and
    start over, but now I think I’ll just uninstall it and only play console…

  5. Just bought it after seeing this video.

  6. I really don’t understand the hype around this tank. I bought one and its
    terrible. it has massive weak spots and there are plenty of tds that can
    pen it. One good replay doesn’t make this tank overpowered

  7. B2 is unfair plane.
    …both irl and in WoT hehehe

  8. B2 really not that great, yes I have blocked 4.5k in mine but that game was
    still a lose showing plenty of other tanks can kill it

  9. Alexandre Allmeida

    I can’t find this vehicle to sell at wargaming at the moment.

  10. This is the reason why i play my hetzer, killing these tanks is so nice!

  11. Took me THREE cruiser II shells to kill one, that’s just not the reaper
    medal I’m looking for ;)

  12. Alright seal clubbing is one thing, but all those Prem rounds is disgusting

  13. Honestly,this guy does not deserve to be in this video,he did nothing
    special.He was only lucky to get bad teammates who died and gave him a
    chance to kill everyone else.I hope wargaming removes the tank and DOES NOT
    give refunds.

  14. Thumbs down for Gold only replay.

  15. I’ve had a B2 for well over a year now (IIRC, I bought mine during the 4th
    anniversary deals), and I really havn’t been able to make it work like
    that. Admittedly, I’m a poor/average player with a calculator of a computer
    (so low framerates, which dosn’t help any), but I never seem to get the
    really nice MM with mine. Instead, I end up looking at teams packed full of
    Matildas, Hetzers, and other assorted powerhouses that have no issues
    penning me. Although, watching this, I may just have to dust it off and try
    again LOL

  16. The only tier 4 that can seriously challenge this tank in a one on one
    without using gold is the Matilda, that alone shows how OP it is.

  17. I have this tank it was in a wot book I was bought and the code was there
    about a year ago I like it its a fun tank but wish it was the panza 2 j

  18. Thanks for the tip-off. Played last night in my trusty Matilda and found
    myself on my own on the flank with two of these and a Stuart coming at me.
    Thanks to you telling me where to hit them I chalked up the three of them

  19. I don’t share your opinion on this tanks overpoweredness. I have average
    stats and more than 10k games and I have had this tank for a while, never
    seen a match as easy as you just showed. Usually, about a third of the
    enemy can challenge your armor. In the match you showed, it was kind of
    weird that basically nobody tried to outflank the B2 and barely anyone
    fought it anywhere but frontally.
    Many other tanks that are quite common (like the Matilda, Pz IVD, M3 Lee,
    T-28), practically all tank destroyers of tier 4 and many other cheap
    premiums (like the T-28 F-30) can and will pen the B2.
    In the tanks on low-tier I play I usually pack a few rounds of APCR and
    when I meet a B2 in my DW2, I have good chances to kill it.
    Of course, it is a fairly powerful tank, always being top tier and facing
    usually unskilled players in not fully upgraded tanks. But I bet you that
    this skilled player would have been good in any tier 4-tank where he was
    top tier and only firing gold. So, while this tank may have some impact on
    the low-tier-matchmaker, I doubt it will be as bad as you fear, since this
    kind of match isn’t really representative (just like not every
    Matilda-match ends with the Matilda killing 8 tanks and bouncing 200

  20. This tank is super filthy, anyone who has one of these should be super

  21. Hi my brother!
    The fast method that work is =>
    World of Tanks || Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 – is it Worth it?

  22. If they had to nerf it then they would have to nerf Pz2J as well

  23. I’d like to have this tank to do a fun games in Tier IV occasionally.
    But 20 euros? No. Even though it’s rather my best chance to get Kolobanov
    medal, no.
    I’d rather get a Black Bulldog or even CDC.
    And concerning it’s armor, I have seen some of them in random battles. All
    the vehicles I happen to play on that tier have no problem with it. Su-85B?
    check. Hetzer? Check. M5 Stuart? Well… with a gold ammo and some luck.
    So I don’t think it’s an awful balance-breaker. If You say there are lots
    of them in random battles recently? I’d like to check. Su-85B, action!

  24. This tank is so wrong in so many ways… Tier 2 is for beginners, what
    impression or what is there to learn other than if you don’t have an OP
    tank you cant win!!Pathetic… Definitely for those Stat Padders who claim
    they are good

  25. this was a VERY funny video! :)))))

  26. Wot Italeri tiger model is comming with pz.B2 code

  27. Thats the new thing ? WG copies every Tank slaps a German Markings on it
    and sells it as a BRAND NEW PREMIUM Tank ? While i really enjoy your Videos
    QB , its simply disgusting.

