World of Tanks || QUICK AND DIRTY!

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Source: QuickyBaby

In the T57 Heavy is my go to all-American action hero when you want some fast and messy action!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I haven’t watch the video yet the the AMX 57 Kran looks a bit different since I last played

  2. happy new year! even on console its a beast have it it 3 marked and it one of the best autoloaders in the game!

  3. Dellinger the fighting fish

    “Quick And Dirty”

  4. I was just actually playing this tank yesterday and it felt like I was in love all over again

  5. Best medium and td line?

  6. So if i have 2 marks at t57, i’m equal to qb? XD

  7. Happy New Year, QB!

  8. farsælt nýtt ár og takk fyrir gamla

  9. The Real Killer B

    Did you record this video at double speed? Or, have you been self-medicating? Because you seemed to be talking really, really fast tonight (this morning)… 😉

  10. Love T57, my first 3 marked tier 10 HT.

  11. Happy new year. Does anyone know when he will release his modpack

  12. Happy new year Quacky

  13. Remove OP AUTOLODERS !!!

  14. How do you get so much bonds?

  15. Happy new year, Quicky! ?

  16. USA needs some love.

  17. Hey QB, what happened o the unique style you got from the winter boxes for this tank?

  18. Happy 2019!!!

  19. Can you do a replay for m4 sherman american tank? Happy new year!

  20. Is test server ON? cuz for 1 week its still off 4 me ?

  21. Love the daily uploads

  22. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    Happy New Year QB. Can you please upload videos about how to play Grille 15?

  23. Dirtybaby

  24. play some team battles please

  25. True….Do not see many T57’s or even E5’s. That reminds me….I never seen you playing that E5….Have you got one of those at all ? Plz show some game play

  26. IΩI ogoguel / IS_33 IΩI

    Happy new year guys 🙂


    Just like my wedding night, quick and dirty!l???

  28. Well, QuickyBaby with that thumbnail, I see your quite the sly boy aren’t you? 😉

  29. Happy New year for you and Aldo your family QB. All The Best în 2019

  30. 101st comment yeet!!

  31. This is my favorite tank! I’ve been waiting to see gameplay for the last 2 years. The one tank I don’t suck in lol

  32. He’ll yeah good vid love all your work m8 keep it up

  33. The only thing quick and dirty here is how fast he unloaded those filthy premium rounds, love the vid tho keep it up ?

  34. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    I want this thing now >.>

  35. Hold the phone…. did 6,800 damage… ace tanker with assistance damage…. i did 7,200 and 3,000 assistance and only got a first class -_-

  36. Aww yes I love my T57 heavy

  37. Happy new year Quicky

  38. I like your vids Quickybaby

  39. That’s what she said

  40. enjoy the time off 😀 and I thought I recognized the T shirt from last episode xD

  41. One of the most sexiest tanks ever in WoT.
    Too bad next similar tanks outperform him now, but still a very funny tank to play.

    Happy new year ?

  42. Bonus meme ?

  43. 1273 damage done and ace tanker??Did I heard that right? ??

  44. i beg you war gaming….just…..a LITTLE stronger turret 😀 look it like a christmas present 😀 thanks

  45. Happy new year . Im wondering if you gonna make rewiev howe are premium ammo affect gameplay and use of armor is there a point using heavy armored tanks and howe much did premium ammo usage increased

  46. Happy New year QB ! ?

  47. Happy new year

  48. Happy new year QB and to all you guys in the coments

  49. “You put one in to me i put two in to you bud” – QB 2k18

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