World of Tanks || QuickyBaby goes 1 vs 7

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World of Tanks – Pz. VII. Today I’m going 1 vs 7 in the brand new T10 the .

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  1. i’ve never aim when blind fire with arty into the cap circle, no aim let RNG decide my fate, work 50% of the time tho !

  2. gg, gg

  3. umm… u blocked 1550 from gwe100 and no reaction? Can’t imagine the gwe100 player’s reaction lol

  4. sixth sense should not be in game!.

  5. Your replays are really great .. because you my way of playing have changed a lot … but i’ve a lot of new words on this channel … thanks 😀

  6. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Good job QB, proud of you dude =)

  7. What is with XVM laging and dugs like loading forever?
    any help, ty.

  8. Hi , cant make a video with your setting grafics in world of tank . Tanks !

  9. QuickyBaby Upload the videos of the tech trees in youtube

  10. I certainly have learnt a lot of things in this video. What I loved most was the last move at the end of the game to drive sideways and take cover behind the land.

  11. Noone mentions the little excited about moment he crushes/grinds the Strv 1038 to death with the underside of his tanks and the tracks??? hahaha..literally just grinds it away…hilarious

  12. where is john?

  13. QuickyBAby: Blood to the head
    The Mighty Jingles: Shit to the brain

  14. I thought this video was about Pz I vs Pz VII

  15. Orzanel won against 9 in medium… try again.

  16. Would love to know how you compare this to the VK72.01K

  17. QuickyBaby..plz make a tank review and ace tanker gameplay on VK.100.1P..

  18. Everybody please sub to me i make videos daily and i could use the help

  19. Oneshot10 Oneshot10

    i always blidfire randomly it has nothing to do woth bushes because i think that other player want to avoid exactly that by driving away from bushes

  20. gg Quickybaby

  21. Dominykas Švilpa


  22. like normal whenever you show us your play it is nothing but great, but I do wonder how many games you had to play to get the right one. On another note when you tell us to go to your twitch account the people in America doesn’t see your live play s since your seven hours different than is. the question is. Is it that you just don’t care that America can’t watches any live event that you’re putting on?.

  23. 1vs7 in new super op heavy tanks easy.its clear wg monkeys dump down the game for absolut no level of skill to make more money!

  24. nice game of long time ago you are talking for this kolobanov medal congratulations ? you very much want it bravo!!!

  25. Hey Quicky! I am getting pc version (i have blitz) in a week or so once my desktop arrives, so ill try and send good replays!

  26. gj,i play this tank on test server ..awesome gun and very good armor

  27. That jagdtiger was a horrible player

  28. At tier 6 the FV304 love’s it when you hide in the “banana”.

  29. If that jagtiger was smart he had used HE

  30. 6:41 Triangle? Illuminati confirmed.

  31. So awsome that I saw this match live :p

  32. Can you guys give me some decent suggestions for a good non-premium Tier 3 Light/Medium/Heavy tank

  33. Anyone else see that his opponents are always morons? Most of his replays show him playing against bad players who just sit in their positions while he takes them out. The reality is, this tank is a turd cause it gets penned in places where it shouldn’t and reload is super slow. It also extremely weak against arty as shown a single shot from arty will take out half of your HP.

    Second, it is obvious he pays so much for this game that he gets preferential MM or perhaps sponsored by WG.

  34. How do i send you video clips of my game?

  35. QB, i do not know whether u will read this or not, but don’t worry about what people say, like my mum always tells me, you can’t shut people’s mouth but you can shut your ears, some people are jealous cause they can’t be as good as you, and they will find ever possible things to bring you down. stay awesome QB, you’re the best!

  36. Foch was having a lot of trouble acing this tank, and bitching a lot about how bad it is. QB got pretty lucky in this game, but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving streamer.

  37. Aaron Kenneth Bernaldo

    Why does this video has 13sec difference between the audio and visual?

  38. M41 HMC replay

  39. e100 or pz kzfw 7 ?

  40. idiot jagdtig..if i wer him i will fire HE shells..

  41. Wow, proplay from Quicky. Don’t wanna mess with you in WoT sir :))

  42. Now that it is mentioned I do notice most of my times I get 1-shot killed by arty are on Mines.

  43. Very well played Mr Frampton.

  44. обычно такие животные играют в моей тиме

  45. QB, do you also have the Live Gameplay from this? Where can I find it if you do? I would be really interested in that! 😛

  46. 2:31 please meme this

  47. Nice to see a tank to aim for ! Ps, you are wearing my wifes nightie!!

  48. QB I’m unsubscribing from your channel and going to SirFoch. I was following your channel for over 2 years, but are stuck in WG ass too deep

  49. what a disgrace from Jagdtiger, that gun can shoot twice and never bounce.

  50. yeaaaah t92 can splash 8m, but he miss like 20m so….RNG do not love t92 too much

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