  28. This tank is amazing and NO it does not require full gold ammo load.

    The only tanks requiring gold to be penetrated are Mathilda and Valentine.
    that’s all.

    so bring like 20gold and the rest AP and here you go.

    preferencial preferencial mm, always toptier, good armor, huge dpm and good
    I have a 73 % winrate in this tank, I average 20k credits income without
    prem account.

    definitely worth it. especialy at this low price.

    only downside is you can only platoon with another B2 or a Valentine 2
    (premium soviet that costs 1k gold) because they’re the only tanks with
    such matchmaking.

  29. Quickybaby it is better to sell them cheap than expensive. Cheap means,
    anyone could afford one and have the same chances, if it is stupidly
    expensive like eg. the pzII J only a few own them and wreck all others…

  30. Quickibaby Y U NO feature my Kolobanov’s medal game in this tank that I
    uploaded to you?

  31. Oh, BTW. You said that the B2 is almost as a dirty sealclubber as Pz II J?
    No, it’s not. It’s worse. This thing has the highest average WR of all
    vehicles if you exclude CW exclusive vehicles and T-22sr.

    Probably because it’s much faster than the slow II J and also because it’s
    gun, while bad, is much more competive.

  32. Vlad Ionescu (Ecstasy2006)

    t 44 122 and t 34 88 , Can you make videos for them please?

  33. I thought wargaming were trying to improve the game below tier 5, and then
    they go and release this tank again… dont they have a clue as to how many
    people will become frustrated/stop playing the game if they bump into this

    New players have a hard enough time dealing with morons stat padding at low
    tier because lets be honest once you reach tier7+ you never go back to low
    tier for “Fun” because its shit

  34. scumbag tank for coward.

  35. I was like … what the hell is that tank …
    Anyway I think I might buy it, it looks like a good crew trainer

  36. TL;DR, QB doesn’t like Pz B2 players, so it’s only worth it if you want to
    be hated.

  37. I’ve had games with 7 pz b2 tanks

  38. You’re more entertaining than jingles imo

  39. testing tank against tomato team is not testing

  40. Indranil Muikherjee

    solution to the b2 problem:
    load HEAT in htzer and t 40 derps and 1 shot these b2’s

  41. I love how QB is undermining Wargaming’s profit model simply by telling you
    the weaknesses and flaws of these tanks. You can almost here a bit of
    cynicism in his voice.

  42. SO if i am going for Maus line then i can swap between crews without them
    getting red text? IF i get B2?

  43. Most “balanced” low tier tanks:
    tier 1: T1 Cunningham (pre nerf)
    tier 2: T18 (pre removal)
    Tier 3: Pz. II J
    Tier 4: Pz. B2
    Tier 5: O-I Experimental (when top tier), T67
    Tier 6: O-I (when top tier), Cromwell (argueable)

  44. I never (since 2011) spend a $ on this game but have a bunch of cheap
    premium vehicles from missions and free gold. I have OP retired tanks like
    Ram II and FCM36 pak40 and tanks that need preferential mm to not be crap
    like Churchill III and Excelsior. I fought that B2 has t4-t5 matchmaking
    like other t4 heavies and Valentine II, witch is still preferential. So I
    didnt get it cause to me it was worst than B1. 🙁
    I hope that WG will fix this. They have a policy not to nerf premiums, but
    fixing mm isnt really a nerf. Or at least they should buff most T3 tanks
    (not TDs), cause most T3 is the most under-powered tier in game.

  45. Meanwhile the Australians got the Sentinal… which has the gun off the
    prototype instead of a glorious 6 pounder… and has to go up against O-I’s
    with a gun nearly identical to this one…

  46. War gaming and more premium money machines. More maps or go f yourself.
    Greetings and salutations from a five year premium player fed up with you

  47. Why did I ever sell this thing?

  48. Who needs a gunner and loader when you have 2 guys that can find the best
    radio station and tell the other tanks about it

  49. I use a 75mm Hetzer in low tier games, I didn’t even notice that this thing
    was ”over armoured”, ha ha.

  50. I’ve single handily eliminated a 3 man Unicom platoon of these things. All
    you need is a t40 w/ derp and out play them. Or hetzer

  51. Tanks like this show that WG doesn’t know shit about balancing a game.

  52. It can’t be any worse for tier 3 matchmaking than the native way that tier
    3 tanks get matched against tier 5s.

    I do have this thing and it’s a lot of fun. QB is right about premium
    rounds not being the necessity that they are on the PzIIJ. Two radio
    operators is indeed a bizarre configuration. This tank also makes some
    heavy tank missions for the StuGIV very easy to do, the ones that call for
    relative numbers such as the one that you have to block your HP’s worth of
    damage with armor or whatever the number is. Low tier play is rife with
    autocannons to bounce off this thickly armored machine.

