World of Tanks – Q&A Answers

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  1. Sorry for the content drought over the past few days, I’ve been watching the Grand Finals and it’s been so damn hot I couldn’t sit down for more than an hour without sweating and creating a swamp in my chair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), seems like the heat wave is over though so we’ll be back to normal this week (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  2. Martijn Andriesse

    thanks for al youre work you doing for us mate

  3. lul Sesd watches Anfield xd

  4. Anime Jebaited

  5. Also sorry for the question repeat on hated tank and the ending, i was distracted watching the Finals while editing this lol.

    *edit judging by the comments you guys don’t read comments before posting so rip, or maybe you can’t read idk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. sound edit fail at around 11:20

  7. Is the same answer being put on repeat part of the video as a meme or was it a mess up?

  8. Sorry didn’t catch what your most hated tank is, Anfield. Can you repeat that again?

  9. At 11:10 you kinda repeated the audio Anfield xD

  10. Bruh is he retarded he answered the same question 4 times in a row

  11. Pls no more fancy anime gameplay in the background

  12. @anfield u answered 4play 4 times in the video o.O

  13. From 11:06 to 12:08, you repeated that answer 4 times in a row lol, you really the Foch tank that much?

  14. Teleportation? Wouldn’t flying there be more fun? 😀

  15. Pro At Everything

    Wtf was that when the question was the hatest tank?? XD 1 min repeating the same things ahhaha

  16. so is it the tier 9 Foch?

  17. What game was that at the end?

  18. could someone tell me what the lemmingrush comments were?

  19. Thank you @anfield. For the advice On my Second MOE on my Super P. I shoot a lot of APCR. still couldn’t break 80.7%. I gave up .

  20. I forget about q&a, i wanted to ask you: how to play e50m

  21. Recitativo あがちょんぐ

    We get it,

    you hate tier IX Foch

  22. Fernando Herrera

    So are you really enjoying the object 140 now? And how do you feel about the tier 9 amx 30?

  23. Thanks for the answers fam. Also I’d like to say thank you for taking your time answering those questions. Great seeing you replying to all the questions in the comments from your earlier vid btw. Eventually I’d like to thank you for clearing things up regarding the questions asked from your community in this vid.

  24. what happened with lemming rush??

  25. This guy is going places, not college, but places

  26. lmao he said he hated the foch like 4 times i bet no one else noticed this

  27. Andreas Kristoffersen

    Soda tastes differently in the US than EU because they use cornsirup instead of sugar in the US,

  28. what happened with QB and Lemmingrush? Lol

  29. Says he watches anime and doesn’t even watch thomas the tank engine… fml anfield. You just got exposed faker.

  30. Whats the worst tank that I played? I guess it will be the tier 9 Foch, especially after playing the 704

  31. Guess you really don’t like the T9 Foch

  32. Feature a replay or something about the GFs!!!!

  33. I’d be glad to buy you a beer for this one

  34. Prem equipment is just gonna make unicums better in pubs when they don’t don’t need tgo be better.Now that’s seal clubbing.Keep premium equipment in ranked.

  35. hey anfield, are you following the development of star citizen? That is shapping to be an epic game, are you watching it? 🙂

    Im hoping that game will be my new world of tanks <3

  36. I’m curious as to what happened between Quickybaby and LemmingRush. Can someone please explain the situation?

  37. Warcrimes incarnate

    DUDE YOU LIKE CORY IN THE HOUSE TOO? God damn, Anfield has good taste in anime too!

  38. The thing I hate about Quickybaby is that every single one of his videos is exactly the same.. same lines, same format everything is the same. just super boring

  39. you really hate tier 9 foch huh ??

  40. WE GET IT! YOU HATE THE T9 FOCH! kappa. Love the vids bro keep it up.

  41. Coke or Pepsi? Non. Both are pure poison.

  42. World of Tanks – Questions & Answers Answers? Nice meme

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