World of Tanks – Radley Medal with Meatheadmilita

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  1. TheLeagueofUnextraordinaryGamers Liam

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    Let me just get some quotes in here shall we
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    families and God. I pray that at least one of you believes what I say – for
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    Hahaha, yet you were still happy to take donations from people for the
    production of the modpack aswell as not hand out refunds for your greedy
    nature even though you didn’t fucking finish it.
    If there was a god… There isn’t by the way,all we have to do is take a
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    Anyway back on topic you money grabbing lying Jew, here you are still
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    What a humble motherfucker right ?

  2. good game

  3. what’s your real life job?

  4. what is gone happen whit the modpack ?

  5. pro i liked your video continue the good job also in the replays do you
    know what to download to activate free camera view ?anyways we should
    platton more lol xD

  6. do normalization of your intro and rest of video, too loud man :/

  7. well played!

  8. Did it first

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