World of Tanks – Ranked Steppes Don’t Go 1-2 Line

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Source: Anfield


  1. first 😀

  2. Chaitea *whatever you want bb*

    i like you, but its so funny how youre using the most OP tank in WoT and you complaining about rng, dude like wtf, you bounce an e50 cause you hit the mantle, YOURE IN A FUCKEN MAUS, LMAO, love you tho, keep up the good work

  3. Maus doing its best “You can not pass!”

  4. I’m liking the ‘stache:)

  5. And Anfield, do you recommend going 9-0 even for tier 8 and below? I know ranked games are much more based on single side pushes

  6. play cs go pls

  7. lol that intro bout taxes

  8. aww u shoulda finished talking,the vid cut out.nice new mic tho

  9. Teaching strategy in a WOT pub game? I applaud you for trying Anfield. GG WP.

  10. Would you always go 9-0 even in a squishy TD or a superheavy no matter the matchup? what about south spawn?

  11. It works in random ( pushing 1-2)

  12. whats the purpose in ranked battles?! it only applies to like 5-10% of people who have tier 10! and it just makes tier 10 better giving them bonds and shit when they don’t really need it!

  13. good job spamming that apcr, showing us that the good players can do it more, therefore have a much easier time ranking up getting that special currency and getting that special equipment and consumables making you someone who doesn’t need the help being better, better, leaving all the avg and lesser players further behind. way to show wot, what a wonderfully unbalanced and broken game it is

  14. whats your opinion on improved equipment?

  15. i got better advice dont play wot, waste of time there are so many better and fun games to play

  16. A lot of players still don’t get this, the team with the most Russian bias will win 9 times out of 10 no matter what’s tanks your team has or skill.

  17. welcome to world of blitz 😀 full of noobs with the knowledge of a pebble 😀

  18. its sad when the worst player of the team comes with a retarded strategy and you watch the minimap all your teamates going to a fail flank. Makes you wish inteligence were a common feature of the human race.

  19. So how did it feel once you pulled those arties off your shlong? Im sure it was pretty tiring with how much they were riding you.

  20. wow ppl still go 1 2 line on that map !! lol
    Anfield you tried and a lot of unicoms but ppl don’t listen at all they still go

    city on Live Oaks
    1 2 line on Malinovka
    beach on Overlord
    1 2 line on Steppes
    j2 ( castle) on swamp from the north
    9 0 on Westfield

  21. “I’m a heavy tank, I must go 1-2 line”.
    When I go to 9-0 with my E100 I hear alot “Stupid E100 why don’t you go to the heavy flank?! Reported!”

  22. Why all the fretting – it is much better to lose than win for ranked…

  23. Honestly Anfield I never go that flank because I always have my own team shoot my Maus for ‘playing wrong’. But good to see its possible if done well.

  24. Your face reminds me of Luke from Linus Tech tips lmao

  25. Who goes line 1 2 anyway

  26. map control is essentially what you are saying and reading the MM

    but it is interesting watching people play. Valley on Lakeville, 8 Line on Abbey. Give people an open map or side and they afraid to play it, give them a square to slug over and they happy but then complain about corridor maps !!

  27. Ive now just totally given up on trying to reply or have a decent conversation with guys in chat because all of them are just complete retards

  28. i still lose everytime even if my team does go 9-0 line i think its a rigged north spawn thing bound to lose

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