World of Tanks || RAMPAGE – Steel Hunt

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Check out the new T10 only Gamemode in patch 9.10.

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Any tips on getting past tier 6 cause after that it get pretty tough
    without going like all night

  2. World of Autoloaders

  3. Stefan Ditlev Jønsson

    There seems to be some error in this.
    In the game you are killing a tank at 6:08 with your T57 Heavy tank, but in
    the post game stats it doesn’t show, you can look at the BC and the WT but
    not the T57. And again at 12:50 you mention 2 tanks, but in reallity you
    played 3 tanks ?

    Are the game you showed and the post game stats from 2 different games or
    what is going on ?

  4. Do some E75 pls

  5. The Economy of this game mode is unfair, i run a standard account and so
    making 3,000 credits on a win is garbage compared to -10,000-20,000 credits
    for a loss.
    Guess you could say you trade credits for more xp

  6. Ethan “SkyWarrior1030” Dai

    T 62 A or Obj. 140? The gun depression on t62 is terrible making it
    difficult to use ridges. Obj 140 turret is quite weak.

  7. You played the T57 aswell wich isn’t listed in the stats, is that a bug?

  8. That crew experience is only for those tanks though…

  9. unfortunately wot become retarded game, complete waste of time and effort
    due to constant “adjustments”, broken match making and poor map choices
    (yes i know there are few maps but how many of you played one or two the
    same maps for a few hours as there is no way of choosing map?).
    And the game is NOT historically realistic in any shape the only realistic
    are the vehicle models all the rest of it is pure nonsense crafted to
    achieve average win ratio of 50%. So if you don’t do clan thing, well you
    are crew up…

  10. I play Domination since in it you can use tier8 tanks. I’m playing with t28
    and t28 prototypeand end up earning on average 1k exp for each even on
    defeat. And I really don’t like grinding those two in random battles.

  11. Every Tier X tank? Even the sky pigs?

  12. I haven’t done Steel Hunt myself as I’m a team play focused player, but I
    have played a chunk of Domination.

    I’m loving it. As someone who doesn’t do CW, Strongholds, or other Clan
    play I finally have a game mode to use my 10s in! Most of the ones I have
    aren’t very efficient for it, but it’s nice to shake the dust off them
    anyway and get some use out of all the resources that went in to them.

    Rewards there seem to be in line with regular matches from my first
    impressions. Though with probably only 250 matches in my 5 10s and none
    recently, I can’t really swear by that. It just lines up with what I

  13. Is the audio behind the video for anyone else?

  14. Vilin and Snrk on Na server and doing count ins and so they have 4 people
    in a battle and they dont shoot each other and just help one person win.
    its extremely frustating

  15. The player base of this game is mostly useless inbred shit bags.


    I’d like this for lower tiers
    Luchs FTW


    You sir, have way too much time on your hands! Although I do miss my T57
    Heavy :(

  18. no donkey teamkiller or afk teamates :D

  19. yeah except on NA you are hard pressed to find a group for it

  20. I think the game mode is fun but it kinda sucks for the people that cant
    afford to buy premium account everytime they play because if you dont do
    well (im just an average joe) then say goodbye to 100k credits so its just
    not fun losing that much per game and if your not a great player then the
    chances of winning are slim it really makes me sad to play the game and
    lose progress 🙁 anyways thx QB for the videos i love them all keep up the
    good work ^_^

  21. I don’t have any t10s so I guess this game mode is useless to me; no exp to
    go to any tanks.

  22. what if I don’t have that tier 10 tank and its a rental. where do the exp

  23. I quit this game now all I do is watch other people play yeaaa!!!

  24. I always knew Quickybaby was a bit of a no life but damn. All Tier 10
    tanks? Damn

  25. QB you get new PC?

  26. God dangit i only have tier 7…

  27. Rampage is useless to me. Only have 1 tier10 and I don’t think a JpzE100
    would be good for either mode, at least with me only having 1 tier10 tank

  28. ugh…. here we go again, if you don’t purchase premium account you lose
    1000’s of credits just playing this… I know, I know, it’s Tier X. But the
    first time they tried this it was more of an abomination because any noob
    could just jump in and play.. but now you rent or use your own. Which is an
    improvement, but I think they should have a rotation system all the way
    down to about Tier VI at least for us poor saps that have lives you
    know…. :-(

  29. how do you have every tier x?

