World of Tanks || RAINBOW OF DEATH

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Let’s check out the main April fool’s joke of 2015 by – rainbow suitcases of destruction! Everyone gets to play as artillery!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. First 1 your great quick baby always watch you

  2. Quicky is the man! Thank you QB for all your videos. It has helped me a lot
    on improving my wot skills.

  3. I love your videos so much

  4. BedRockProductions95

    34th like :)

  5. BedRockProductions95

    Is the II J on sale for NA?

  6. Wy does that tank cost so much??

  7. Modern tanks are joke???? They made me cry :'( I thought it’s real…. Like
    if you cry every day

  8. My one chance to get the PZ ii j and its omly avable on the eu server

  9. it was lol

  10. cant stand the random nature of the gun handling since the last round of
    RNG changes

  11. i am glad people around me dont do this stupid jokes. 

  12. Sorry I can’t hear you over Sandstorm WHAT?!

  13. How can i activate the mode, when you can fly over the mam while watching
    replay ?

  14. I think that Walkers and “Parody of World of Tanks” in War Thunder was a
    lots better :D

  15. I guess you could say…

    You sent him packing

  16. “A lot of money and no sense,” you called it QB.

  17. My favorite class in the game actually IS artillery!

  18. Hrculasjnr Pretorius

    Hey thanks qb for the awesome vid it was really funny and made me lagh

  19. Thanks for sharing this 😉 not lucky enough to play atm :|.

  20. war thunder got better specials

  21. i love killing pz 2js in my pz 2g ive killed about 15 of them so far
    because that little 95 pen 3cm just wrecks them and weirdly they bounce off
    you constantly

  22. So when QuickyBaby was talking about the modern tanks for teirs 11 ot 13
    was that a prank by wargaming or is that really going to happen ?

  23. its weird that they implemented what artillery should have been to the game
    as an april fools joke. it should have been a consumable for light tanks
    because then arty would actually aim at relevant targets instead of
    shooting at tier 8s mediums in t92s.

  24. thatbattlefield dude

    Spg is favorite class? Yea right. If it is their is something seriously
    wrong with the people playing this game 

  25. that was awesome. I think that is better than the Ponyland Airforce in War
    Thunder 2 years ago.

  26. Hell yeah new tiers.

  27. So when QuickyBaby was talking about the modern tanks for teirs 11 ot 13
    was that a prank by wargaming or is that really going to happen ?

  28. mejah wargaming classic even grindy when trying to be funny

  29. Was the Pz II J really available? No joke!?!?

  30. That was beautiful…

  31. Wow this is a cool April 1st treat for us all. I wish it lasted for ever

  32. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    How do you do the free camera during a replay?

  33. they really bothered making a animation for T11 tanks only for it to be a

    that’s kinda fucked.

  34. Taste the rainbow!

  35. Those 2 arties werent scumbags,the lake was directly behind them and they
    didnt try to drown themselves…


  37. Is the Pz ll J + 35k gold worth it ?

  38. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Wow THIER trying to compete with armored warfare

  39. For once quicky I have to dislike this video. I did not like what you
    called the arty. They are NOT scumbags if they go down fighting.

  40. used it once today thought it was great lol

  41. I got my Pz II J at gamescom and now everyone can buy one… now its
    nothing special anymore 🙁 

  42. Aka Warpack

  43. Is it just me or does quicky look about 16 in this video

  44. so is LJN people included with wargaming? just asking because of the
    “rainbow of death”.

  45. I’m death


  47. oh that shiny ring

  48. Gaijin won this april fools day imo. they got KV2 Mechs and rubber shermans
    that fire potatoes

  49. As if artillery wasn’t annoying enough already. 

  50. Orbital Friendship Cannon confirmed.

    Also this is how artillery should be in the game. Well, mostly. A one-time
    consumable, preferable a premium that you pay a crapload of credits for.
    That way you could still have it for clutch fights but it can’t be used to
    dump on everyone in the game like current SPGs are.

  51. I hope they bring the PZ2J to the NA server :(

  52. QB says Moscow as if he were American

  53. When r u going to do stb-1 review? U said that u will do one for ages now.

  54. were can I get the camara mod that quickybaby have?

  55. Why are they not selling the PZ 2 j in america?

  56. take that u obsidian entertainment bitches

  57. Karl was WAY better

  58. Worst Aprils fool of wg ever.. 

  59. Glad I watched your video before logging onto wot, I won’t be playing today
    b/c of the possibility of more death from above suitcases.

  60. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but honestly IMO, War Thunders April fools
    is better.

