World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 300k Subscriber Special

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

As a thank you to all 300,000 subscribers, you can click the link below to enter for a chance to win the first a series of prizes I’m giving away to celebrate. This ten you are going to win some Amazon Gift vouchers. This giveaway ends on Sunday, but there are more to come. Oh, and there’s some tanks shooting each other too. Enter your name and email address to win. – Play World Tanks Free

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. The timing jingles, I clicked on uploaded videos from your channel and it
    said uploaded 2 seconds ago :0

  2. 300,000 subscribers! Tanks! Explosions! Free stuff!

  3. Congratz Jingles! :)

  4. Ok Jingles: a special isnt 20min long. its longer. make it longer again ok?
    . ok

  5. HAPPY 300K

  6. Congratulations for the 300,000 subs Jingles :)

  7. Aaaaaand I live in a country without Amazon. No, really, if I buy anything
    I have to import it. But meh. CONGRATS!

  8. e vid as alwys keep it up

  9. if I win i buy 10 pint’s of golsh for you 😀 

  10. Cheers for 300k.

  11. Happy 300k Jingles, you sexy man!

  12. 1 in the morning. Ah fuck it. Congrats jingles

  13. I could go into detail how you are the leader of the loominati but…
    Love your vids, keep it up thanks for the great entertainment!!!

  14. If you hit the top hat on the front of the KV-5 with an HE shell from an
    SU-152’s 152mm, you can do 700+ damage

  15. Double Decker Fridgeman

    I tried entering but apparently i have a invalid last name. I guess
    Norwegian names are blacklisted. We got the ÆØÅ remember.

  16. Congratz on 300k Jingles does this mean 1 hour off from the salt mines?

  17. congratz on 300k jingles, you are all so silly :P

  18. All hail the mighty jingles

  19. Girls und Panzer goodies? I need to channel all my luck into winning those

  20. Congrats Jingles, yah great


    Nice job on the 300,000. :D

  22. Can you please give away a copy of cs go when you do the steam giveaway

  23. haha finnaly we see the jingles in action again 🙂

    and jingles …. hope for many elite dangerous videos once the gamma
    starts ;-)

  24. Turning off the predicted winrate…boy are you in for trouble.

  25. when i can’t get to the last tanks i cap but move out if we win by cap and
    then move in.

  26. Let the rage about the “Technical Expert” not being aquired for killing
    tanks begin.

  27. Is it really fair to say that red players will surprise you in that
    situation? I mean they behaved exactly how you would expect, they charged
    like madmen into an almost certain death. The only reason they got away
    with it is because your top tier heavy tank platoon supported them and the
    enemy team were completely overwelmed adn couldn’t react fast enough.

  28. But yea bottom tier more xp and credits but you have to actualy pen
    something sometimes thats kinda impossible.

  29. Yea 301 club

  30. i dont have those problems in my e4 :/. i rather enjoy mine

  31. Its nice when I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to have a Jingles
    video to look forward to.

  32. I will not take part in the amazon contest to give others more chance. 🙂

    Congratulations, jingles! 

  33. When I download xvm it doesn’t show the win rate 

  34. Jingles. It would be Awesome if you could make vidio where you Ask us What
    you normaly say. like “he ran out or friends now” or “stronk tank” haha

  35. It tells me “Invalid Last Name”. I guess I’m out of this world xD
    For anyone who has žščćđ stuff in their name, just write it without the
    thingy above it.

