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Source: Dan Bull

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Words: Dan Bull
: Dead Man Walkn ( / /
Video: Nick J Henderson (


  1. comment one ;D
    nice song :)

  2. First

  3. Yo yo dawg

  4. Awesome man

  5. 46th :O

  6. 40th viewer and 23 liker

  7. First for the first time!

  8. Love it Danny!

  9. I though this was going to be World of Warcraft hahahahaha

  10. 23rd viewer! 😀 and first dislike! 

  11. Welcome to the under 300 club,how tough are you?

  12. Big is tanks

  13. Please Dan do a Smash Brothers rap!!!

  14. Thank you for this 

  15. Not his best work but still good 

  16. all 15 hidden tank names? I dont even know 1 tank name

  17. Please make a rap on the binding of Isaac

  18. Olari Tsernobrovkin

    Another great rap Dan!



  20. good work! I love your raps so much <3

  21. OBJECT! :D

  22. Assassin’s Creed Rogue rap?

  23. The rain-Loraine

  24. Last time I saw the Mauz/mouse was more armored than that. Great song!

  25. Good but the game really is annoying

  26. What about tomatoes? :C

  27. Maybe next time Warframe rap?

  28. SuperMasterofdragons

    Why didn’t you rap about the Maus and Jagdpanzer E-100? Or one of the
    Objects (OBJECTION literally if you stand in front of those guns…)?
    They’re one of the best tanks in the game!

  29. This rap really sucked compared to your old ones.

  30. great song dan

  31. Do people still play this game??? 

  32. LTTB approves 

  33. Verses were pretty awesome, chorus felt… meh.

    Still, I can’t not like it after ~10k games.

  34. Nice rap

  35. Love it!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and you just know when Dan And dead man walking make
    something its gonna be siiiiick as hell!!! nice work Dan, love ya <4

  36. sick shit!

  37. товарищ Дены

    Now War Thunder :D

  38. Chorus:
    In a World of Tanks, colossal arced cannons..
    Rain down heavy hell upon the normal fandom..
    Of Call of Duty kids that would hate to get spanked…
    In this lethal hellish World of Tanks.

    Edit: This is a suggestion. I know it’s not actually in the song.

  39. Опа Опа :DD танки

  40. 301 group.

  41. Bison, Ke-Ho, Locust, Crusader, Lorraine, Tortoise, Priest, Patton,
    Ferdinand, Hellcat, Panther, Jackson, Birch gun, Leichtractor, Tiger, Maus,
    Grille, Wespe, Valentine, Hetzer, Churchill, Cromwell, Wolverine,
    Covenanter, Leopard, Leopard PTA, Ram-II, Dicker Max, Stuart, Bishop,
    Conqueror, Comet. Total 32. That’s on the first run.
    also, Object something is a lot of tanks – 8 of them , then there are 2
    Stuarts, 4 cruiser tanks, 3 leopards (2 mentioned above), 2 pattons, 4
    lorraines,3 tigers, 4 churchills.

    54. total tanks 😛 

  42. this rap brought to you by the daleks

  43. lol, atleast use recent WoT gameplay footage, not from liek 30 patches ago


  45. why didnt you have the game maxed out in the video ._. also i didnt hear 50
    only 49 😀 and yes dicker max was one :D

  46. War Thunder is much better!!!

  47. I don’t even play this but shit Dan this song was great, love your work man
    keep it up <3

  48. Next unturned-rap

  49. next war thunder

  50. Make a Shogun Rap please?

  51. Payday 2 Rap~?

  52. BT-7 The Sanic of tanks

  53. 1. object(different versions in the game though) 2. Ke Ho 3. locust 4.
    crusader 5. tortoise 6. m7 priest 7. Ferdinand 8. hellcat 9. Panther 10.
    Jackson 11. birch gun 12. Ltraktor 13. T7 combat car 14. Tiger 15. Maus 16.
    Grille 17. Wespe 18. Valentine 19. hetzer 20. Churchill 21. Cromwell 22.
    Wolverine 23. covenanter 24. leopard 25. T28 prototype 26. Ram 2 27. Dicker
    max 28. Stuart 29. Bishops 30. Conqueror 31. Comet 32. Bison 33. Patton 34.
    Chi Ri 35. Cruiser. Well guys please try and add tanks to the list

  54. OMG IT’S AWESOME! 😀 First time i heard it, i didn’t really liked it. But
    then i listened to it some more times and watched closely to lyrics… it
    became freaking AWESOME :DDDD Dan you’re da BEST!