  61. Lol I used a Rainbow Suitcase of Death while playing in my Dicker Max to
    kill a TOG who was on 8 kills. We were the last ones on our teams. Best Use

  62. Hi should i buy T34 or Löwe or IS-6 ?

  63. Tiers 11 through 13? Hell YES!

  64. Suitcase is OP…plz nerf

  65. So someone took the time to actually model out the suitcases to the point
    that you can read the stickers on the side. They really take April 1st
    rather seriously. I am one of those old people who hate April 1st and can
    not wait for it to be over. My sense of humor is a bit…dry.

  66. Taste the rainbow, m8s.

  67. On the NA server, they say theyre doing submarine tanks.

  68. OMFG, the “add music button”

  69. Interesting that they had that game mechanic modeled. I wonder if this was
    an alternate implementation of arty they had developed and never used.
    Just toss a rainbow and suitcase effect and you have an April Fools joke

  70. it must suck to get double tapped by arty (if they use the suit case also)

  71. Shenanigans? Do tell…

  72. QuickyBaby forgot to mention that the Pz. Kpfw. II J actually has gold for
    100€ as well. So technically the tank itself is free.

  73. To be honest, i was unable to attend that event. Went to work and when i’ll
    be back, it will be over.

  74. Anyone else on Asian server crashing to desktop right after the loading
    screen finishes ?

  75. Good job
    More pls 

  76. Had so much fun damaging tanks with rainbow suitcases today…made me

  77. Taste the rainbow 

  78. I like this wayyyy better than last year. The rainbow of death! Lolz

  79. I like how he has 17 HEAT(skill) rounds.

  80. Wish i was allowed to play on weekdays

  81. Yay more tanks to piss off with my Marder 2

  82. How to balance the game:
    Remove playable Arty/SPG and give every player ability to shoot once as SPG
    for every 10th kill they made. !!!


  83. quickybaby are you going to be doing world of warship videos or no?

  84. Just didn’t have the time to play today to get the kills to garner this
    prize; too bad! Did see it used a few times.

  85. That is absolutely hilarious.

  86. War Gayming feeling the heat (ha ha) from Armored Warfare.

  87. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    I would love to see WG use the Ratte in an april fools sceme.

  88. So, with the expanded tiers we will see 13 90’s facing off against Abrams
    and Challenger 2’s? Um…..yeah. Also, how will WG even quantify the
    various ammo types for these tanks for unknowns like the T90 much less gun
    performance? Ablative armour armour performance as well as composite
    armour, seeing as all the technical specs are still classified, will be
    guessing at best and the typical bouncing everything off commie armour at
    worst. WG can’t even manage the tanks and performance parameters for the
    ones they already have and yet they now want to move to modern armour? This
    has *CLUSTERFUCK* written all over it.

  89. pz 2 j isn’t for sale on the US server :(

  90. i actually dodged a few of those my self and i was lagging and didn’t even
    take damage even though it killed one of my team members.

  91. Go look at the war thunder April fools day events if they are still up, if
    not you can just watch videos of it

  92. i got april fools day trolled by wargaming except it wasn’t a suit case it
    was a t28 cross map randomly firing and blowing my huge KV2 head clean off.
    btw i was on full hp and it was like the first 10 sec of the game

  93. So what about the tier XI? Just and April fools joke? xD

  94. they should make the arty thing perminent but does less damage and only one
    shot use in one battle

  95. I liked the karl better.

  96. I killed a T49 with that suitcase barrage, he literally had no Idea what
    hit him

  97. QB, did you see WT’s April fools? IT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!

  98. du dududuududud!!!

  99. Looked like the only rounds except for Quickie baby being used were gold.

  100. Thank you QuickyBaby for the great vid as always, and that was awesome. :)

  101. Who else saw it live xD

  102. Yo dawg, we heard you like arty so we made all tanks arty.. enjoy!

  103. Wish Wargaming would allow/input that same mechanic into regular random
    battles. Like a consumable bought a around 20,000 credits and a one use
    item that is a 5 artillery gun barrage. It would be nice, fun, and ideal
    for certain matches.

  104. gg

  105. would love to buy it byt wargaming said fuck u, u get a shitty btsv, and
    and euros get the good tank

  106. Wait so the modern tanks is a joke?

  107. QB, 4,000 damage meh could have been better me WOAH WTF 10 DAMAGE IM THE

  108. Nebu7ous - World of Tanks Xbox 360

    Nice video QB! Keep up the good work!

  109. Great i dont have my pc to play wot

  110. you should have added the song “Fireworks” of KP in that slowmo :lol

  111. wooh the fucking abrams finally! <3 ;)

  112. Benjamin Dergovits

    I think they are testing something like atillery strike in normal battels
    which can be buyed like medipacks. And they tested it out during yesterday.
    Hopefully they are adding it to the game. I think it would be much more

  113. On Russian servers the artillery strike/payload often reffered to as
    suitcase/luggage (wot slang), that is what this april fools joke is based

  114. Whoot love it

  115. When are you gonna show the t29 vid about blocking 3x times your health

  116. well I was one od the silly dudes with a lots of money….. and It was
    worth it 100%

  117. Filip Priečinský

    how to activate this fucking suitcase in garage??? HELP ME OR I KICK THIS

  118. Is the modern tanks a joke or not because they might be hinting something
    their it would also lower the prices of all the lower tier tanks making the
    grind much more desirable for those not using gold. I myself would love
    this if it were true. 