  36. 1st sentence in the ‘Artillery for Dummies’ : “KILL JINGLES”

  37. Roses are Red,
    Violets are blue,
    My eyes prefer 60 fps, *Love you jingles*
    And your’s should too. 

  38. Sometimes, all is need to win, is one idiot going first. :)

  39. Well Done. Keep up the good work. Love ur Videos!

  40. Grats on 300k subs. You deserve it. 

  41. Will the voucher work on Amazon France? 

  42. MY biggest Problem is,being the bottom Tier…in a Heavy Tank.
    Light Tanks don’t care,they still have their Speed
    Medium Tanks don’t care they still have their maneuvaribility
    TD don’t care they still have their Penetration..and yeah more HP to do
    But Heavies..don’t have their big armor anymore,because more than half of
    the enemy Team can penetrate you even without having to aim at weak spots.
    No one will have a Problem with Lights,Mediums and TDs staying back,but a
    I always have Problems with my Tiger II and my KV-4 in T10 games
    (exspecially with not his best gun) because I have no real idea, what the
    best Thing to do is…
    But thanks I really liked this Video you gave credit to other players in
    all 3 of them, the flanking fire-comrades in the first, the crazy reds in
    the second and the T110E5 in the third, Music to my ears :)

  43. hi and con gratz!

  44. did anyone notice that the is-7 hit jingles sta-1 for 701 dmg ? ._. how ?

  45. Jingles, you are my father?

  46. had a similar case to your kv-5 game before, we wrecked the corner, except
    they had a jpz e100, a waffle e100 and a fv 215b 183 guarding from
    borderline view range and killed the 10 of us

  47. Deer jingles my freind knows a little about tanks so he thought that a pz4
    work side skirts was a flying battleship

  48. Did you say Girls und Panzer goodies? where do I sign up? :P

  49. pls gib girls und panzer stuff

  50. BlookinBoy | World of Tanks

    Every time I’m in the Japanese tanks I get that horrid map. I hate it >_>

  51. Nice job jingles

  52. World Of Tanks Best Replays


  53. Well Mr.Jingles congrats on the 300,000 subscribers. My wife and i watch
    all you video’s myself being a vet of Afghanistan i can really appreciate
    the video’s. I’am jealous though you get to go to these places to see these
    vehicles in real life sadly we don’t have such things here in Canada and if
    we do it’s to far and with the price of gas and putting 5 kids through
    college it kind of get’s expensive. Any who my wife and i would like to say
    keep up the great work and we can’t wait for your next

  54. Pétur Bjarni Sigurðarsson

    Team is having none of youre youtube shit in the kv5 replay

  55. Congrats jingles for 300k

  56. Congratulations for you’re 300 k subs!:D I’ll drink for you tonight!

  57. Had a tier 6 game on Stalingrad the other day in my Hellcat. Right in the
    beginning some ELX driver complains “tomato team, 35% winrate, gg”. I
    thought, lets see about that and replied “doesnt mean shit”. Not that I
    really believe that it doesnt mean shit but I know that amazing things can
    happen when you motivate people no matter how crappy they are. The first
    thing I noticed was a Cromwell following me to every single spot wherever I
    went trying to spot enemy stuff. Wasnt exactly helpful of course, bit hard
    to maneuver in those narrow corners but I somehow lost him eventually.
    Unlike most other games on Stalingrad the team had not split in 2 big
    groups trying their luck on the flanks leaving the mid gaping wide open.
    Wherever I spotted stuff some guns were close enough to quickly deal
    damage. We soon found a big gap in the enemy lines and got behind their
    flanks, won quickly with only like 5 tanks lost. These are the games that
    make you proud.

  58. Last night ended up in a tier 10 match with my king tiger…. strangely I
    bounced almost every tier 10 shot by angling my armor, while also doing the
    highest damage on my team and earning over 2000 base experience. Was quite

  59. anyone else notice that sneaky is7 shot him with HE?

  60. Congratulations Jingles!!! You deserve it!!! Good luck for the next
    milestone (500k? 1M?)!!

  61. Congrats Mighty Lord Jingles!!! Keep up the great work! 

  62. Directed by Michael Bay.

  63. you realized that IS7 did 700+ dmg to you? he had HE loaded for you and/or
    the batchat. overmatching HE, or just the explosion, either way, be happy
    with only damaged tracks :P

  64. gratz Jingles!!!!!!

  65. Hey Jongles I have your contest here. A simple picture contest. One pic per
    entry. The winner is the picture that males you HAPPIEST. NOT laugh the
    most or inspire you the most but that simply makes you HAPPIEST. Everyone
    could enter. 

