World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 14

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

While I’m cooking under the summer sun at the War and Peace Show today, here’s one I prepared earlier to keep you all occupied. – Play Free

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  1. Poor AT-7 dropped the soap 

  2. How is Patton a synonym for “not sucking”? What did that guy ever do other
    than A: leading cavalry charges on protesting American veterans and B:
    suffering astonishing losses to his army while fighting a badly equipped,
    demoralized enemy who had lost air superiority years ago and was losing the
    war for a whole year before Patton set foot on European soil? (The battle
    of Kursk was a whole year before D-Day.)
    If he was a good commander, he never had to prove it. All he ever did was
    sending more reinforcements when his forces met resistance. Instead of
    utilizing the fact that his enemy had hardly any airborne reconnaissance
    and limited mobility thanks to a lack of fuel and spare parts and doing
    clever flanking and pincer maneuvers, he caused unnecessary casualties to
    his own forces by doing brainless head on charges all the time.
    He could afford it because he was fighting a weakened enemy who was running
    out of ammo and all other sorts of supplies, but if Patton would ever have
    been in the underdog position, he would probably have failed horribly, if
    the way he won his battles is any indication.

  3. hrvoje kovačićek

    Where are airsoft videos??????

  4. Hey jingles could you make a new review of the t28 doomturtel pls 🙂 ?

  5. Sassy and smiling. Thats how I like you Jingles! Excellent vid.

  6. 2 in one day?! I love being in america.

  7. TimothyChan45435448

    i love the jokes at the last 2 mins

  8. where in kent is the war and peace show and what days are you going. i live
    in kent :)

  9. Jingles…Have you tried the t4 Japanese Ke-Ho? Normally, I am a heavy
    tank jockey, but that little beastie is fun. :)

  10. Herman der German

    Surprise butt sex – once a sailor always a sailor:) 

  11. Oh and I LOVE the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly videos. :D

  12. The commentary in the second replay… Wat. LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

  13. Jingles, hold off the In-Pz review for 9.2, its getting buffed along with
    the awful panther, and the 2 leopards.

  14. Herman der German

    KV-1S will be split and nurfed in the 9.3 patch so roll while U can.

  15. 6:29 did Jingles just repeat himself? XD

  16. Actually jingles, that guy left the game before it ended. A while ago they
    made it so that if you go back to the garage while the battle is still
    going on, your tank gets destroyed. This is why you see so many players die
    right at the end like that arty.

  17. This commentating style seems a bit more excited jingles

  18. Dont say flakpanzer God-Dammit! JAGpanzer and FLAKpanzer are HUGELY
    different, this really annoyed me, one of my few pet peeves, also I hope to
    see you today at kent!

  19. They’re really gonna split the KV-1S now. It’s replacement, KV-85, is
    already on Supertest:

    Supposedly it will keep the 122mm gun, but it will likely get it’s stats
    reworked. I’m guessing mobility nerf and the historical -2 depression
    instead of the nonsense that is -8… seriously, the breech would go
    through the roof.

  20. This arty suicide reminds me of situation from Circon’s livestream. He was
    playing S-51 on Mountain Pass, from north base. His team was capping and he
    said something like “There’s only one way to end this” and he drove to
    closest rock and fired HE. It was epic!

  21. Sorry to ruin your day Jingles, but artillery did not commit suicide, he
    was just afk which causes the tank to blow up in the end.

  22. João Malato Correia

    9:32 jingles what were you saing?!

  23. that was rather funny thank you jingles this is why i watch your videos

  24. don’t nerf the KV-1S!!! it’s so much fun!

  25. Aiming time becomes irrelevant due to aim modes.

    Overpowered tanks driven by a clueless muppet? B-C 25t, plenty of them, or
    T71, 69, Lorraine…auto loaders are loved by them.
    Why? Again, autoaim or aim modes…just click away…you will manage to hit

    Amazing how many players with over 10.000 games and less than 48% win rate
    have 75% hit accuracy but 10-20 only top guns…
    Or have gone from 50% accuracy in a tank to 83%, in similar tanks, like
    before and after aim modes appeared.