  119. you’re overreacting to the damn presents.

  120. I prefer the arty strike like that because It don’t punish by a one shot
    “noobs campers” in the 1st line.

    You have a warning signal to say “move your ass or you will be reck” so
    it’s anti camping and that’s good.
    The alpha isn’t so hight so you can escape from It.

    I think wg should introduce It without the raimbow skin in the entire game
    and remove arty’s because arty’s makes me camping and it’s not fair.
    I think 1 arty strike per battle for every battle would be ok

  121. Will the tier 11 be on world of tanks blitz

  122. WTF I didnt have that artillery green circle when I activated secret weapon
    there was artillery view but there were no aiming circle …

  123. That moment when your pc broke down and all your favorite games are pulling
    this kind of awesome stuff :,(

  124. OP

  125. i killed a tank too with my first rainbow strike. i didn’t know it did
    damage. i thought it was just visual effects.

  126. Good show, WoT. It’s all about fun, after all! Creative. I saw a rainbow
    strike while I was playing this morning.

  127. If you think this is good. Try xbox, we get chaffes on the moon!

  128. KomodoRino Gamer

    If only it was on Xbox

  129. No sense… yup that’s me…

  130. So… The Artillery Suitcase is roughly a ‘during-event’ time only shitty
    cheap copy of War Thunder Ground Forces’ basic artillery consumable?

  131. modeled after a suitcase?? .. is that a ref to RanZar’s animation?

  132. Super Unicorn

  133. I prefer Karl

  134. warthunders event was much better, freaking AT-ST style KV2 walkers 

  135. was fun to use

  136. And yet again Gaijins ahs times better events (this year two of them) for
    April fools day. And boy is it interesting. But this.. Lazy and obviously
    not much thought put into it .. Also HitPoints Potato Tank in WT
    >>>>>>>>>>>> WoT

  137. isnt the modern tanks an april’s fool?

  138. jeffrey schreuder

    the suitcase you can really abbuse you can use arty mode in any tank if you
    dont use it

  139. I love it because it is so funny

  140. Crogamer productions

    Tier 11 and 13 tanks this wil ne Crazy!!

  141. they should model them as ebola instead lol, and I think this is how arty
    should be implemented in this game instead of how it is right now

  142. First time i saw this coming I was like… oh shit aliens coming, we all
    gonna die xD

  143. i want a panzer j , why was it not in usa

  144. such pretty colours

  145. Just for your information Quicky, the reason why it is suitcase is because
    Russians call artillery shell as “чемодан” or suitcase to pack you to

  146. MrTankRoar Rommel

    Think that was good? That was crap compared to epic war thunder which was
    amazing and fulfilled my childhood dreams of driving a AT-AT walker from
    Star Wars

  147. unfortunately this already exist in WOT, that’s called the Warpack mod ….

  148. Arūnas Beliauskas

    Hey QB, great replay 😀
    Can you explain me how to go into free camera mode? I want to fly around
    map, but my camera always on my tank.

  149. A joke within a joke, impressive. People hate arty, so why not troll people
    even harder by adding rainbow arty suitcases rofl.

  150. I agree what Erik says , yes it is a lot of money but also a lot of fun ,
    and is this not the reason to play an arcade game , there are much to many
    guys out in WOT wo take this game to seriously , it is a GAME , i buyed
    one and had fun , thats what only matters no matter what QB says

  151. Rolling around at the speed of sound
    Got places to go gotta follow my RAINBOW

  152. The German Leopard 1A5, i think they mean the 2A5, because the 2A5 is as
    good as the M1 Abrams (or even better). The 1A5 is to old for this.

  153. I slept though all of this and ended up not checking WoT… I don’t regret
    it though; I finished Half-Life 1 last night though. 

  154. Its a joke?

  155. No April Fools video, huh?


  156. On WoT Blitz (for mobile) there vas a dating add on and sone zombie

  157. Marc van den Elzen

    Yesterday i was like wtf is that on the map? Did they put something new in
    the game, but it was a rainbow suitcase i see xD

  158. this was such fun but I do think war thunders AT ST/ST-1 walkers were

  159. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Remove arty and put this arty mechanic in. Game fixed.

  160. What did u install/do that it shows your damage on the top 

  161. “If you have a lot of money, and no sense” :D

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