  53. CptFlyingFort NmY

    In my opinion, the enemy team could easily have won this match, if they
    shot the turret cupola, turret sides or turret rear. Even light anti tank
    guns could easily have gone through, let alone the Marder II, with even the
    stock gun could have penetrated him almost anywhere.

  54. Sergeant Schlumpf

    that’s why I don’t play Encounter or assault mode anymore

  55. Illegal Giraffe Fighting 1

    its only good until you find a matilda or luchs or hetzer… your done then
    ggwp b2…

  56. That tank will get nerfed

  57. i got that tank 3 years ago with the Christmas purchases from jinx .. 100$
    tank lol .. worth

  58. Prassel B (Stefan)

    i need a shower…

  59. I suck at this game…getting a tank that gives me a few seal clubbing
    matches would bust my morale.

  60. The only things that can really rip these things apart are Luchs’ with the
    mk 103 auto cannon. Although, 95 pen doesn’t matter if the player is crap.

  61. You have to remember that if the MM is flooded with B2s then you will have
    B2 v B2 and then people will get tired of playing low tiers and then play
    their Su 44 2

  62. I find this review unnecessarily snarky. Is the B2 a seal clubber tank? Of
    course. You knew that going into it. Why even do the review and draw more
    attention it? You calling the driver a scumbag is a bit over the top. I
    think you could have drawn attention to the idea the WG shouldn’t sell the
    tank, or that it might need nerfed, but I don’t agree with the way you went
    about it.

    I have to ask: (from a video you posted a couple weeks back) Is using your
    Cromwell B with multiple crew skills and premium consumables really all
    that much different? You can quibble and say one (the B2) is mostly about
    how OP the tank is, but, I have run across many B2s that don’t come close
    to what happened in this video. You can also say that your Crom B game was
    a lot skill, which it certainly was a factor. But, it was also abusing
    vision mechanics with a crew and consumables that, I’d wager good money,
    none of the other players in that game were using.

  63. I normally don’t play lower tiers but I’d like to thank QB for alerting
    people to this thing, it made me rebuy the Hetzer and tonight I’ve been B2
    hunting. The violet stetpedder tears were salty, well worth it. I told them
    to ask their money back, it obviously isn’t the stetpedder they hoped it
    would be.

  64. HAHAHA “He’s team completely sucks”… quickybaby

  65. time to takeout my T-28E F-30, imma have a good time :D

  66. Hahaha, bought it.first game, 5 of those vs 6 of those! Damn seal clubbers

  67. T-22 played by better players of WoT? Are you kidding QB? I’ve seen a lot
    of sub 50%winraters with this but the tank is so damn easy to play is why
    it is in the list still!

  68. Hetzer with the 10.5cm

  69. I got this tank on the NA server last year because I thought it was cool,
    in an ugly/bulky kind of way. I usually did pretty good in it, but
    eventually the XP and credit grind just got too damn tiresome so I stopped
    playing WoT and later, for the same reasons, I quit playing WoWP.

    I play a lot of WoWS, but I found the secret is to not give a crap about
    the tech tree etc, and to just have fun with the ships you have. (Actually
    it is a WoWS youtuber, Notser, that mentioned it to me) If the ship you
    want to play also helps “advance” the game, so much the better, if it
    doesn’t, so what?

    I am too mission oriented sometimes, which helped burn me out on WoT.
    Getting the Tetrarch required a major grind in certain tanks and by the
    time I earned the stupid (actually it’s pretty cool) Tetrarch, I was sick
    of playing.

  70. I’m interested in buying it lol then again I saw the credit earning
    potential of the panth88 so I’m torn between silver income or training my
    only female crew members that use German heavies ?

  71. Here comes nerf nerf

  72. This Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 is bad for the world of tanks eco system

  73. Oh man I can see what he means about messing up the lower tier game play.
    Is this going to be available on the other servers?

  74. Why B2? Because FUCK MATCH MAKING!!!!

  75. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Number of the beast is my favorite iron maiden song. Thank you QB, for
    mentioning it.

  76. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Still not as OP as the death rain known as the leFH18b2.