    Something is smelly but war gaming does not care. Soon it will be
    conterstrike type of a game, where cheats are just accepted as part of the

  26. jingles, you are an absolute nutter :)

  27. Awesome as always, Jingles! :D

  28. Jingles. The M40/M43 died at the end because he left before the battle was
    over.. I thought you knew that happened? :o

  29. Funny ep. Hahahhah:)

  30. prepare your anus boys.. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. You can’t say a tank isn’t OP because it ran into equal opposition. If you
    hadn’t been in a 1S and those two, who did suck, ran into you, you would
    have died 

  32. Lasse Wacker-Larsen

    Is there a link for the modpack you normally use Jingles? Or a mod list?

  33. This is a replay from a stream, after stream after stream of voting for
    Quicky to drive the T69, I finaly got to see it xD

  34. Will Wanker of the week ever come back?

  35. Would have gone to the War and Peace but every time I go I always get a
    headache for some reason :/

  36. Could anyone give me the link to the 6th sense that Jingles had or the old
    one which said ‘Fuck my life’?

  37. Damn jingles, you nasty

  38. CreeperCrew Jakethefake411

    imo, the KV-1S is OP in the hands of an average player as well, so it just
    needs the nerf so that only the good players can make it seem OP, like the
    Type 59, which is worse in most factors then the T34-3, but no one knows
    that, the Type 59 is the best prem because of it’s multiplier being better,
    but that’s all I have for now

  39. Meanwhile on Xbox we still have a mere third of the tanks you master race
    players have. Anyone have a spare gaming rig to donate to a worthy cause?

  40. KV-1S inaccurate!!!! Who is responsible for spreading such malicious lies?

  41. Anyone else notice that on the second replay Jingles said it was 1-2 months
    old twice? 

  42. I couldn’t stop laughing at the comments Jingles would make before killing
    the tanks!

  43. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    You were kind of perverse in this one ^^

  44. Jingles, just a small note on the “fair fight” :p atleast one of the enemy
    kv-1s’s did not have the top gun yet ;)

  45. Love your comments, keep up the good work

  46. The arty died at the end because he left the battle before it was over.

  47. Actually the arty that died at the end could have been afk and therefor was
    detected and destroyed. This happens quite ofter now.

  48. HateCrewMitglied1

    I don’t think the kv-1s is so overpowered. even though it has a good gun
    and mobility you can still win against these guys. does anyone remember the
    time when the kv-3 was the T6 russian heavy? THAT was op

  49. Jingles america changed u…. Saying Prepare your anus i am so proud ;)

  50. I remember watching this game on QB’s livestream…that Patton was in the
    right place, only too late as all his support had already been destroyed
    (HTs in the “valley”)

  51. oh my, its been a while since ive laughed that hard. you do indeed have a
    way with words jingles.

  52. I’ve been waiting for KV-1S nerf. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting
    and I fianlly left World of Tanks after over 25k battles. :-)

  53. 3:58 jingles computer had error message xD

  54. renatoferreira97

    best commentary ever xD

  55. Flight Lieutenant Bradley P

    are you goin’ to purchase a Centurien mk 7/1? at the w and p show…lol

  56. Sorta sounded like he was about to quote McDonalds at the end…

  57. The problem with KV-1S is that it is too good in hands of moderate player.
    Bad player is going to suck in any machine.

  58. We all know what you’re actually doing Jingles. You’re going on a date with

  59. MrImmortalityPrince

    The Friendly arty only died cause he left the game before it ended… But i
    guess that counts as suicide unless he got DC’d

  60. ive seen MANY tanks on my team just blow up when the battle ends and we
    win,not only arty….they just….blow up and die RIGHT at the momment the
    statistics are about to show up,most of them are afkers and bots,but
    sometimes players do it too

  61. Conrad Palejowski

    i don’t play this game, it’s just his voice has a strange soothing nature
    to it. I feel like i’m listening to a story on a tape

  62. thepanzernator666

    has anyone noticed recently that quiet a few people just commit suicide at
    the last seconds of the match on world of tanks or am i just special.

  63. Mendel Rozenblit

    The man pants are strong.