  66. wow jingles, 300k subscriber special and not even 300k hour video?

  67. I gave up on the american branch so long ago I actually don’t want to
    undertake it anymore, even though I should. This tanks seem to be fantastic

  68. Grats on 300k subs. Why do I always get some crappy reccomended videos
    after your showwork I dunno. You were clearly camping when you rushed ahead
    and got killed by arty.

  69. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt???

    One thing I have noticed in red players is, They just don’t give a fuck and
    go full yolo at everything…

  70. Congratz on 300k subs !!!! And great video as usual. 

  71. Only a 15 pound gift voucher?You make so much money and you give away only
    10 15 pound gift vouchers

  72. That Kv5 game was a glorious sight indeed. And I have to agree with you on
    the xvm chance to win.

  73. Girls und Panzer goodies!

  74. You know i started watching jingle i would say maybe about a year ago and i
    had tried playing world of tanks on my little laptop it didn’t work out but
    i continued watching cause tanks are a huge pashion of mine i am such a
    nerd when it comes to tanks and i ketp watching studying how to play then
    they released world of tanks on the xbox 360 and i was so happy i
    downloaded it and started playing and i was driveing my ms-1 and i had
    killed every tank on the other team with a teir one (witch was 7) just
    casue i was angleing and i knew how to drive my tanks from watching jingles
    and i moved from a ms-1 to my kv-1s the old tier 6 kv-1s with the 122mm gun
    and i had found my self on himmlesdorf against 9 other tanks well 8 one
    being arty and i was mid tier but i angled right choose my shots carefuly
    and i had killed all 9 tanks and got tons of medals i had to use my five
    rounds of apcr useing credits but it was worth it now i am only about 20k
    exp from my Is and i am hopeing to learn more from jingles to make the
    early grind on that tank slightly fun well congrats to you jingles i would
    go out and get a pint over at your local pub but thats me irish decent lol
    but congrats and keep safe till next vidoe jingles keep safe on that battle

  75. Hi Jingles – are you aware of a way to record WoT Blitz games. The games
    aren’t as big obviously but still some good gameplay to be seen. 

  76. I believe that stats are never a true reflection of player skill on WoT,
    since winning or losing is very TEAM dependent instead of the skill of the
    individual player.

  77. No… Thank you! 😀 😀 :D

  78. “M48 Patton is a very very good tank”

    Wut? Did I hear something wrong? It’s terrible! It had Nothing, and at
    least E50M has Armour!
    WG Seriously need to buff it…..

  79. Congratulations Jingles


  81. Are those Steam Bonus code for any game of choice or are they for a
    specific game?

  82. TheMightyBob139 Gaming


  83. nice 300,000 subs

  84. you have a higher chance to get hit by a train, then winning this

  85. Hey Jingles, if you want to have a little fun with subscribers get three
    togs and tier I to tier III’s and just see what punishment they can take.
    Also on a different note, there is a song about the Ye Old Pub, its by
    Sabaton and the name is ‘No Bullets Fly’. Just thought i would throw that
    out if you want some fun to have as well.

  86. Apperently my last name is invalid because of the é in my last name Norén
    on the contest form xD

  87. Speaking of deep red players that perform contrary to your expectations (
    7:45 or so), I had a game on sand river with one of the dumbest individuals
    I had ever met in world of tanks driving an amx12t. It wasn’t just his
    stats either (although they were pretty tomato-y), it was the absolute
    drivel coming out of his mouth, all nonsense talk and lame attempts at
    humor, I thought he was some kind of bot at one point, and that playing
    world of tanks had corrupted his conversation matrix or whatever.

    Well he actually played really well, and me and him (i was in a t37)
    managed to completely turn around a game that was prettymuch lost quite
    early on. Some great moments of flanking, circle strafing and destroying an
    e75 (it was a tier 9 game but only two tier 9s per team, one of ours died
    within seconds of the game start and the other was a deep red t95 who
    didn’t leave base for the first half of the game), and a mad assault on the
    enemy base to take out their artillery, which he sacrificed his life for.

