World of Tanks || QuickyBaby goes 1 vs 5…

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– WZ-132A. Today I’m put to the test going 1 vs 5 in the T9 light the WZ-132A.

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  1. Hope you enjoy this round! One of my favourites recently!

    Chinese light Tech Tree Showcase: Live Now!

  2. fritz jhun verdad

    that bump in the dead tank made me shout lol

  3. Congrats on the great game QB

  4. how do change your camera view

  5. Yeah… you fail to mention that this magic is in part made possible by being top tier with only three top tier tanks on each side; +most+ battles, the light tanks are bottom tier/two tiers below the heavy tanks; its a different game. #kickingpuppies

  6. mmmmmmmmmm bacon…

  7. Daniel Hjelmberg

    Nice match, watch a lot of your videos on YouTube

  8. Александар Кнежевић

    Nice game, nice commentating 🙂

  9. And this is Pod Racing

  10. mods??? please all the mods

  11. Remember when Dez Games researched this tank.. OH WAIT

  12. You hit 5k subs nice

  13. Mister Lonelyman

    Please create more map like this.

  14. Pablo Felipe Alfonso Salgado Gonzalez

    this was on stream ?

  15. and that’s why the strv 103 0 has still 47% winrate at 53k games

  16. Chance Yarborough

    This replay really helps me improve on light tank skills

  17. If there making sure that a light doesn’t act like a midi am why did they nerd the speed and the view range

  18. HeartCrack…..Almost broken!

  19. Does anyone know what stream is this from? I’d love to see the live reactions.

  20. Henri Liimatainen

    this is an excellent tank

  21. I also went 5 vs 1 once. Couldn’t sit down for a month

  22. the wz-132a got the pen the mobilety the dpm the alpha but not the dispersion!

  23. Malinoka is a good map for light tanks but a terrible map for entertaining 1 V 5

  24. Kolobanov’s? Is that the one that everybody wants? Nice game btw

  25. yey XD

  26. Ah shyt i just ruined 4444 likes on this video 🙁 sorry QB 🙁

  27. Any 500k sub special coming…?

  28. Vytenis Kajackas

    You should stay in the midle of the map as long as possible… I almost alway get 2k or more assistant for one or two shoots.

  29. “He derped me.”

    That word does not mean what you think it means.

  30. all that 15 meters behind the bush stuff is such a bs, I’ve been killed so many times because of that

  31. W.O.W GG QB!!!!

  32. that was a great game to watch, thanks for that. ^^

  33. very nice gameplay – but I’m wondering about the Strv at least.

  34. STRANGE…Dr. Strange… sometimes u miss whitout any explanation regarding ur stats…. on that RU, on that skorp, on T71 first shoot… very strange! but kolobanov is worth it!

  35. Of course you are really skilful Mr QB, but pls dont say again that light tanks are that bad, or they should be better.

  36. That was the absolute stupidest strv i have ever seen. Why were you still in siege mode when you could just go back to travel mode and 45km/h away and then get a way better chance at killing QB. 53k games ? Really ?

  37. JESUS. You are awesome! 😀

  38. why not fadin’s XD

  39. How much will it cost me to build a pc to run WOT at decent/good graphics?

  40. Oh no – DESASTER!

  41. I believe Mrs. Tanya played this game. you’re not this good. you’re just taking credit. HEIL TANYA

  42. DezGames is very jealous of this replay hahaha

  43. WZ-132A – 390m view range
    Lowe – 400m view range

  44. Hey qb who is playing on your account? Because you don t play that much

  45. wait wtf how that the retical dosnt jump up when you aim at someone????

  46. No, some of the bushes have far less camo factor, even if they are not transparent. Not that you can actually find those stats anywhere, it’s another one of those Wargaming brainfarts.
    Don’t consistently rely on none-transparent bushes to actually provide camo, especially in critical map locations.

    I’ve lost count of how often I’ve fired from none-transparent bushes to then casually be spotted still by my target.

  47. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How does the strv not have gud turn time in Idiot Mode??

  48. congratulations on 500k qb

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