  64. Master Jingles…easy there at 9:46 your pants won’t manage to hold all of

  65. Jingles, y’all were like a pack of sailers on Shoreleave in a red light

  66. “This is a much more recent replay, ummmmmm, it’s only about a month or two
    old. This particular replay is actually fairly recent, it’s uhhhhh no more
    than two months old..ish…..” You Don’t Say? O_o

    Go home Jingles you’re drunk :D

  67. Prepare your anus bwoy

  68. quickyboty? did i read that correctly

  69. thejoedude thefirejoe

    Jingles do you think APCR should be removed from the KV-1s or give it an
    85mm and make it the KV-85? Because how is the KV-1s not OP with 220 pen
    (ish) with gold ammo at tier 6? How is it balanced that it can pen the
    strongest armor on an IS-3 at an optimal angle from 350 meters away? (Yet
    at 50 meter range I bounced the lower glacies of a KV-1s un angled with my
    IS-3’s BL-9 yesterday)

  70. Hahahaha best video yet. Made my day

  71. I want indien pz’s to come to xbox sooner!!!!

  72. i might think this replay is where this suarez guy has bitten a player.
    Because someone is saying his name at the start, so might be not very old

  73. Those KV1S , I can’t see the second one, but the first one does not have a
    top gun, so it is a piece of shit by new player really. 

  74. Twilightsfavquill

    Jingles don’t review the Indien Panzer yet as it will get buffed in the
    next patch. Therefore you should review it with up-to-date stats

  75. Hahah yes glorious. That last replay was great.

  76. Hey Jingles, could you make a yoga video wearing only flesh colored
    speedos? Actually, any color will do. I’ll be waiting ;)

  77. Random Acts of Porn Talk while playing WoT #14

  78. Heya Jingles, as always, it’s very nice of you to think of us colourblind
    people there, however, the russian programming is getting in your way
    there. Let me clarify:

    Russian programming at it’s finest and your replay

    As you noticed, you always have to change options in the replay to match
    what you like and it never keeps those options. But not only that. In order
    to get the colour blind mode really going, you have to:

    1. check the box and press activate (notice the vehicle icons up top are
    getting blue and the ones on the map, however the spawnpoints, cap circle
    and tanks in the game still display red.
    2. uncheck the box and press activate (it goes back to the red stuff)
    3. check the box again and press activate. (now it all goes to colour blind
    mode as it would be in game).
    Fun fact afterwards: If you have player names on to show above the tank,
    for your team it would now not show QB and Ike, no it will now display
    “colorblind squad” …. seriously, that is some fucked up russian
    programming ……

    Anyways, thx for even considering doing the colourblind thingy 🙂 and have
    fun at the fair!

  79. Viewer 6666 *Backs off slowly – disappears in the dark*

  80. I cant even watch this video on 360p, Australian internet is
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad its not fair :(

  81. get your man pants on 😛 oh jingles you so silly 

  82. You were very off today, weren’t you Jingles? That was hilarious to listen

  83. Have fun Jingles

  84. Oh jingles, having no wife to tell you “don’t spend all your money” when
    you go off somewhere. Have fun at the war and peace show

  85. Surprise buttsecks!

  86. Jingles, how drunk were you when you made this vid :P

  87. you forgot to turn on blind mode 🙁 I just saw it as all you team :-/ 

  88. Multiplayer Highlights Of An Average Gamer

    The Indien’s 9cm gun is going to be in a close tie with the Obj.416’s 100mm
    for best tier 8 medium gun after patch 9.2!

  89. I dont get it with the KV-1S. I have one right now and put the derp on it,
    and I thought it was lousy. It takes way too long to reload. I could not
    get a win with the derp on. I switched back to the 85mm and do much better.
    So what am I missing?

  90. thanks jingles

  91. I loathe the Indy panzer. Its aim was horrible, its accuracy was a lie, I
    lost count of the many times the shell would dip downwards to the edge of
    the circle. Its dpm is bad compared to everything else in the game. No
    thanks, Glad I finished grinding through that piece of scrap metal. :)

  92. according to its own advertising. just had to get that in there

  93. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who noticed this but is it when Jingles
    say something is overpowered and should be nerfed, ect.
    It proceeds to be nerfed or buffed?

