World of Tanks – Quickybaby and Jingles Livestream

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Where? Thursday 13 October 1800 CET (1700 UK) with me joining at 2000 CET (1900 UK)

Bonus Code, valid on EU and NA servers for all viewers, granting a mission in that awards double xp for the next ten games where you finish in the top five of your team.

Come watch carry my scrub arse once again!

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  1. 10 PM is my bedtime. Was it 10 PM, UK-time?

  2. Thanks for considering the SEA server, Jingles. GJ

  3. And this is why it sucks to live in Australia :'(

  4. Noooooo I’ll be stuck in school then D:

  5. what is the code?

  6. Does anyone else wish Jingles would try War Thunder again? I kind of miss
    him raging about what massive cock goblets Gaijn are

  7. That is 12 Noon for Eastern Time USA… 9 am Pacific

  8. Tanks, alcohol, Jingles, QB, and Ike.

    We need this, please overlord Jingles.

    And can we get a 5 min break from the salt mines a day?

  9. it’s my birthday today :)

  10. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    man, what is all that for Central US Time?

  11. The livestream starts at nine where i am, in the morning

  12. The Jingles is summoned!

  13. Well thats the stream gone….. just going to be chat spam…

  14. shame i cant watch this after it’s done… I’ll be in school all day

  15. 10 am tomorrow CST over here in canada will be 5 pm in the UK

  16. well, i will go to sleep before the code is revealed

  17. See you there. Carrying Quickybabys ass :)

  18. North Atlantic Terror Organization der kommunist


  19. Ha, you’re not wrong about SEA. Just getting 9.16 today. Look forward to
    the stream.

  20. Hmm, that works out to about about noon US Central Time for QuickyBaby’s
    start, and about 14:00 for when you join in. I should be able to make that.
    Looking forward to it as I’ve never seen you play live before.

  21. Hyped!

  22. Why do you ruin the Jingles experience with TwattyBby?

  23. c and a vlogs/n games

    i go to fun fiar then aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww

  24. They need a Oceanic server…

  25. And next time better, Jingles and QB make a recruitment for the British

  26. Gonna be there 🙂 i got birthday today ^^

  27. That would be 12noon EST in the States.

  28. Eastern Standard Time

  29. i hope there will be some matches with timed battle start so we can get to
    same match

  30. 2am in the morning for me so oh well but I wish everyone fun – should be a

  31. You would have to pick the night when I’m having dinner with my parents.
    While you folks are enjoying WoT I’ll be enjoying delicious crêpes at a
    superb crêperie, accompanied by perfect Breton cider and some wine.

    …Yeah, on second thought, that’s absolutely fine. ^_^

  32. You insult your skill to mutch, that is not fun anymore. it reminds me
    story of good looking women, who says he is ugly.

  33. SORRY i was at school, hope I shall have a see of a recording of your game

  34. Marshmellows Sundaes

    Will the Bonus code be available for Asia server?

  35. #TheMightyJingles Thanks 4 nothing from the always forgotten SEA server

  36. Does the code work on console

  37. Blunder bolt and Lead foot ride again.

  38. Can you promise NOT to play Tog platoon?

  39. Jingles, please start giving out codes that work on console too :(

  40. and i have to work! bummer!!

  41. Great! I’ll be watching your scrub arse.

  42. Will these codes work on consoles?????

  43. Once again SEA gets shafted.

  44. uh what time is that in australia

  45. jingles is so cute wait WHAT

  46. Hopefully we see the return of the esports driving Tog platoon !

    (Tog seems to fight even fiercer when on its side 😉 )

  47. ASIAN?? whennn thanks jingles-sama

  48. Jingles, sir, I strongly suggest, that you do your own twitch show, and
    forget about that ass-wipe, who is just using your popularity, to get his
    money, a.k.a “support” as you like to pronounce it. You would get many more
    viewrs, than HE does…try at least thinking about it, you can thank me

  49. that means staying up all night to watch jingles, ah fuck

  50. I bloody love those livestreams!

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