  77. Had a 1v1 situation with a b2 in my 2j I thought I was screwed but the b2
    was a cheap ass and didn’t fire gold

  78. Egbert Nifflefurtz

    I have not seen these yet but, I hope I do not. I play NA servers.

  79. if you purchase a T-shirt from the bovington tank museum, you get a ticket
    for the pz b2

  80. Considering I’ve been clubbing tier 4 B2 unicorn toons with my T-28 for
    quite a while……

  81. b2 is a epic sealcluber. well the fun is out playing other seal clubers and
    see who clubs harder; )

  82. Sorry to put this negative comment here but I found a mission rigger on the
    NA server with only 5000 games, 700wn8 and a T22 medium. Idk if I should
    take this info somewhere else or just report him and let it happen on its

  83. WoT is not a pay to win game…

  84. lol what an assumption QB xD I now wonder if he has Type 59 and if he plays
    only Type 59 and Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 xD

  85. The video is helpful for those who have to face this tank. And also for
    those of us who bought it years ago. Also compare it’s MM vs the sentinel,
    you’d be better off getting this tank. Thanks for the info quickybaby,
    hopefully i’ll be able to play it better now. Then again considering how
    bad the lag has been lately, i doubt it.

  86. I got into close quarters against one of these in my matilda and ended up
    just going for the turret ring…

    that was indeed, the first time I have went up against these things and
    succeeded in taking it down…

  87. Lucky Europeans. If they put this on the NA server I’d become a low down
    scum bag as well. LOL

  88. So theres alot of panzer b2s around lately eh? Time to pull out my anti
    seal clubbing tank! Now then… Where did i park my matilda…..

  89. Watching a good seal clubbing is a guilty pleasure of mine

  90. Where do you get that hit counter next to the HP bar, QB?

  91. like maus vs tier 6

  92. looks like it’s time to get back in the matilda again… let’s see how
    their 90mm of armor does against 121mm pen in matilda :D

  93. Guess that’s why I love pawn’ing em like nubz in my Matilda, ^_< *(which can club even tier 6 seals, lol)

  94. QB the pz on the xbox only gets tier 4 games so they kinda balanced it

  95. I use AP in my B2 but I also Yolo it every time allowing the enemy team to
    typically kill it while my allies have a chance to deal damage

  96. Sexton I, fifth most OP tank…..

  97. I love mine!

  98. Not so mad about WG releasing it in the gift shop. There’s a way they’ve
    purposely left around for like 3 years to get this tank.

  99. This tank is probably the reason a lot of new players quit the game soon
    after starting. Can’t believe that this guy only loaded premium ammo, but
    then again, that’s what a lot of players are starting to do anyways. Sad.
    It’s ruining the game.

  100. James Coker (DarkSquid3)

    NA Server? – Don’t see it in tech tree or shop.

  101. when there are lots of B2s playing, I bring out the Matilda. Hetzer would
    work, too.

  102. Is that a photo of the Queen of England on your shirt?

  103. Johan wtf are you doing in QB s video!

  104. Hey QB you say that only the b2 and the 2j are such scumbag tanks well what
    about the su-76l ? thats my favorite for clubbin =)

  105. honest full gold ammo loadout in the first match

  106. sooooooo ur advertising this as a beast tank but u say u hate it and it
    will ruin low tier battles for a bit yeeeeeaaaaa

  107. I have this thing since about 2 years ago, I don’t like it much and it’s
    not as OP as you think. A competent player can take it out with relative
    ease in most standard tier 4 tanks using only AP and even with tier 3 tanks
    if they have some APCR loaded. It’s very slow, very big arty target and
    with such small alpha it needs to fire a lot of shots to kill anything. The
    replay you posted is on a small city map, on wide open maps it’s far less
    effective and extremely boring to play.

  108. My Hetzer feasts on Pz B2s: AP shells right in the face.

  109. Lol, I got two codes for this tank by buying a shirt at the bovington tank
    museum and buying a tiger model from italery. Me and my friend play it to
    cool off.

  110. Time to play the Luchs guys :D

  111. and they say that Soviet tanks are op

  112. Also, I think this tank is absolutely disgusting. It wouldn’t be nearly as
    bad a situation if it saw tier 5 matches though.

  113. Well, at least Johan shows us why WOT is not getting any new players

  114. and that is why armor is shit. people who spam gold like this dickhead

  115. One of the most overpowered? That tank doesn’t scare me when I drive a

  116. don’t show à gameplay with à fully apcr load it’s not fair thé beginners
    can be influences by this kind of gold player

  117. unleash the dogs of balance. gg wg once again

  118. QB you whine about these prem tanks so much. It’s supposed to be a fun tank
    that you play every now and then. Some people abuse it, but that’s the
    game. People have to learn where weak points are and kill him. You can’t
    just say it shouldn’t be there. That’s like wearing rose colored glasses.