  94. Jingles you suck.Kappa

  95. RootEmTootEm PointAndShootEm

    I wonder if someone will upload the part where Jingles bumrushes the At-7
    to Pornhub.

  96. I found this quite tasking to masterbate to


  98. Honestly while I haven’t had a problem with the KV-1S myself if people are
    complaining it must be a problem so here’s what I’d do: Increase accuracy
    by a little bit and decrease the damage from 390 to 260. the tank is still
    good but its more balanced and better for the game. while this is still a
    lot for a tier 6 it doesn’t just kill everything. now for the other balance

  99. The KV-1S will never be nerfed. Russians look out for their own.

  100. So they buff Indien Panzer, but not Panther II?

  101. Give the KV-1S a 107mm gun instead of the 122mm… oh and the Indien-Panzer
    should be awesome next patch: while it will still of course be out-classed
    by the Obj. 416 in most fields, it has better dpm and such than most other
    tier 8 meds

  102. I really like the look of the Indien Panzer, grinding that line now for the
    Leopard, so I was quite pleased when I heard of the buffs! 😀
    Not sure I can be bothered now though, since they announced the Vickers MBT
    to replace the FV4202 (which I have researched), so it’s basically going to
    act like a Leopard 1.
    By the way, does anyone know if when the Vickers is added whether it’ll be
    put into my garage if I don’t actually have the FV4202 bought?

  103. you need a girlfriend

  104. I fuckin love Jingles’ commentary, makes my day. 

  105. i would say that the biggest reenactor gathering is always at the
    reenactment of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. which annually has at least 4000
    reenactors every year

  106. I must say, I have and absolutely love the Indien-Pz., and while it has no
    armour, you can occasionally bounce the most ridiculous shots due to the
    insane sloping of it’s upper glacis. However, the buffs can’t come quick

  107. The KV1s does not need a nerf. With its easily penned-by-gold armor,
    horrendous reload time, typical Russian (in)accuracy; its one of the few
    balanced tanks in the game – unlike virtually every single bloody nazi TD
    and heavy in this game. Not looking forward to see what WG mangles when/if
    they split it off next patch.

    Russian bias my ass.

  108. Hey Jingles i love your vids and how much you are interested in World War
    Two. I thought maybe you could try the new Heroes and Generals. Maybe you
    can check it out and I would love to see a video on it :)

  109. My penis is so hard right now.

  110. Also – if you want to start with nerfs; start with any autoloader above
    tier 5. Nerf every single damned last one of them.

  111. That Indian panzer replay was rather sexual lol

  112. Humans are so stupid

  113. You have to see 1 minute of this replay from the point when there is 10
    minutes left. wotreplays /site/1015657
    I stop for a moment next to the house north of the castle, with 10 minutes
    left, and think about what I am going to do. I only know there’s an IS-3 on
    low health, and a TD on low health. And then I think “There is something to
    be said for pure aggression sometimes”, which I got from somewhere. You’ll
    see. If you do add it to a video, use my in-game name. 

  114. 7:34 love that sixth sense icon jingles

    “Get your man pants on!” XD

  115. i dont think the kv-1s needs a nerf. I have never played it. I drove the m6
    vs it and done right, an m6 can demolish a kv-1s.

  116. Jingles, when you go to war and peace, please head to the modellers hall
    and say hello to the people on the armourfast stand. I won’t be there
    personally, but my younger brother might appreciate it 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  117. KV-1S would be useless without its gun…It’s armor isn’t so good so it has
    to have something useful.Only good thing about it except then gun is the
    speed and maneuverabillity.

  118. Someone had a fuck ton of caffeine this morning XD

  119. KV-1S may be good, but TOG II will always be party tank

  120. The artillery just left the battle before the end. If you are still alive,
    the tank explodes and the massage says “lost in battle”

  121. OliversAviationvideo

    Enjoy war a peace. I was there Thursday.

  122. 10:00 Jingle rapist.