  30. If you get all this XP on crew then it is not a complete waste of time.
    But tier X always was a dead end generating only crew XP and free XP.
    Problem is if you are grinding other tanks. Then you don’t have time
    getting distracted by this game mode.
    I would like there to be a repair circle in the corner of the map where I
    can stand in a bat155 and reload twice as fast. Muuuhahahahaahaha.

  31. Custom paint would be nice, it’s world of duty xD you get killstreaks here.

  32. Steel hunt really is the mode to play. No need to carry anyone else, tons
    of credits if youre decent, tons of exp, unlimited respawns and fun

  33. what if i dont have a is7 yet but use the rent-tank and level up that crew?
    can i use that crew later for my own is7 when i finaly have it, Mr.
    schönen Gruß aus Deutschland! :)

  34. So ppl with no tier 10s can’t play?

  35. It looks like new tactic for selling premium account. If you aren’t prem
    account user, you will lose so much money in 7 mins.

  36. It’s a great game mode but if you solo steel hunt it is pretty if you don’t
    have an autoloader.

  37. BS buddy, quick BS, how about touching on the subject of how WG screwed up
    map rotation and limited the maps for low tiers while at the same time
    removing maps that gave new players a chance to learn how this game works
    eg. Malinovka and Province… and leavin POS like Mittengard in the

  38. The IS-7 kill at the start makes me sick. You should never be able to clip
    a tier 10 heavy thats so dumb cant wait till they remove the WT-E100 but
    other than that nice video
    QB love your gameplays keep em coming.

  39. Why give autoloader the fast initial load up makes anyone playing non
    autoloader at a disadvantage. Main reason to play autoloader is the ability
    to clip a tank main disadvantage is reload time taking away the
    disadvantage is unfair to non autoloader tanks. you can see why quicky
    picked 3 autoloaders in his line up.

  40. Cool just never gonna get to play it :(

  41. they need to fix the earnings for the top 3-5 players so that you dont piss
    away your credits. i didnt realise it until id played about 14 games and i
    won 3 and didnt come lower than 5th in a single game and i never fired a
    prem shot but i lost over 200k credits :(

  42. with a premium he earned 57,230 credits. Without a premium he would have
    earned 3,127 credits

  43. this is my favorite game mode wg has added in a long time its so much fun
    🙂 although autoloaders are a bit too powerful right now.

  44. i have no tier 10 auto loaders but i have found that the is4 object 140 and
    maus are my favorite tabks for my line up the e100 is kind of meh the
    reload is way too long and the minor buff to the maus has helped a massive
    amount to how effective you can be in battle.

  45. What happened to the stats of his T57??

  46. So This game mode is basically a free for all? I like it and the concept of

  47. Wargaming taking ques from War Thunder.

  48. Another variation of the useless Dumbination failmode.

  49. The other game mode is awesome for grinding the tier 9’s. Getting so much
    exp and credits in so little time :P

  50. After the Rampage event has finished, will we get given the crew out of the
    rental tanks?

  51. “before playing remove premium consumables and premium ammo”
    Starts off with WT auf E 100 with large repair and first aid, chocolate and
    premium shells…
    Oh QB.

  52. QB is OP. Please nerf

  53. I’m almost to the amx 30 tho but I only have 400,000 credits

  54. I’m only on tier 8 and I got the IS 7 to rent

  55. I wish I had a tier 10:-(

  56. two 183mm HESH rounds 5 seconds apart? me like!

  57. Ah. You need to actually own the T10 tanks in advance…

  58. New game modes only favor the already ridiculously OP auto loaders. No room
    for anything else.

  59. How do you get that hit log on the bottom??

  60. Have you heard of a tank called landkrezer

  61. I thought I can get my missing Steel Hunt Achievement for winning in
    platoon, but sadly that’s imposible.

  62. It will be much better if we can train or test all the tier 10 not just 3
    tier 10 and we have to rent them very lame

  63. So who does not have tier 10 tanks takes the dick in the anus i see

  64. Love these videos. Keep them up.

  65. This game mode is permanent right? It’s fun

  66. quickybaby just asking why dont you use the mod that add multiple rows for
    your tank in the main menu doesnt it get annoying having to scroll through
    all your tanks?

  67. Looks like an utterly brainless bum rush. Will probably be hugely popular
    with the remaining player base.

  68. Can rent tank by getting wins.. LOL good luck with that in pug games 8wins
    in a row.

  69. Guys, go to your depot, and click on the dropdown menu for nations, there
    is a new one at the bottom, Czechoslovakia

  70. Two things to say about Rampage:
    1. I hate it when people play the gamemode with tier 8 tanks (and they are
    not light tanks). Seriously, IS-6 is not a good tank against tier 10’s.
    2. You will lose money like trash. One day I played with those 3 rental
    tanks and got 100 000 credits. Well, just the repair cost was 75k credits!

