World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 34

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I totally don’t get carried by Quickybaby on his livestream and totally earn all my kills because I’m absolutely not a dirty stat-padding scrublord.


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  1. Gah that forced laughter from QB–like nails on a chalkboard.

  2. What’s going on between Rita and Jingles

  3. I’m wanting to go down the fv4005 stage 2 line and I am wondering if it’s
    worth it. I know it’s good but I heard the low tier are really bad. Anyone
    have any tips or anything. Thanks

  4. AT-15: Less of a ‘tank’ and more of a ‘pillbox that can occasionally

  5. Is it just me or does anyone else not recognise if jingles is playing XCOM
    live or if he commentates in it i just can’t distinguish sometimes.

  6. You can tell Jingles really has fun in the AT15. Go Jingles!

  7. “I really like the AT-15, and Quickybaby really really doesn’t”. QB
    highlighted the AT-15 in yesterdays video where he pointed out: “It’s one
    of the reasons why it’s probably one of my favorites vehicles, tank
    destroyer whise, in the game”. Yes, you may call me one of those internet
    detectives, but I couldnt resist to point this out xD Love your video’s
    immensely Jingles and promise me you’ll never change :)

  8. what is that account what you are currently playing?

  9. austinpowersfasjer

    That E100 missed the LTTB by 10 metres. And u did actually pen the frontal
    armour of the JT :p

  10. that last game… makes me laugh…

  11. Is she the same cat that like to watch you “drop the kids at the pool”?

  12. How’s ritas pussy?

  13. So you did decide to put this up on the youtubes!

  14. Jingles you violet stet pedder.

  15. wow wth is wrong with quicky … why does he think tht jingles needs

  16. I honestly have no clue what was the point of the first replay…

  17. wow is this random acts violence these are rare

  18. If you use the tortoise as a front line heavy and the enemy top tiers know
    what they’re doing you will suffer. The entire starboard cheek of the
    tortoise from the front is a weakspot (only 170mm at a weak angle) and in
    close range combat not having a turret while pushing corners is difficult
    and when the enemy is not alone you have to trade shots and can’t exploit
    the dpm (unless you want to push around and get shot at by 4 tanks that
    will pen you because the armor isn’t as good as you make it out to be and
    at close range it’s hard to miss the one half of a massive TD that they
    have to hit to penetrate. Plus they will have shots at the inside drive
    wheel (they can easily keep you tracked and continuously do damage).
    Sniping from a distance keeps the massive weakspots from being too heavily
    exploited (the entire lower glacis is pretty weak against tier 9s too with
    225mm at a flat angle). The tortoise is heavily armored like the t28 is
    heavily armored.

  19. That last tactic was a tipical Clanwars move. Don’t stop till you have a
    certain keypoint.

  20. New Prokorovka meta.

  21. “Our cat”? So you guys are a couple? Jingles, you old dog!

  22. Ar… Ar… Actually Jingles… 17:10, proxy spot…
    Jingles ?

  23. has quicky finally learnt to play without gold ammo only? probably not poor

  24. The British are too civilized to kick ass? I’ve read about the Krays!

  25. You lousy stat padding…

  26. Jingles, please say ass kicking in future. A good old butt prodding makes
    us British people look a bit gay ;-)

  27. Have you started watermarking you videos now?

  28. I am sure! Bert COULD PEN a Tortoise!

  29. Do you play with Quickybaby offen when he streams

  30. 1k likes and…..

    18 dislikes -_- xD

  31. The final video was a smile fest for me. I love the teamwork and your “Top
    Gun”. Thank you for your continued and well put together episodes.

  32. The best part is when you crashed and exploded…so funny

  33. Best kills are Ammoracks!

  34. Youtubers and their loud fans on their PC or the loud stupid mechanical
    keyboards are so annoying when your using headphones. Maybe I need speakers
    for my pc, just a thought

  35. 5:10 you said the KV-5 was killed by arty! He was killed by the IS-3A!

  36. Wow, Blizzard wasn’t making a stereotype British people do say the
    Cavalry’s here

  37. Gillan Laureth of Seles

    Jingles you should record yourself and go flower picking with Rita and call
    it Random Sacks of Violets.

  38. “aiya that hurts” <- that's the cutest tone from jingles I've ever heard

  39. ILikeTheThingsIDo

    In two minutes Jingles aired out my problems with WoT. Armor is useless
    because they upgun everything.

  40. World of Tanks Gameplay from Jingles? That has become rare on this channel.

  41. Got to be pretty dam good to statpad in a 140 jingles!!!

  42. I saw that LTTB player in a random battle today xD

  43. 18:58 Jingles like “Are you f***ing serious…”

  44. Christopher Clark

    hey jingles while you ever play wot on the xbox or ps?

  45. obj 140 “stat padding” commonly heard from the noobs of wot

  46. abdullah yılmaz

    Freedom to the firetruckers!!!

  47. “IS thinks he’s a Tank Destroyer”. Lol what Russian Tank driver doesn’t
    think he’s a Tank Destroyer?

  48. why are you named brazenf91

  49. Does anybody here get so used to watching Jingles video that when they play
    Wot they can’t play without colourblind mode?

  50. Congrats on 500k Jingles :D

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