  123. Sharpclawasaurus

    Hello, it’s meee, the editing mistake! :D

  124. Sounds like Jingles had taken one too many of the ‘dirty talkin pills’

  125. the KV 1S is getting nerfed finally,
    it was confirmed by storm and it was leaked from super testers.
    it will be splitt into 2 tanks: the KV-1S on tier 5 (without a 122mm gun)
    and a KV 85 on tier 6 which will have its 122mm gun, but the gun depression
    is getting nerfed and its speed too probably.

    if you follow the ftr blog you will know this :D

  126. giant nacho from space

    Jingles, why the **** you dont do a review of the M4A3E2?

  127. jingles was like high in this episode. it was funny

  128. great job jingles, that the best shortest video u made so far. hilarious.

  129. Patrick Moharić

    Hey there Jingles,while i’m writing this comment i could bring up that i
    really like your videos and that you should keep up the good work,being an
    asshole sometimes buys the audience ;),but i do have one question for you
    (i’m sure you get this all the time),woukd you like to play in a platoon
    with me in World of tanks,i woukd find it very amusing and would be honored
    to play with such a prof…an exp…a sma…a person,i hope i’m not just
    another wank off that wasted your time,take care :)

  130. Wow Jingles, defend Ikzor’s virginity?

  131. l love all the custom sixth sense icons!

  132. 325th comment!
    Seriously, that’s annoying, so stop yelling “FIRST!’

    Anyways, I love my mediums! Yesterday, in my M4 Sherman, I circle a T-150
    to his doom. 

  133. this episode was… slightly more sexual than the previous ones.

  134. there are tanks that can be insanely op in platoons like autoloaders and
    full heat spamming t-54s and t69s.

  135. Jingles.. ya’ll have an unnatural obsession with buttrape. There are people
    you can talk to about that, ya know.. : )

  136. Viktor Woloszczuk

    You argue that the Kv-1S is not overpowered, but it has the best armour,
    penetration and damage of all the tier 6s. It’s commonly accepted that all
    of the Russian tanks are incredibly overpowered, mainly because the
    developers are Russian. For a similar reason, it appears that the German
    tanks are also incredibly underwhelming at times.

  137. i think there is a glitch in 9.1 that means when you exit a battle early
    while your still alive your tank self destructs and you lose 90% of the xp
    you earned i a jagdpanzer e-100 leave a match early when he had done 9000
    damage on el halluf he got 114xp according to the after battle results
    because he quit the battle early and im pretty sure with 3000 spotting
    damage and 9000 damage done he should have easily gotten 1200xp.

  138. theworldowner111

    09:29 oh wow Jingles get a room please! 😮 

  139. jingles was a real dirty basterd in this video 

  140. this is litteraly the FUNNIEST… and dirtiest video ever from

  141. WOT is all about the team. A tank is only as good as the player and team.
    The team being the most deciding factor. If the team is shit than no matter
    how over powered the tank is you will still lose.

  142. I think Jingles is drunk. :L

  143. they never going to nerf the kv1s they nerf German tank to point were you
    can’t play them before they nerf the kv1s.

  144. Ally was lost in battle happens when the ally never connected. They
    don’t kill the tank immediately, cuz it might be a crash and your ally is
    desperately trying to reboot and reconnect, but when the match is over,
    they are deemed to be the wankers that they are.

  145. Jingles’ sexy talk… not gonna lie; scares me a little!

  146. 14? Not 18?

  147. Haha! I love your laugh, Jingles! ;D

  148. Jingles got really weird towards the end there.

  149. Jingles said, “This replay is about two months old”. Twice back to back.
    Poor guy is getting old

  150. Yeah the KV-1S split? Nope, it’s still going to have the same gun at tier
    VI as it has now -.-

  151. KV-1S gets fucked as soon as there’s more than 1 target to shoot at, as
    long as the enemy knows what they’re doing…KV-1S has bad accuracy and the
    aiming time of an arty 3.4 sec’s or more I think…Its not over powered.
    Besides in the time it takes the KV-1S to reload the hellcat does just as
    much damage as the KV-1S does in 1 shot. Because of its fast reload speed,
    not to mention if you miss with the KV-1S you are fucked.
    My opinion is that the tank is fine for its tier…Because if the KV-1S
    needs a nerf so does the M6…And the hellcat.. And so on. Heck when I’m
    driving my hellcat and a KV-1S shoots me I kill him before he can reload.