  119. Tankers! Bring out your Hetzers and Marders!

  120. Merci..but TBH I love meeting these tanks when in my Marder II or Marder 3..
    These poor tomatoes didn’t stand a chance..

  121. It totally depends on the player, i just had one drive across in front of
    my hetzer… he was already on about 76% health so i one shotted him. In
    the right hands, yes it’s overpowered. In the hands of 75% of the WOT
    community, it’s just another scrub who doesn’t know how to play.

  122. QB I got my centurion 1 recently and I got the comet gun, the mm is
    terrible as always and I just can’t get enough xp

  123. oh, a Luchs can take this ones down easily too. Just saying.

    This beast is not worse than a Matilda IV, Valentine II or AT15.

  124. I usually eat Pz B2 platoons for breakfast with my 3 skill Matilda crew,
    don’t even need APCR to nom nom nom

  125. He could have easily had a result with just a tiny bit of gold, I bring 30
    prem rounds for B1s, B2s, Hetzers, and Matildas.

  126. I agree with QB, this tank shattered the low tier mm on the SEA server

  127. piss poor tank!

  128. Gabgaming | One Command Creations

    Wow this tank is fucking OP it never takes damages but it deals a lot and
    it s pretty fast for his armor…

  129. QB you need to use more memes!

  130. come checkout my new youtube channel i do world of tanks reviews and
    gameplays my newest video is on the is 6

  131. just gift me by this one :D

  132. PLEASE NERF THESE POS I have encoutered platoon of three of these
    absolutely wreaking my entire team game after game after game!

  133. Is everyone forgetting the Tetrarch? I love that machine, it’s so fun. And

  134. nice to see Worst Gaming add yet another OP tank that you can buy your wins
    in this”free to play” game.

  135. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    also o-i exp It.s better then KV was #!! i mean KV 2 in tier 5

  136. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    not fair tank

  137. Just platoon with 2 other good players and get a 90%+ win rate.

  138. QuickyBaby, let’s be honest, Wargaming never meant the game to be fair. I
    have tried one that really is fair and that one game features only the same
    tier matchmaking for players. You can’t expect that tier 2 or 3 tanks can
    even try to match the power of tier 4 tank. I’ve seen the two tier
    difference countles times. Unless Wargaming makes every tier only meet its
    own tier, there won’t ever be any kind of fair play in the games they
    develop. Oh, the game i was mentioning is “Pirate: the caribbean hunt”,
    that can be played over the android phones and perhaps IOs… Funny,
    though; i can play that game easily but my poor compaq 615 struggles badly
    to even play the WoT or WoWS. the game laggs so badly on it that i find no
    fun trying to keep up with the matches – i basically enter the game when
    most people are already half way past the battlefield. No wonder i suck at
    the game that badly.

  139. Why QB even wants to showcase a gold spamming seal clubber in a ludicrously
    OP tank is beyond me….

  140. B2 is to overpowerd but i have it since Gamescom 2014 and played like 500
    fights due it´s unfair angainst the new players.

  141. How much is it? I looked at the premium store and couldn’t find it…

  142. This is almost the exactly same tank as the Valentine II. Always top tier,
    derp armour, fast firing gun, bad pen and rather OP if you spam gold.

  143. I mainly only play low tier games. I’m also on the NA server so that
    probably has something to do with it but I haven’t seen many B2s. I drive
    the Alecto a lot and find them easy to destroy. Nice to know about those
    front weak spots. Thanks QB!

  144. I expect its just a cash grab by WG and after a bit they will buff all the
    low tier Russian tanks to be able to kill it then leave all the others
    badly out classed at Tiers 3-5.Its not a bad tank its just a BAD for the
    game tank. I guess ill load Armoured Warfare in stead.

  145. My fav tank ?

  146. I suggest that people always consider the impact to the number of users,
    particularly new users, when seal clubbing or telling people to
    “uninstall.” If you cause someone to quit playing, you have made the game
    worse…more directly than the arty, matchmaker, or RNG.

  147. Hearing a B1s driver speaking german hurts my soul.

    Though this is pretty much what happened to B1bis in 1940, until they were
    blown up by flak 88 or stukas.

