World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 28

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It’s time lower your expectations once again, because this time it’s me driving the tanks. Yes, it’s the return of the Internets’ most mediocre series – Random Acts of Violence!

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If you have a War or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

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  1. why world of warships?? i got boring quick!!!
    better not say it was the pay…

  2. woot jingles!

  3. jason mccallum (extremgunna)

    jingles you are amazing and it was amazing to meet you at tankfest i hope i
    can meet you again. i am from newcastle i was wearing the dpm brittish
    sarmy/navy/airforce uniform i gave you some thorntans toffee and some
    newcsatle brown

  4. It’s world of tanks =D everything about it sucks <3

  5. Any1 else see the phantom tracks from the tiger at the beginning of the

  6. Nice intro !

  7. Will Schwable - Remarque

    I don’t know much about World of tanks, but why don’t the developers
    disable team damage?

  8. #187th!

  9. The 105mm got the crap nerfed out of them repeatedly. People where doing to
    well and having fun. And having fun in anything but Russian tanks is not
    allowed by Wargaming.

  10. tamatoesofthewest

    Can someone help me? I have been trying to purchase gold for the past few
    days, and every time, none of it comes into my account but it DOES get
    taken out of my bank, also, I have sent in 3 tickets, all with the same
    problem. They haven’t replied in 24 hrs for the first or second, i sent the
    3rd in today. I have tried using both of my cards, none of which seem to
    work. The money is always *pending* What does this mean, has it happened to
    you before and can you help?

  11. And I forgot to comment, well at least I’m still early.

  12. jingels will u revisit warthunder when the britts are coming with ther

  13. Do you play wot blitz ?

  14. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    Under 301 club! Oh wait… :(

  15. TheMightyChris901

    69th like

  16. I always found it strange that most american tankers who worked with the
    Sherman preferred the 75mm over the 76mm. The difference in caliber is only
    1mm, and I guess in theory that should be better, right? Was it something
    to do with ammo availability, or maintenance, or something else?

  17. 301st view…
    I thought it gone.

  18. When is the next Good the bad and the ugly video . Really enjoy ur vids.
    Keep up the good work

  19. #280!

  20. Under 266 Club

  21. I couldn’t find my own arse in the dark with the benefit of a map and a
    Sorry, just always wanted to say that :)

  22. Jingles, i’d assume that you save all your replays.

    What if you go to the replays folder in your WoT files, sort files by “date
    modified” and look for any games played on the 30th June.

  23. kurwa jebaana bois

  24. When the Why you heff to be mad comes Mr. Jingles?

  25. Crusadertank01 .H2VOC

    175th Viewer and 25th liker aww yeah :D

  26. Nice video as usual jingles!

  27. Scott Miljojkovic

    The Mighty Jingles comment on this and I will happily work in the Salt

  28. 6th!!!!!! Ive now achieved nothing in life so excited!!!!

  29. ShadowsDex - WoTB

    48th viewer, keep it up.

  30. 114th viewer

  31. 79 views 07

  32. AmazingFlyingSquid

    Last time I came this early I had to pay child support. Great Video btw

  33. Maddox Wong (死神)

    26 th viewer lol XD

  34. Yea, FIRST COMMENT! My life is complete now. Also, posted 4 minutes ago.

  35. 2nd

  36. 1sr like 1st view 1st comment xD, keep up the great work Jingles

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