World of Tanks – Rapido!

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Normally there’d be a long and witty description here but I’m packing the Republic. Amuse yourselves while I’m busy something.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. YOU are packing? How about Rita, she’s not comming?

  2. Петар Костић

    Bravo matori

  3. I still think my IS-2M spotting run was the best

  4. Im also in Prague for a Christmas break, will keep my eyes peeled for the overlord! ^^

  5. Cirnu Flavian Ionut – this was my second game ever in this tank ( in the description i said 3rd or 4th but is was my 2nd) and i got Ace Tanker on a Defeat

  6. You will love Prague,it’s history and gothic architecture are great. Enjoy your Christmas break.

  7. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    “And i’ll catch you next time”?

  8. Have a great time in Praha, Mr Jingles Sir, greeting to Flambass please

  9. I just spent 600$ on a generator (heavy snow storm) so I don’t miss any Dezmas 2018-19. Still it’s nice to hear the old man 🙂 (3 yrs my senior) talk about pixel tanks.

  10. Take care everyone because Jingles won’t “catch us” next time.

  11. Well have a Happy New Year.

  12. Have a good Christmas Jingles!

  13. “… and the shitbarn blows it… ” ?

  14. And I’ll catch you next time………?

  15. Have a happy Christmas in the salt mines.

  16. once again Jingles Merry Christmas

  17. The Militant Channel

    Welp until then We’ll c you in 2019 (or whenever u get bored and publish something new)

  18. I’m sorry Jingles, but I have to say… I kinda miss Dave and all his replays…

  19. Catch you next time……..we suppose…:’(

  20. hells yeah … nice work asroma …. I’m just going to call him Dave 😉 gg

  21. Great game!!

  22. “and wait for arty to make him uninstall the game” ROFL I had to stop the video click like and comment while laughing out loud. Good one Jingles. First time I liked one of your videos. I was kinda annoyed of a comment you made a long time ago, but hey I give credit where credit is due. Well done. 😛

  23. Safe trip

  24. ActuallyJingles it is AS Roma football club FFS, not Azzzroma 🙂

  25. Still amused every time Jingles names the FV4005 as The Shitbarn

  26. Enjoy your vacation!

  27. Glad you came back to wot 🙂

  28. Hey Jingles, what do you think a world of Warships game would be like with limited ammo?

  29. Explanation for the video’s title?
    I mean… it’s a russian LT.. and Rapido is not Russian.. it does might mean fast!, but not in russian xD

  30. are we just gonna ignore the part where a tank bounces up a ledge at 3:48

  31. What the fuck is that Panzer VII? Is the Löwe not the actual Panzer VII?

  32. Jingles, you noob, the FV4005 killed the gun carriage. sure the amx was spotting, but he didn’t get the kill

  33. Have a great Christmas trip.

  34. Actually Jingles it was the FV4005 that killed the Conq. GC At the same time you forgot to say ” and I’ll catch you next time.” at the end! Jingles ya screwed up twice in a video!

  35. 15:42 “and I’ll catch you next time.”

  36. Have a Merry Christmas!

  37. here is a stat for the lying fucking cunts at WG, played my new su-130pm today for just over 2 hours. 93% of hits received were premium ammo lol….cock gobbling cum guzzling WG cunts, hope they get ebola for christmas the lying sacks of dog shit.

  38. Have a good holiday Jingles

  39. Communicating? Teamwork?
    The pull of the dark side has disturbed the force, it must be black magic, evil sorcery is afoot……………!

  40. I was so afraid this was going to be another heartbreak episode.


  42. Enjoy, relax and have fun Jungles. You work really hard creating great videos. Cheers! But behave, they have salt mines in Prague for bad boys and girls.

  43. Where’s the “…and I’ll catch you next time” line ?

  44. merry christmas and a happy new year jingle

  45. Never had a -proper focus video… anyone else ?

  46. Great narration as always Jingles.

  47. All tanks are potential one-shots for the Shitbarn :p

  48. Hi Paul, is there any chance to meet you this weekend in Prague?

  49. Enjoy your vacation Jingles. I am from Czechia and have say that Prague is probably the worst you can visit out of bigger cities because of all tourists, tourist traps and culture is barely czech there because of that, but since we are a stubborn nation, if you wanna speak english you either have to go there or get ready for some struggling.

  50. The m48 is most likely trying to get his 3rd mark? Capping while 3-marking is just plain stupid so if that is what he was doing then i understand what the patton did.

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