  148. I think b2 is constantly available on NA server. I mighty be wrong.

  149. *It’s my favorite Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 tier 4 next to the Alecto.*

  150. No skill involved ,just gold. #goldnoob

  151. Didn’t Wargaming say they want to get rid of preferential matchmaking? Now
    they sell a tank with the best preferential matchmaking that’s ever been
    You really can’t believe a thing Wargaming says, can you?

  152. I have a solution to this tank… matilda

  153. I can just right click this tenk when i’m sealclubbing with my T28F30 :D

  154. The Char B has been my favorite tank for a while (not in game but in a
    historical sense. BDR is my favorite in-game). I may have to see about
    picking one up now.

  155. Борис Гаганелов

    Oooh I got this one with my WoT card game that my gf got me for X-mas.Great

  156. I hunt pz b2 in my cruiser ii they are easy kill

  157. frankly, the B2 used to be weaker – that vent on the left side of the tank?
    That used to be a weakspot. It was removed. The small hatch on the left
    side of the turret? Used to be a weakspot, but was removed. I know there
    were more, but it’s been so long since I looked over it, and also since
    they removed those weakspots…

  158. Now that you have made this video there are 100’s of them lol

  159. Alexander Schlecker

    can you balance it by loading heat into the hetzer?

  160. First Order Stormtrooper

    I rekt these with my su85b

  161. On my first and only account after 1k-1.5k battles I had around 56% WR, so
    I wouldn’t be so sure about that guy with 58% WR.

  162. What is a good channel to join for low tier platoons? Im new to WoT PC

  163. I bought it a long time ago. All in all its a shit tank with 0 armor and
    ammo is a gold must.

  164. but please, just remove this tank for the sake of new players, cant imagine
    when new players rage quit this game

  165. I know Johan5678 I was in SAFE and we play sometimes, Nice Guy

  166. what if we all just play matildas and HEATzers to counter the B2

  167. You can kill it with a Luxy. I’be done it many times. Luxy is Tier IV too.

  168. Let those B2’s come, I’ll drive my Hetzer or Cruiser II

  169. This or the russian Matilda?

  170. PZ B2 is a massive joke…I cant wait to Hetz them down :)

  171. this looks like the new m3 lee

  172. echogameadventures

    I run my Matilda with enough APCR to kill a B2 platoon. all of the low tier
    tanks I’ve kept for running with my friends (who just started) are loaded
    with enough gold rounds to kill a 2J or B2. the fact that it takes someone
    running a tank specifically to kill one of these stat padding monsters is
    quite sickening to me. at least with the Hetzer, Matilda, O-I ex, and
    formerly the T18 and T82, anyone can own one. the OP premium tanks are an
    amazing example of pay to win or pay to raise Win8.

  173. this in x5 would be 20K exp :O

  174. buff penetration and make it meet tier 5s?

  175. object 244? and t-44-122?

  176. So far this tank is not on sale on the American server.

  177. Is a tank better than the DW2…………..why bother comparing stats? why?

  178. so, is it worth it? :)

  179. Why because they are fun to play in the right game.
    Tier 4 only Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) Frags: 612 Battles: 356 Frags: 1.72
    Victories: 60.96%
    Tier 3 & 4 Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Frags: 1583 Battles: 930 Frags: 1.70
    Victories: 73.55%
    The Pz. IIJ SUX in a tier 4 game as most tier 4 tanks will tear it a new
    asshole !
    I am a gold spammer. In nearly every tank I run !

  180. I have this pz B2 from the card game but it´s not good tank

  181. With my friend we met platoon of 3 Pz. B2. , both of us were fighting in
    our T28 F30 and it was a really quick process. T28 F30 is reall killer
    here, rip Pz. B2. I’d go for it only if the crew was like in other german
    heavy tanks as I’d appreciate crew trainer for german heavies, but this is
    horrible crew trainer so in my opinion its only for collectors. Anyone
    plays it? Well we can talk about how good this tank is on the battlefield
    when you can meet me in my T28 F30. It has pretty good arguments 🙂 I’m not
    affraid in that tank even when I’m in tier 6 battle with tier 4 tank. :)

  182. More than 800 games in that tank, too OP 😉 but matilda is a nightmare …
    82 top gun with it and 77% victory ! Every battle, it’s 800 damage mini and
    around 1500 mini if i see many red tomatos ;)

  183. Men, it’s time to dust off our Matildas, FCM Pak40’s, Luchs, Hetzers and
    Marder II’s. Let’s put an end to the unjust terror of the B2 740’s. Load
    the derp guns with HE and the Pak’s with APCR and let’em rip.

