World of Tanks || Ranked Battles – Update 9.19

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Ranked Battles. Today I’m looking at a brand new mode coming in update 9.19!

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. What do you think of ranked battles?

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  2. guillem fuster adrover

    I think ranked battles it’s a good thing, since you will be matched against similar skills players, for me that’s enough motivation to play this mode, however I can see the almost non existent teamwork from randoms will completely disappear and the rewards should be enough, however the improved equipment…too much advantage to the ones already​ have it…

  3. “Only in tier 10 battles”
    Welp this will go the way of Rampage for the same reason

  4. A broken game will become even worse.
    Geared towards the super unicum and wallet warriors.
    I wonder what other game we can all start playing?

  5. Žygimantas Petryla

    It will be boost just for very good players. It is not fair. I think that improved equipment should be removed

  6. Callipygian SEA

    Do you reckon this has the potential to lower the standard of play in pub tier X matches? Will the better players drift over to ranked battles because they’re being teamed up with better quality players?

    May not be such a bad thing. Those uncomfortable on tier X might find it a bit more approachable, less intimidating.

  7. Premium shells should be limited based on your rounds per minute

  8. I would change it to expensive services like permanent cammos, 100% crews instead of improved equipment for sealclubbing.

  9. The rich gets richer!

  10. to get bonds you have to play every day

  11. Oh goodie, now seal clubbers that are good at the game will have an even better edge against seals. Thanks biased Serp.

  12. Equipment rewards are BS. Why not just have gold/credits/camo skins/anything else already in the game, as the final reward?

  13. Great if you’re a good player who plays Tier X a lot. It’ll only help those players and will therefore disadvantage every one else.

  14. viperuscopperus

    of coarse you were in the top 3 of the losing team you’re QuickyBaby…….

  15. I Drink Anthrax

    great when all your stuff is given you for free

  16. Just look at how aweful ranked battles are in World of WarShips. Teams are absolutely aweful in the first ranked battles you will get into. And Tanks has become a game of nothing but campers so this means everyone will super camp to get the better scores instead of teamwork

  17. What if WG does ranked battles at tier VIII and tier VI as well, just with less rewards? Like that pretty much everyone except very new players have acces to that improved equipement.

    I’ve played almost 15k battles and don’t have a tier X yet, just because I think tier V to VIII is way more fun… But now i have to get me a tier X to get my KV-2 reload down below 18 sec. Or why not boost the dpm of E 25 to 3600? Or SU-122-44 to almost 4000 dpm? Oh wait a lefefefe with 7.19 seconds reload would be fun too. And if you want you can just boost it’s viewrange to over 480 meters, because why shouldn’t a tier V artilery have tier X light tank viewrange… on the move?

    WG, seriously think a bit more before releasing shit like this.

  18. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Thee greed is strong in this one. Stat padders will seal club even more the average joe. GG WG, GG. I’ll dance at your funeral

  19. SGT Morningwood

    So…..those who dont have T10 tanks will be permanently nerfed? So those players cant get the improved equipment and will be less effective……thanks WG…….

  20. im done with WG if random battles get imp.coms

  21. cosmetics in wot is what the game needs, and I know that WG is more than capable to introduce it (just look at the last chrsitmass event), and War thunder as it, and it’s a true pleasur to have your own nice looking tank.
    I think that with the current system, WG is just making the gap beetween good average and newbies even wider !

  22. this is not fair i done have a tia 10.

  23. Perhaps there is a small misconception about the simultaneous use of improved equipment and directives. The way I got it is that you mount the equipment first, but its improved action is ACTIVATED by the respective directive. Its not the cumulative effect, and it could improve only one of the functions, either crew or equipment..

  24. R.I.P WotB

  25. Just another money making exercise by WG

  26. Sorry isn’t the Bat Chatillon 25t a medium tank and he calls it a light? 8:14

  27. NoLuckManNoLuck

    Quicky Baby you modest British bastard you “I guess an okay player” “Fairly okay at the game” Coming from possibly one of the best players in the game

  28. The directives dont show up in the garage but when u start a game it is used.
    Dezgame tried it

  29. WG keep destroying their game…

  30. I agree, the best players do not need even better tanks!

  31. well, i paid at leats 1k cuid in wot in my account, however I have to go to another country to work so i don’t have that much time at all. I am at least honest to WOT that I’ve cont playing it since 2011/12? And it’s just unfair to people like me 🙁

  32. IamThe V Rinzlr

    when i first heard about it…. I was glad with those new equipments….. but thanks for QB’s perspective…. He do have a point…. all good players will sealclub average to noob players inside the random queue…. so I don’t think this is right….

  33. Friendly Fire Gaming

    As long as the improved equipment and the directives are restricted to Ranked battles, it’s okay.

    If they are available to Random battles, this will be a huge disadvantage.

  34. This is starting to look like some card game with all these +/- bonuses..

  35. wg adds new skilled based mm with rewards that the bottom 50% has always wanted still complain cause their not good enough to have tier 10s or compete in it, get good or stop complaining it’s not that hard………..

  36. Filip Pavlović

    I think that the biggest problem about the last game mode was that it was expensive to play, and I don’t see that this will be any different. So that’s why I’ll probably not play it.

  37. wow, Quickybaby is the Boss of all bosses, boss crew, boss tank, boss in everything. I am so jelus with him, god damn he had everything in WOT

  38. People outraging because people who play well can receive something relevant for once

    Well, that’s the first …

  39. I just can’t understand what this idiots from WG are thinking, what competitive game rewards players with bonus power creep?

  40. how about NIGHT MODE!!!

  41. Ofc this rewards are terrible idea and:
    1) My bet is the final idea is to implement this “as is”, and then WG will “hear the voice of players” and introduce this new currency to the shop for $ -“to balance the game”.
    2) Moving the superpremiom equipment will cost gold, and once someone is acustomed do better performance (of having better stats or just winning) sooner or later he will pay 30 gold every tank switch-belive me this game will get more expensive even for good player..

  42. WG, please don’t bring this to Random battles. It will sure make unicums even more powerful and put all average and below average players in a disadvantage position.

  43. hey qb i don’t get why you upload 720p but stream 1080p, usually it’s the other way around :3

  44. Honnestly, considering the amount of premium ammo used by highly skilled players, if you think they won’t be glad to further extend their superiority with all sorts of improvements, then you are a fool (no offense).

    There is a question that, I think, should be asked: what will be the interest of playing tier X tanks in random battles now (apart from the weak tier X tanks that might mostly make you lose ranks) ?
    Also, WG should strongly consider the question of TKs (and all sorts of actions meant to weaken your allies to your own advantage) in such a mode.

  45. Captain_Coleslaw

    The whole deal with ONLY tier 10 is complete bullshit… No free to play player will ever be able to play tier 10… It costs an average of 10-20k for me every time, unless i carry my ass off and win… This should be tier 6 and 8…

  46. Matias Paavilainen

    Pz 2j with full improved equipment

  47. a golden gun would be pretty sweet, but also if there was silver guns and all that, showing how well you did in a season

  48. I completely agree with QB on the rewards.

  49. lol the T67 can sealclub harder now by twinking.. those poor red players

  50. AlmostLikeHuman

    Really loved 9.18. Fucking hate 9.19 so far…

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