  71. So hey guys?!?!?!? WAUUUUUTTTTTT. jkjk nice vid QB ;)))

  72. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Wargaming has apparently decided to ruin this game. Turn it into Call of
    Duty shit.

  73. What to do if we want to play this game mode but don’t like IS7 T-62A and
    AMXB :?

  74. try to find me quicky it’s bryce74 i play the noemal game with no repowes i
    dont play nothing els


  76. 70 comet

  77. Very good game mode for the top 10% of the players, horrible for medium and
    bad players, you will loose money every game and make little to no xp
    simply because u will get OWNED over and over by the uberplayers…..

  78. I would enjoy the mode on the new map if the spawns were more randomized
    and if you couldn’t platoon in the mode. It’s free for all, not 3 VS ALL.
    The first time I tried this mode, I spawned in my IS-7 and was immediately
    surrounded by a FV215b 183 and T-62a that were platooned with a third
    somewhere else on the map. I almost instantly died, and then respawned in
    the SAME SPOT, just to die again right off the bat without much say in the
    matter. Truly unfair to rng, this gamemode is.

  79. Does anyone know if this game mode will come to World of Tanks Blitz? The
    mobile version of WoT. Looks hella fun.

  80. Crap game mode but it clearly shows Wargaming’s new direction to turn the
    game into a Counter Strike with tanks game.

  81. one game i was reloading with BC25t and running away from 2 enemy t62A and
    i fired an arty strike in front of me. the 2 meds run into it and the first
    t62 gets detracked and the 2nd rams into him. so i got away alive and had
    the time to reload.

  82. at the victory show i went on a T55A. and went in it. it was epic. and
    fired the machine gun. OMG it was awsome. £25 each. was in/on it while it

  83. man I wish this game mode was available for the xbox one.

  84. i think this is unfair to players that dont have tier 10 or 8 tanks like
    players with the max tank tier 7 or 6

  85. I’m really enjoying this gamemode already. I hate the reliability on team
    mates on random battles, I only have a 49% win ratio. But because it’s just
    me I’ve been winning so much more than random battles.

  86. picks 3 autoloaders guess why ;)

  87. 1320th yeye

  88. This will be hard on the haters since there are no teams to blame, insult
    and betray. Saboteurs wont be too happy either.
    Steel Hunt is the cherry no WoT’s top. The Top Gun of tanks. I’m loving it!
    gl & hf

  89. Pan swojego murzyna

    such a warthunder rip off

  90. Another thing the PC version has that the Xbox version doesn’t. Xbox
    doesn’t get the personal missions that PC does (we instead get “Ops” which
    are stupid little goals that often give you a tiny reward when compared to
    what you have to accomplish). We also don’t get as much detail about our
    tanks (namely the vehicle weight, weight of upgrades, and what upgrades are
    compatible with what vehicles). And right now, we don’ t even have the
    Japanese heavies.
    On a different note though, would anyone else like to see a TDM game mode
    (with respawns, of course) in World of Tanks?

  91. These game mods are not that much fun.

  92. why wasn’t the T-57 that you played in the after battle results?

  93. damn this video is naughty with closed captions on…. “triple regular
    experience on your tits”….. “which is team based and involves blacks that
    need to be captured”…. waffle e100 is “voluntary Ralph E 104” LOL

  94. This looks like Quake with tanks…
    I will not be able to breathe through these highpaced games :D

  95. Alexander van Elten

    Question: Is this an event or permanent?

  96. uhm, not a fan. dont find it interesting. good luck with it though.

  97. Anything to get those Jap heavy players out of T5 and T6 games.

  98. 15:08 weird looking circle :P

  99. yaaaaas

  100. Trop stylé les nouveaux char jpn lourd

  101. First !!!!!!!!!

  102. Finally next Video : )

  103. 334th , gotcha

  104. I’d love to go watch your stream but I bought all Borderlands games and I
    am addicted to them! Sorry :<

  105. great vid btw

  106. Watching the stream

  107. 66th viewer

  108. first!!!!

  109. Third comment:D

  110. What do you think of the Rampage – Steel Hunt Game Mode?

    I’m liveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  111. 4th viewer :D

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