  184. I must say, it was weird when this tank was available for rent on the NA
    server. Basically we got the most bizarre games I had ever seen where half
    to 3/4 of each team was B2’s and most people were going pretty much having
    an airsoft match (ie: *pop,pop,pop, bounce, bounce bounce* but also quite
    fun because I enjoy that low tier sillyness. I think its also worth noting
    that this gameplay and the PzIIJ had also reminded me of the BT-SV and the
    extremely rare Pz38H (was in a game were one was alone against 6 of us and
    it pretty much ended like this B2 game) Don’t know what your views on those
    tanks are QB, but I find them to have a similar OPness. I don’t really care
    as I see the low tiers as 100% casual, but I can see how it can turn off


    plagia French

  186. can I borrow one of them

  187. If this tank is always top tier with good tft matchmaking, SEALCLUBBING
    TIME! :D

  188. He talks negatively about stat padding but does not mention that the QSF
    clans will only take people people with stats above a certain level, thus
    creating stat padders and adding to the problem .

  189. This thing is actually french. THE chassis is. THE Germans like to make a
    tank of an other nation and make it better

  190. There are Heaps of tanks on the SEA server that smash the shit out of the
    B2 740 these days. The *Luchs, *Chi-Ha, Valentine II, *T 28E with F-30, M3
    Lee, **Matilda, ST vz. 39, *M8A1, *Hetzer, *StuG III Ausf.B and all the

  191. Same armor as the B1 right? But the B1 on the enemy team was down about 90%
    of his health before he met the B2. So, as bad as the team was for this
    guy, they managed to nearly kill the equivalent of the B2. The only
    difference is the B1 has to rely on MM to be top tier. Otherwise it’s the

  192. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    I am addicted to you quickybaby. I am always happy when I can hear your
    beautiful friendly voice, you are helping me with depression caused by
    recent dead of my family members. God bless you

  193. TDs, let’s focus!

  194. Hey QB! Doesn’t the valentine 2 have the same type of matchmaking?

  195. alex havlíček (MrPiškot)

    I got it free from WoT rush :P

  196. i just love the crunch

  197. yeah poor pc 1 c uses the mauser gun… that why I prefer using the 20 mm
    autocanon cuz APCR got 51 mm pen haha enough get trough T-34 und the chesky
    B2 :P

  198. Such an OP tank indeed. But I can match it with my Pak40 :)) Or with my St
    vz 39 :)) Or my Matilda :)) Or my Chi-he :)) Oh wait, thinking about it, B2
    isn’t that OP much. Strong tank, it is! But not OP :)) Still, I could agree
    with QB about preferential MM. That is massive bullshit for regular player,
    that B2 will always have ideal matches all the time, and the rest (even for
    some premium tank) could go jealous and sit on the lowest tier in a match

  199. 237 comment under301 club :)

  200. So that makes a nice commercial QB?:P.
    I have it but dont play it. T4 games are boooooooooooring as shit!:P

  201. Capable of taking all the fun in the game. Sucks.

  202. The worst tank ever!

  203. It’s just a French tank ? of course it is most is not all are favourite
    tank have the French to thank for just look at the tear one

  204. FilthTank.

  205. First a asshole french arty, then a totally op HT as the tank of the week.
    GJ Wargaming!
    Well, better whip out my Marder 38T and load Gold…

  206. I eat B2 with my Matilda…. and most B2 players think they can just play
    sloppy and not get punished…. fail….

  207. That rounded part at the front of the tank isn’t a giant hatch, it is the
    spot where a low velocity anti-tank gun with a caliber of 75mm was mounted

  208. B2 meet the luchs. Holy shit…BOOM!!!

  209. B2 platoons are ridiculous, other team might at well quit.

  210. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Do I want to be completely overpowered? Hell yes, but only in a free german

  211. >what a heartbreak it would have been
    Quite the opposite in my opinion, it would have been glorious to see this
    faggot die in his OP scumbag tank.

  212. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    Err well hold on. I thought Wargaming said they want “happy players.” i
    don’t see how this is going to make players happy. :?

  213. It looks much like the france D1, D2 and B1

  214. Triston Williamson

    I want to see one of these vs a Matilda

  215. Qb that was a baaad idea… you should have at least waited until the offer
    stopped, now a lot of people will buy the b2 because of this vid
    Anyways I love your channel, continue like that, you deserve like at least
    a million more subs

  216. #paytowin

  217. Time to give the ol’ ’tilda a spin again… har har har.

  218. shut up and take my money

  219. I had it but from a code but sold it XD lol why did I do it?!!

  220. This is a joke, right? What a dirty money grab attempt by WG, selling such
    an overpowered seal clubber.

  221. Looks like its not available on NA.

  222. TupettajaARMY wow

    is quickybaby from england?