    That was how I aced my t37 at any rate. It was a fun game, although
    successive games have re-reinforced my instinct to not trust players who
    appear to be bad, sigh…

  88. 122mm overmatch the sidearmor of the STA-1. You’d bounce lower calibres
    with the angle of that sidescraping. 

  89. Amazon gift vouchers: Eh, alright, Always nice to get (essentially) free
    Stuff from a military fair: Cool, I bet there’s some neat stuff at those
    Girls und Panzer goodies: WHERE THE FUCK DO I SIGN UP?!


  91. Congrats on reaching 300,000! I have been watching your channel since your
    review videos where you talking for 50 min with 5 min of gameplay slapped
    to the end XD Still enjoy your channel keep it up!

  92. I remember when he just had 30.000 subs….They grow so fast….

  93. Jungles, what XVM do you use fow WOT?

  94. You are awesome Jingles

  95. Congrats for reaching 300k subs and keep it going like this!

  96. hey jingles that tank is her in norway 😉 just saying i sent you som photos
    on facebook a wile ago just check them out ;)

  97. Congratulations . Good vid as usual thank you .

  98. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!!!

  99. Bloody hell Jingles, Girls und Panzer goodies too? My body is ready!

  100. Think IS-7 yoused HE on you. the sound sounds like HE when sidescraping

  101. How will this work for people outside of the UK? I’m in the US for example,
    does it just convert it to US dollar equivalent? 

  102. Jingles do you do Livestreams like quickybaby?

  103. Out of 300.000 people. 10 will win something. ;-; I don’t feel lucky.

  104. 17:22 “doodoo” lol :D

  105. to be honest jingles id rather just share a few games of warthunder and wot
    with you then recieve an amazon gift card, not because i want to be able to
    say i played with jingles (ok maby a little) but because ive got no one to
    play with.

  106. I really want that GuP loot :P

  107. Yes! Got into the contest. I hope I get to win. If there are any more gift
    vouchers, I might be lucky to get a new video card for my poor system.

  108. Jingles could you maybe please do a video where you highlight some of your
    analitics. Like how many hours of videos watched on your channel, amount of
    likes and dislikes etc. I am a sucker for such big amounts

  109. thats the celebration video? great job jingles , at 400k subs so your face
    (again) for a special

    lol kidding

  110. thank you for the contest!

    very generous of you :)

  111. he said doodoo :D

  112. Not on Facebook or Twitter so just the 1 entry for me.

  113. Grats Jingles! keep up the great work. I think WG should be paying u a wage
    for all the advertising u do for them 🙂
    You are an awesome rep for their game!

  114. My only problem with bad players is when they go into the stupidest and
    most unexpected spots and THAT’S what helps them win 😛
    It’s like shock and awe sometimes.

  115. Congrats Mr Jingles on the 300k mark,well deserved!!!! Keep up the great

  116. Very good way to determinate the winners i like that its fair for all and
    the gifts can be used by anyone good job!

  117. Jingles, Congrats with the 300,000 subscribers, if you dint shave your
    beard in all those years your trying to amuse us, and because of the free
    you would be the only living Santa Claus…Your postbox must be full of
    presents from WOT, Warthunder ect.ect,.because you are one of the biggest
    market managers of there games. Ho ho ho, keep the uploads comming, we
    never let your channel go.

  118. I watched this yesterday on live stream :D

  119. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS



  121. I cant even have my last name :c It just says Invaild name, so I hope it’s
    okay if i wrote my last name with an “a” instead of an “ä”

  122. I always wanted an M48 because i love the way it looks, but after the
    campaign i’ll have an M60 which looks even cooler and is better xD

  123. this is why i like jingles more than circ and qb. jingles doesnt think that
    every “tomato” is just a bad player

  124. you’re awesome Jingles! you earned every one of us :D

  125. Congrats , looking forward for 500k subs 🙂 .

  126. how thick armor must be to be able to do a decent side scraping?

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