World of Tanks – Random Acts of Violence 36

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Warning: The following video contains scenes of a complete noob arsing around in tanks. Viewers of a competent nature are advised to exercise discretion while watching.

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  1. Damaged engine or not – you stuffed-up at least 4 times Jingles. You had
    plenty of opportunities to win prior to being bailed out at the end. All’s
    well that ends well.

  2. let’s be honest. quicky vs circon. lol. btw i have a phd too. he is waazy
    more talented. he is also. waaay lazier, younger and more punk. :p

  3. Justin Raug Veggerby

    Jingles, I’m not certain – did your engine get knocked out by friendly fire
    in the last game?

  4. Or you could have gone to cap and let Z stay up at rock to prespot and
    cover u

  5. Jingles when you will do another Lol series? It has a been quite a while
    you did anything like that!

  6. How many Wot accounts do u own Jingles? Every video u upload I see a
    different name(when u r playing). Is someone just giving u their accounts
    or do u srsly have like 1393329 accounts

  7. MrImjustaminorthreat

    I’m ok with taking damage from friendly fire but man I wish damaged crew
    and modules would be reflected back at the person taking the shot… I
    don’t know how many times I’ve had my engine or commander taken out by as
    you put it “window lickers” and had a miserable game because of it.

  8. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    You whinge a lot, don’t you? But it’s still funny and I like it:)

  9. ha WG and Hillary are run 1 system .

  10. Jingles ! Truth or freedom ? so pick 1 .

  11. YES YOUR ENGINE GOT KNOCKED OUT! We got it, stop crying jingles. Gosh. Half
    of the video you are complaining like a little girl. Just annoying after
    the 20th time.

  12. i used to be a tanker
    but then i took an arrow in the engine xD

  13. kinda beat that dead horse about the IS3 hitting your engine

  14. Meanwhile,I see two cocknobs in a tier 8 arty and a tier 8 heavy tank
    thinking they are reincarnations of Rommel and Patton.

  15. Is there something wrong with your engine in the M103, Jingles?

  16. Jingels why do you always have a another nickname?

  17. Lol that IS-3, I wouldn’t necessarily have used my repair kit that early on
    in the game on a flank that is pretty likely to survive. But yeah, choices,
    choices, choices. Keeps this match exciting ;)

  18. So…what you’re saying is that it would’ve been easier to win if your
    engine hadn’t been taken out?

  19. QB is above average…

  20. 3:40 Centurion 1 kills TVP T50/51, look at their names.

  21. So, i didn’t catch it… are you trying to tell us that something happened
    to your engine????

  22. QB , chilling ,
    sees a VK 28 01
    SO BAD

  23. Νίκος - Κώς

    noob question 😉 assistant dmg upgrade your WN8? thx! ;)

  24. So something about an engine being knocked out…something…

  25. RamJamFurburger

  26. Why did you waste the repair kit on your tracks? You could have used it for
    your engine. I know it was friendly fire, but it was a waste just to do a
    little bit of damage.

  27. Halow? Jingles? Why didn’t you cap at the end? Like ffs mate if you didn’t
    go chasing him the engine wouldn’t have mattered…. And instead of whining
    about the team, how bout you think about your own play?

  28. If someone hasn’t realized it at the last video, jingles was so slow
    because an ally IS-3 knocked out his engine :D

  29. use the HE!

  30. If only my engine hadn’t been in the way of the is3 firing at the enemy ?

  31. Hope that IS-3 driver is watching this.

  32. Jingles reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson

  33. dat laugh dough

  34. Drinking game. Take a shot every time jingles mentions his engine

  35. Wasnt Jingles in the navy all his life? Why does he get so emo over a video

  36. you should learn how to spot hill without being spotted. go a little bit
    more to the right next time and you can advance almost to the middle of the
    hill without being spotted and still being able to spot the guys on the
    other side ;)

  37. Why was jingles moving so damn slow? Like he never went full throttle

  38. Nice to see Jingles is still salty about that less than genius IS-3. He was
    very displeased during the stream.

  39. Jingles so salty about that IS-3. Too bad there was no artillery on the
    enemy team to kill him before he could do anything. =P Or is friendly fire
    preferred over artillery? Can’t tell these days, the hate is so thick

  40. Soo, what you’re saying jingles and this is just to make sure I understand
    it. Your damaged engine wasn’t helping?

  41. Did anyone else catch that top gear reference?

  42. Every video you make it’s like Rita has sucked just a little more life from

  43. Jingles – In that last battle it sounded like you were driving a Go-Cart,
    not a tank!

  44. pain to watch..old man not able to use autoaim on side of an is3. Going
    across the open ground like retard with damaged engine and firing at upper
    plate of 4502b and best thing? “He is in type 59 he can run forever” :D

  45. “Orbital laser cannon”….does 2.2k when there are tanks on the hill for 6
    minutes…hardly lol

  46. Harrison Delmenico

    comet platoon yay, top tier yay, facing off against a bunch of tier 7
    medium’s ohhhhh:(

  47. Harrison Delmenico

    this game should be renamed world of stupid teammates

  48. сработало!

  49. Harrison Delmenico

    that bloody IS-3

  50. You played sooo so bad the first game…. Srsly sry dont hate

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