  152. TheGamerOutcasted

    LOL, that’s a 9.1 replay for the second one. You can tell due to the buffed
    engine smoke.


    WOT 15 kills with jagdpanther
    Jingles chek this out 15 kills in a jagdpanther

  154. KV-1S is getting a bit of a nerf, its getting split up into 2 tanks,
    although one of them will still have the 122, but with what, a -2 degree
    depression? Something like that.

  155. That Tog Dough !!!!!! :D

  156. Shame I missed you there

  157. SABERKNIGHT cassell

    looking back and now from my experience playing the kv 1s i think WG has
    some what increase the chance of getting into tire 7 and 8 gamea back then
    9 out of 10 it was a tire 6 game but now 8 out of 10 for getting into tire
    7 and 8 games and for me it feels like i rarely get tire 6 games so yea i
    guess the best way to balance the tank is to make the MM worst and i don’t
    mean putting it with the worst players ever i mean giving it a higher
    chance of getting into 7 and 8 games.. this is from my experience you guys
    my agree or disagree 

  158. oh you dirty jingles

  159. It is confirmed taht it will split into KV-1S(V) and KV-85(VI) in 9,3
    patch. so it at least wont look so shit without the turret ring. However
    while it will keep its 122mm gun, it will have only -2° gun depression as
    the real one had…

  160. KV-1S is Russian tank. Cannot be nerfed. Must only be buffed.

  161. well jingles is much crazier in this episode then ever

  162. Where do i send you replays???


    Im so happy as today i got to see a vampire and a meteor fly at farnborough
    air show

  164. Happy Jingles > Grumpy Jingles.

  165. Is it just me or is Jingles more silly than ever in this one?

  166. Jingles has the most dirty laugh on this planet – especially when taking
    out enemy tanks from their rear :P

  167. Nerfing a tank to punish people because they’re smart enough to play it
    right and coordinate with their toon-mates is fucking stupid and selfish.

  168. Get Pics of a Dodge WC63!!!!

  169. Armando Rodrigues

    the KV-1S will get split into two, one tier 5 and one tier 6 (like what
    happened with the KV-1) but one of the version (most likely the tier 6)
    will keep the 122mm gun

  170. Was jingles horny while making this video? O.o 

  171. you are getting more evil “he had a perdy mouth” what kind of talk is this

  172. KV-1S OP? the SU-122-44 it too OP, it has a way better gun and is more

  173. favorite jingles video

  174. When you passed the tog in the KV-1S I’d thought I’d die laughing, don’t
    ask why!

  175. Fucking hell, that was some hilarious narrating. 😀
    Jingles, you make me smile, thank you. 🙂 🙂 :-)

  176. I honestly don’t understand why they can’t just replace the 122mm on the 1S
    with a 100mm. There was a single prototype for each, and a 100mm would be
    just as effective and would probably have more dpm and accuracy, while
    retaining the pen, without the insane alpha that makes everyone hate it so

    They cannot simply remove the 122mm and leave it with the 85 it already has
    because the 1S is dreadful with that 85, and largely outclassed by the
    T-34-85, which has both the 1S’s 85 and a better one. However, giving it
    that 100mm the IS already has would give it a good gun that had the same
    amount of existence on the 1S as the 122 and you would still have a decent
    gun to use while grinding out the 122 on the IS. They could then remove the
    second 122 on the IS and buff the original 122 up to the stats of the
    second 122.

  177. Of course the KV-1S is OP, in it’s tier. It’s got good armor, great speed,
    it’s very maneuverable, and has the gun from a Tier 7, it’s the best
    overall Tier 6 heavy. It’s all down to WG wanting to make it a high
    performing heavy by giving it the 122mm gun. It should just be a Tier 6
    medium(as it was designed to be), which even with the 85mm it would be
    solid, and with the 76mm it would be average. WG should either make it into
    the medium it’s supposed to be, or start handing out tier 7 guns to all the
    other Tier 6 heavies. I’m pretty sure if the VK 36.01H suddenly got the
    Tiger’s 8.8cm, the Churchill VII got the 17 pounder, and the M6 got the
    105mm from the T29, people would start crying foul.
    There is another option as well, WG could also start playing fair with the
    122mm A19/D-25 gun. It had similar velocity to the German 8.8cm KwK36/L56.
    It was chosen because it’s penetration was sufficient, and it’s HE was
    perfect. You give the 122mm the same 132mm of penetration as the L/56, and
    let it keep the damage, and I believe a lot of people will start rethinking
    about running Soviet vehicles. Not that I think WG would ever do that, that
    would be fair…