  223. Just a little snack for Hetzer, which can two shot B2 by shooting HEAT.

  224. Nice Kappa Shirt. Kappa

  225. I recently had a Luchs game as Top Tier. You see, if a light tank with a
    capable crew and a player expecting tier VII MM meets a bunch of little
    puppies… Yeah, 8 kills. Not proud of it….

  226. One word.

  227. Whats on quickys shirt? Ich bin ein … what’s the forth word????

  228. I have a S35 and i love it! ;)

  229. Stronk auto aim

  230. I absolutely love this tank. I use it to focus on Tier IVs like Matilda’s,
    DW2s, and other B1s and B2s. If a Tier III gets in my way, their funeral.

  231. lol INSANE

  232. bodan karcakovski

    Quickybaby are you going to do a rewiev on the Churchill 3 soviet tier 5
    heavy tank

  233. Leader Of KaRu gaming


  234. Frederick Schulze

    At 14:10, I wouldn’t really consider that a heartbreak. If I was playing
    that Panzer B2, I wouldn’t feel any heartbreak to be honest. I might feel
    frustrated, but I wouldn’t be as pained as if I had gotten a match like
    that in a mid-high tier tank. It just doesn’t feel as satisfying to get a
    huge game in low tiers because most of the players are new and

  235. what do you guys think the average win rate is?

  236. i want this

  237. this is disgusting

  238. sealclubbing in the purest state

  239. this is the definition of pay to win. gj wargaming welcoming new players to
    the game. disgusting

  240. QB you forgot something with the turret.. Shooting at the plate on the back
    with HE won’t work for the most tier 4 tanks, cause the caliber is so low.

  241. Tanneguy de Courcy

    Stupid and unfair.

  242. I agree a Matilda would still take this out no problem.

  243. totally balanced tank kappa

  244. when they see brit6 rolling the valentine 2 platoon, you know shits about
    to go down.

  245. I do not really see why you would feature such a replay, if not for click
    baits. It displays everything that is wrong with seal clubbing, that you,
    yourself, even state. Siplaying those replays just make these tanks more
    popular and well known, in addition to provide some kind of fame to this
    disgusting player.

  246. thanks QB to bring this to my attention. Now i have seal club tank at low

  247. this tank is badass..yea don’t like the fact I can’t pen them even when I m
    in a td

  248. Quite a lot of tier III can pen the Pz II J now
    the Renault UE 57 witht he 6pounder.
    BT7 arty
    SU 76M with the ZiS-2
    T56 GMC
    M2 medium with the derp gun
    Valentine AT with the 6 pounder
    Marder III
    and I think the tetrach

  249. Looks like I better break out the FcmPak40

  250. Yay one more OP stat padding tank -_-
    WG only cares about money

  251. Is this coming out on NA?

  252. “balanced”

  253. french premium* not german

  254. why the fuck do you do a video about this tank then?

  255. Tiger p gameplay please :)

  256. “is it worth it” you cant really say that in my opinion… every tank is
    good and bad in someway!

  257. I mostly see platoon of 3 unicums playing this tank :p seal clubbing
    bastards, well I balance them with my arty.

  258. When I saw this, I jumped so high… Came to my laptop, and was
    disappointed… Not on NA.

  259. The OI is mediocre tier for tier compared to this thing…

  260. Wanna spam APCR regurarily on some tanks that you cant even pen the weak
    spots of with AP? Then yes get it.
    Wanna get killed easily by tier 3 and 4 TD? Get it.
    Wanna train one Commander, one driver, 2 radio man? Get it.
    Back in times without APCR (and low tier heavy tanks) this thing was good.
    Nowadays, ESPECIALLY whilst events like this, where there are 15 B2 each
    side, nope. It is something special due to max tier 4 MM, but the normal
    version is still better, and has MM limited to 5.

  261. Hey QB, can you do a review of the vk 45 b? I just got it and am not sure
    what equipment to use on it. Thanks for all your videos, they have helped
    me become a better tanker.

  262. when you’re early and first comment before you watch the video

  263. Nice

  264. ShadoWolf Productions

    well then not too often im here this early

  265. why is it the heavy tanks always camping harder than ann frank?????

  266. pancakes

  267. third

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