  55. In the latest 10+ raps he has made it seem like he is trying so hard to
    make a good one. 

  56. Dan,hello! Great rap.Do you mind me translating it to Russian(subtitles)?
    Cause there are more Russian players in this game.

  57. Wasn’t feeling the Big are tanks tanks are big bit, so I’d say below your
    average but still sexy.

  58. Tortoise, Churchill, Bishop, Hellcat, Panther, Jackson, Birch Gun, Tiger,
    Wespe, Hetzer, Cromwell, Wolverine, Covenanter, Hummel, T28 prototype, Ram
    II, Dicker Max, M3 Stuart, M24 Chaffee Sport, Cruiser Mk. I & III, Vickers
    Mk. E Type B, Comet, T7 Combat Car, M22 Locust, Ke-Ho, Bison, Crusader,
    Lorraine, Tortoise, M7 Priest, Patton, Ferdinand, Leichtractor, Maus,
    Grille, Valentine, Leopard, Leopard PTA, Conqueror

    so open your ears stfu and listen.
    I am the herald of andraste!
    Qunari, elf, human nobody can get past me.
    Dan its only right. c’mon.


  61. w8tin for this many years :’) btw i broke my arm today so pls #DanReply2Me

  62. Awesome, just awesome. Could you make a rap for Warhammer 40k, I feel like
    that one could be pretty damn epic :)

  63. Do a dark souls rap! Please 🙂 you did a dark souls reference in your gears
    of war rap

  64. you shold collaborate with erb it would be awesome!!!

  65. MultiCynicalBastard

    The Hetzer line killed me :P

  66. Lately Dan’s raps were lower standard but this brought him back :D


  68. “Tanks… are… big……… big… are… tanks…”

    I felt so fucking embarrassed listening to this around people, that is the
    most retarded piece of lyrics I have ever heard…

  69. Warthunder rap please?

  70. GameBangTang - Tanger Nation!

    Awesome :’)

  71. aww.. dat shitty game is everywhere !
    But u still good at rap man. )

  72. siemka kto pl

  73. How about a don’t starve rap? :D

  74. War Thunder is way better

  75. Gabriel RIBEIRO COSTA

    Make war thunder rap

  76. Now make one for war thunder

  77. Oh great, the already brain dead community for World of Tanks is about to
    get even worse as an influx of new meat rushes in.

  78. 1 object x, 2 bison, 3, ke-ho, 4 M22 locust, 5 crusader, 6 Tortoise, 7
    M3/M5 stuart, 8 M7 priest, 9 M48/M46 patton, 10, Ferdinand, 11 hellcat, 12
    panther, 13 jackson, 14 birchgun, 15 type x, 16 Leichtractor aka
    Loltractor, 17 Tiger 1(H)/P/2, 18 Maus,19 Grille,20 Wespe, 21 Valintine, 22
    Hetzer, 23 Churchill, 24 Cromwell, 25 wolverine, 26 Chi-nu, 27 Covernader,
    28Leopard, 29 hummel, 30 T28 proto, 31 Ram 2, 32 Dicker max, 33 Cruiser
    1/3, 34 bishop, 35 vicars, 36 conqueror, 37 comet, 38 chaffee sport, 39 M7
    combat car, 40 Lorraine, 41 Chi-ri

  79. okey 1 word WTF!

  80. 1:06, thing is, a Tiger would get wrecked by a mouse (Maus)

  81. War thunder rap when?

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