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    I got curiously aroused while watching this video 😉 

  184. In regards to KV-1S getting “nerfed”. Its actually get split. KV-1S is
    going to become tier V and the KV-85 is going to be introduced as the tier
    VI. Fret not though as the KV-85 will retain the KV-1S top gun

  185. Lmao!

  186. Jingles is never as funny as when he starts the dirty talking! XD

  187. Do not nerf it! I love it the way it is… We feast on the tears of Tog’s
    and other insignificant tanks. Yes I am aware that a platoon of KV-1S’s is
    lethal to the enemies. The KV-1S has quite a few backdraws that others can
    take advantage of. The long reload of the 122, the terrible accuracy
    (That’s what makes Russian heavy tanks special) and the cupola on the top
    of the turret. If anyone has a clue how to play they should be able to take
    down a KV-1S. So i’m fine if Wargaming decides to nerf it. Just don’t
    remove the top tier 122mm gun. The KV-1S is a fun tank and has a unique
    playstyle that players should get to enjoy.


  188. never nerft a kv1s. it is the symbol of the game and tier6. tank that we
    all love and hate. he is just that special.

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    needs its 122mm gun

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  201. My opinion on op tanks: if you really think they’re so op why don’t you
    play in them? 

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    some funny shit

  203. +BohemianEagle
    Do you think wargaming should make a separate game for high-end PC users?
    They could add far more resource-intensive features, while not having the
    low-end PC community arguing about it. Don’t you think this is a great idea
    because the contrast between low and high end WoT gamers is just too great.

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    Greetings from WoT SEA!!!!

  211. much to my shame i have sullied the name of centurion drivers(tier 8 and
    9). i was on himmelsdorf and i got around behind a t95 and unloaded 9 shots
    with the 20pdr gun and all but one of them bounced. 9 shots fired 1 shot
    penned 8 bounces of the ass of a t95.

  212. Not trying to be mean or anything but you say you need to have some sort of
    knowledge to drive the KV-1S and most people who drive it have a good
    enough knowledge to use it to its full power

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  230. I never saw the appeal of the KV1S. I do love the power of the gun, it’s
    absolutely awesome at that tier, but something about that tank just never
    fit right with me, cause other than the insane alpha damage there was
    really nothing else about the tank that was that good, speed was decent,
    armor was mediocre, and mobility was just below average. I know this is a
    popular tank but I would rather drive an ARL 44 to be honest

  231. That was some ace commentary =))))

  232. Gets a 488 damage roll and claims kv1s is not op…

  233. Jingles:
    When a player leaves the battle, at the end of the battle their tank
    self-destructs. I noticed this playing football about 2 weeks ago. That was
    most likely what happened with the friendly artillery.

  234. Detected bots are self destructed at the end of matches. So that arty at
    the end must have been identified as such and destroyed by WG itself.

  235. LittleScientist2011

    How come you didnt got farnborogh air show?

  236. Your argument for the Kv-1s being op can be used for the Hellcat. It is
    only op in the hands of good players, like the Kv-1s, yet people still
    bitch that it is op.

  237. Jingles were you drunk doing this?

  238. LittleScientist2011

    But still the war and peace show is fantastic I have went twice so I do see
    why you went there. What I am going to for now on is to alternate each

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    Fury Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf

  240. well according to the FTR “Straight Outta Supertest: KV-1S Split in 9.3″

  241. Jingles,the point of a tank being OP is not that you hop in it and you get
    a pool’s just that it is more powerful than others.if it is that
    way,anyone who plays it already goes out with an advantage.

