World of Tanks – Ranked Battles Review

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  1. best mode for arty

  2. What a bad game in the FV215b

  3. I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. Christian Hostetler

    We need a Hitler reacts to Ranked battles video ASAP. Love your stuff Anfield.

  5. Holy gold spam 😐 It’s like… 99% of the time you get gold spammed.

  6. They should have just done a ranked system in fucking randoms

  7. Christian Hostetler

    Sick Gasai_Yuno burn @ 5.00

  8. I have a bit of experience with one of your suggestions about how to better implement ranked battles: placing it into the game as a selectable game-mode like assault or encounter. On another game I play on steam, the game used a ranking system for gaining points when winning and losing points when you lose. This strongly encouraged squadding and team-play (it is a 5v5 arena game) and kept a lot of the good players around. However, the devs introduced a “ranked battle mode” that was only available at certain times and, while still using the same modes for advancement, they changed the way the battles work a bit. This discouraged people from playing and sometimes even prevented them from playing.
    So IMO, I think that implementing it into the random battles at an all tier 10 level is a good idea, as it will enable people to play more often and not have to feel like they are devoting time to “a side mode that doesn’t really matter”

  9. what if they made a valuta system where losing experience would end up being worth as much as if you were on the winning team, and then your rank would depend on your accumulated experience over a week?

  10. My take: it’s so stupid.

    + you get to practice tier 10 only, I guess

    – team play as dumb as in randoms
    – promotes Chai snipping at the expense of possibly helping your team where they need you more, so you can at least get into the top three when you lose
    – three arties every other game, two of which are usually the batchat autoloaders
    – reduced income as opposed to playing tier 8 premiums; tank acquisition grinds to a halt

    ~ purple equipment: this game mode is a sweat shop for overpowered equipment that the best (or luckiest) players will be mounting first.
    ~ 80% sure bonds will show up in the premium shop later, bundled with other stuff.

  11. rip i stopped playing after the first week

  12. Agree have only put a couple hours during the whole week to ranked play. So haven’t even made ranked one yet, the “campy” play is even worse in ranked too 🙁

  13. *Only in Ranked can you play with unicums that act like actual potatoes*

    My experience has been
    -triple arty spam
    -tryhards sitting at the back sniping
    -HEAT, HEAT everywhere
    -“I lost a chev because some guy got 5 xp more than me”

  14. so where are you living right now? UK? US?

  15. This whole ranked concept is executed poorly by WG..

    What players wanted: to play against opponents with similar skill level.
    What they’ve actually implemented: another torturous grind in order to stay competitive

    Why can’t they just borrow an idea of proper ELO system from other games?? ffs

  16. I was in both those replays

  17. I’d like to understand now someone can decide to give a prize “the chevron”, to the losing team. I mean, it’s a tank game. There is a battle. Someone wins, someone loses. Why some on the winning team should be separated by a prize when losers have one?

    Ok, want something that offers some competition? Royal rumble. All against all. Or why not force to make platoons and scoring as platoons.
    But the idea that 3 in the losing team receive chevron, it’s a bullshit. Nothing in real life works this way.
    Try to give the NBA MVP title to the loser team!

  18. I can’t even play ranked because of my wonky work schedule

  19. And yeah I did forget to mention the gameplay is so passive and campy, it’s not so fun to play

  20. Hey Anfield, what would you think about system like this? Timewindow for ranked stays the same but you could play only 30 battles for stage. 30×4 means 120 battles a season, which is not that much but still enough to reflect some skill level of the player. And ranks would of course have to be reworked to something non retarded, probably wn8-based.

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