World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 33

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I join Quickybaby for a livestream in and attempt to not suck in front of 18,000 viewers live on Twitch after not playing WOT for two weeks. Oh dear.

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Music used: Love_Skavoovie1 by Per Anders
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  1. Jacke e-is-silent

    That line of British TD’s from the AT 2 to the Tortoise, including the
    premium AT 15A, I’d fit with a Spall Liner. I also often carry a Large
    First Aid Kit for the additional crew protection.

  2. Harald Lorentzen

    What?? No TOG fotage?? Who are you, and what have you done with the real

    Great video Mighty Gnome Overlord :)

  3. Crusader SP hit two tanks, so not all of those shots were at you. Still

  4. I loved the stream. So fun. Moobot sucks tho.

  5. Why does Jingles have such a love for shitty tanks?

  6. Just for the record, I am a decomposing piece of broccoli.

  7. TheDragonStation

    ROLMAO 🙂 Awesome vid Jingles 🙂 . TDS.

  8. Sadly, you are a cabbage!

  9. Arty gets killed because he doesn’t relocate despite having enormous amount
    of time to do so. Blames team. This is why people call WoT toxic.

  10. Modsquad Reviews

    Oh and I just got my M103 tier 9 heavy tank you guys got any tips?

  11. Jingles you always jerk the mouse when you fire…what’s up with that?

  12. Modsquad Reviews

    I was good at tanks not to long ago but then i got hooked on Destiny and
    Supreme Commander 2 and then got crap at tanks I cry every time

  13. Jingles im not getting your new videos in my sub box when they come out
    whats going on?

  14. Patriotic American

    jingles I thought you used the 20pdr in platoons not the 105

  15. comander red (commanderred)

    I’m a scumbag i hope you are too if you aren’t like this comment

  16. “penetrations” on arty hits dont mean they acutally penned was just
    a direct hit :)

  17. princerobertybob

    Was a great night Jingles. Hope you keep doing them. Am in New Zealand and
    stayed up all night to watch. Was worth it. Cheers

  18. FirstMetalHamster

    Of course the M12 artard blames the team the second he dies… classy

  19. why the hell ddint you have any gold shells? noob.

  20. I loved the stream. So fun. Moobot sucks tho.

  21. Herrman the German

    good to see you back in World of Tanks

  22. Chamillionaire lyrics for the end credit…I love it. Priceless. We all
    ride dirty in WoT.

  23. baby sp

  24. I need some help I just started world of tanks and need invoice of what
    begging tanks I get

  25. BrazenF91? I’m not paying much attention lately, I guess

  26. I enjoyed the stream, was disappointed that the code given only worked on
    EU server though. GG, what you didn’t want to show your Top Gun game? ;)

  27. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Mother RUSSIA congrats yall

  28. Jingles, have you ever shot a team mate on accident?

  29. I love watching QB and Jingles playing together. The live stream was
    awesome, to bad the code didn’t work for NA.

  30. No E50 M really?

  31. Why do you have another accountname ? thought your name was jingles ?

  32. “they don’t call him Quickybaby for nothing” **raises eyebrow**

    When it comes to arty, probably not oblivious, just knows he’s gonna die so
    might as well get 1 last shot in before dying. Too slow to swing around and
    shotgun before dying, so, shoot at what you’re already aiming at.

  33. poor Jingles cuz in the next patch his lovley lorr T9 med i getting
    replaced by the B-C 25 T AP

  34. CHARGE(in Squire voice)…ish…

  35. Michael McArthur

    I’m from the NA east server and I don’t seem to be having very much trouble
    getting into matches. There are at least 75 people in the queue at all
    times from 9:30 to 8:30

  36. Saying it with you. *Heavy Spall Liner*

  37. LOVE ur vids Jingles but the intro song gives me shivers everytime. i
    absolutely hate it.

  38. I could have sworn Quickybaby said he had a super heavy spall liner on his

  39. Every time I look at the Tortoise, I hear that screaming voice in my head:
    “Learn to respect the TORTOIAAAASSSSE!!!” xD

  40. Seriously, picking on artillery? Its not like they have to deal with the
    game mechanics enough crapping on them.

  41. Jingles, please stop thinking you have to keep up with Quickybaby all the
    time, we watch the stream because it’s you, not for a boring unicum master
    class. Please make the Stream a regular thing, and besides, I think QB
    likes playing with you.

  42. Why didnt you show the superheavy match, it was great 😀 Well and I´ve
    already red, that youre (<-see I´m one of the rare creatures who get "your" and "you´re" right) going to show the all skill topgun match, happy to see it :D

  43. You are talking some non sense bullshits while you are driving tortouise!
    You are not geting any crew members damaged coz they are not penetrating
    you, they just splash some dome on your armor!

  44. Crusader SP is the worst tank in the game I would rather drive the lee or
    the grant 

  45. That’s me fitting a Super Heavy Spalliner to my Turtle 🙂
    Thanks Mr Jingles

  46. Jingles why don’t u do war thunder any more?

  47. lol dat outro song

  48. jose cedres herrera

    nice vid as always :P, quick question, is it normal the the french medium
    tank tier 9 amx 30 needs more exp then the tier 10 ???? wtf, it says in my
    game t9 197 k exp and t10 180k… omg tell me this is a bug, plx

  49. I always use superheavy spall liner on all tanks that can fit it, because
    if it’s heavy enough to use it, that generally also means it’s slow and big
    too, so it’s easy for arty to hit them.
    With my only exception being O-I experimental. Which I kept because 100t
    highly mobile tier 5 with 100mm gun and driver with ramming skill is quite

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