  242. Enjoy the War and Peace show, just down the road from me, not going this
    year however, Charity Bike Ride FML :)

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    or dropped out of the game before it ended thus was lost in battle (that’s
    how they are dealing with afk player’s)

  249. KV-1s is fine as is. When i first ran into them i hated them with a
    passion. But as soon as i got to T8 – 9, and learnt how to deal with high
    pen/alpha guns, i went back to lower tiers and had no problem facing
    against them. And when playing one, you learn how poo the armor of it is.
    Also, the piss poor accuracy of the gun, and slow reload compared to
    similar tier tanks.

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    Also, “Quick! Farm loser points!” Is pretty much what happens in the last
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  257. KV-1s should have slight speed upgrade and get the soviet 100mm instead of
    122, with the 100 having the RoF the good 122 has on the IS

  258. like the supposed t18 nerf in 9.0 when it only had 1 sec added to the

  259. SturmovikRulesxX

    I love how people will tell me: “It’s better to just point and shoot with
    the Russian guns” yet I have never managed to hit anything while moving
    with tanks like the KV-1S but if I aim I seem to hit almost every time.

  260. No joke, I got 24 high caliber badges on my kv-1s while grinding it to get
    the IS. So I think it’s very very OBVIOUS here that kv-1s should never be
    nerfed, I’m having so much fun in it!

    But in all seriousness kv-1s is not an op tank and it’s one of those tanks
    that you just have to learn to take down. We’ve all seen noob kv-1s
    players….lots of them. 

  261. Very funny video jingles, awesome fun :)

  262. Im not sure what camera you have, especially the mic in that matter. But
    see if you can get a microphone fuzzie which could reduce wind and air
    movement sounds. 

  263. Jingles you make me look like a bad player all the time because of your
    arty rumors. I had this 12 year kid threaten me for playing the BC-155-58
    calling me a scum arty player. A 12 year old. Well I made his worst
    nightmare happen love the Leopard 1 but still not every arty is bad. I run
    overall above stats and almost a 50% win rate and lately for a year been
    always getting better. Yet a 12 year old should not have a big mouth to
    smart talk a person who can play and do you support of that smart mouth???
    Also good video love the idea about the Kv-1s but saying that it has the
    third biggest gun for tier 6 and a pretty decent dpm and alpha being able
    for one shooting almost every tier 4 and tier 5 tank destroyer with a
    faster reload the the Kv-2 152mm and the Box Tank (Su-100Y) 130mm I see why
    the nerf but the a Hellcat receiving one too so best tier 6 going to be the
    Cromwell. One of the most balance tank in game. NA stormblasts 

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    game, (im tier 5ish)

  276. Indien PZ geht buffed next patch. It gets better aiming time and better rof

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    Thx Jingles!

    PS She is still angry.

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    seemingly obvious that I would enjoy such a pairing as you two, with me
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    thought that such as I have stated merited a mention, for, without
    feedback, I suppose that you will be working purely from your own
    initiative, that may I say, has put you in good stead, even so, I know that
    you like and appreciate feedback, and I certainly hope to see more up and
    coming offerings, even over the coming weeks, that makes me indeed glad
    that I have actually written this. If only I could be more concise in my
    efforts and not waffle so much, so to speak, I think my own standing within
    the community would increase, even to one lonely subscriber, but then, what
    on earth do I, personally, offer others… seemingly nothing yet, but the
    waffles of literary dining, at such “common as muck,” spots as “The Greasy
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    Nonetheless, it is what it is. Keep up the good work and bring us, the
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    P.S. I know that I made a meal and a half out of that, but what can you
    do… I do think that I need to check the Yellow Pages for The Art of Being
    Concise, classes. :0)

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    You were enjoying that way too much sailor! :)

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  297. The friendly arty at the end of Indien pz. game is a bot, some of them tend
    to suicide after the game is over and they survived 🙂 

  298. Arty didn’t kill its self it died because it didn’t move for a while intill
    the end of the gam

  299. The only thing you can say in defence for the kv1-s’ at the start of the
    video is that they were in overpowered tanks… fighting against
    overpowered tanks.

  300. People were right, KV-1S was nerfed. Im happy.

  301. XVM name?

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