World of Tanks || *RARE* Pz. V/IV – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Pz. V/IV. Today I’m reviewing an ultra rare premium tank – a hull with a Pz. IV turret at T5!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Herlief Swenhaugen

    This thing is literally everywhere on console.

  2. World of crew skills ?

  3. isn’t this the very definition of pay to win?

  4. This is thing isn’t so common in blitz. Being a tech tree premium available 24/7

  5. Continuous stuff like this is why I quit playing. Pretty sure Wargaming have broken almost every promise they have ever made (at least with WoT), and the game has become so obviously pay-to-win it is no longer a debated joke but a known and accepted (but brushed under the rug and ignored) fact. If you didn’t have to pay MUCH to be relevant, OK. But when a single tank costs 50 bucks U.S. (the same price as an entire triple-A game) you are just being ripped off. Seriously, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on WoT. You could buy a cheap car or get 100 other games, their consoles, a new PC and a bunch of real-money DLC for what they are asking you to spend on this single title. It’s insanely out of control. Even if you can afford to throw as much money around as you want, you still shouldn’t do it. It drives up prices if you don’t buy prudently, and allows shitty policies and exploitative business practices to thrive. And until you start hitting sleazy companies in their wallets by saying “no” and not buying their ridiculously poor service and over-priced products, they will just continue to fuck you.

  6. Hurrey worth of it to buy absolute shit tank

  7. The professional seal clubbers tank.

  8. This tank is pure cancer on console. Completely overpowered and is the pinnacle tank for seal clubbers.

  9. I have to get to work half an hour later each day for the same reason QB. Thanks Wargaming!

  10. I’ve had mine for many years. It’s been an absolute blast to own. When i was having a bad game or felt as though i was getting bad RNG, i’d drag this out and felt like i was getting one back at WG.

  11. I was handling some work emails while listening to this in the background, so thank you for quickly pointing out that this was on your end.

  12. QB not using XVM?

  13. It would be nice to see this match from the other pz5/4’s view…

  14. Matthew Carberry

    T22, and then the meteor hits

  15. michael stephan

    Pz V/IV has over 800 health on console

  16. That’s because this game is dying, QB….

    They are trying to scrape the last if the chocolate off the bottom of the pot…

  17. Valtteri Asikainen

    I’m still kinda mad I only heard about the event yesterday and missed the earlier premiums for credits…

  18. Josy Naemi Köhler

    It also was, for a long time, at Tier 6. Where it was shitty. Then it was just bumped 1:1 on Tier 5. Where it is very good. Including the special matchmaking, which it honestly doesn’t need at Tier 5. There are tons of tanks with the same gun without SMM, and without a strong hull. Just like at the T 34 85m it shows, what happen, if Wargaming just increases parameters/ down tier it, but forget about the rest.

  19. Funny same gun as PZ IV Hydro but beter

  20. Anders Tronstad

    Love this tank. If you can’t out-DPM the enemies you can ram them to death..just to add insult. 😀 It was horrible at tier 6 though, too slow and struggled to pen anything because it had a different gun as well.

  21. Saruman Teh White

    My precious.

  22. I hate the black market, dumb as hell.

  23. Western Spy Gaming

    This game is so common on blitz


  25. TemporaryINTER135

    Give them money for a FTP, and have a good time

    Whats F stand for?

    Respect (your wallet)

  26. It’s a very competitive tank, managed to get my 3rd gunmark on it roughly a year ago when it was one of the hardest gunmarks to get on the server (due to the low HP available on the tier and only great players playing it). You needed something like 2800-3000 combined on Tier 5 to advance the mark.

    Have the 3-marking video on my channel as well as more videos on this tank in general.

    Shame WG tried to sell to many of it, instantly removing it’s rare status. Additionally, they should not have been sold in the first place as they were marketed as Pre-Order exclusives (forever) and thus WG actively lied to it’s customers and scr@wed them over.

  27. Chinese people know this, this tank is only 75元

  28. This was buffed heavily, it was very weh on release. In addition, the clownshoe has been available repeatedly on all servers so it’s been pretty clear that WG were going to re-release this at some point.

  29. TheBestRed Player

    Have you seen the V/IV on console 870hp!!!! At tier 5

  30. Using chocolate at tier 5 sad twat.

  31. You forgot to mention, that it is ugly as hell.

  32. WubbaLubba DubDub

    My English summer test is in 35 mins…

  33. Enemy Player is better than QB? :O

  34. This is called “Russian business”… make quick cash now and destroy your entire enterprise down the line.

  35. Have that tank in blitz

  36. Chivalrous Veteran

    Next on WoT “Black Market” — hmmm; could be : ISB, Foch 155, and some Tier Ten Camos : … could be! : – )

  37. special food at tier V….very harsh…

  38. before a long time age,this tank in rank 6, this tank is not very good

  39. First battle as Pz V/IV

    M 2030 dmg 8 kills 4 medals
    9903 WN8 score
    Pz IV H main player here 😉
    And thats literally his older brother 😀

  40. We console peasants have had the chance to pay this at 3000 gold. But then the console Devs are useless

  41. Did they sell the tier 10 skin in eu already?

  42. Pz V/IV

    Good tank in teir V…
    Blitz it just a teir Panther… but PzIV G is also good

  43. Friendly Fire Gaming

    I agree with you. The Black Market is just a poorly disguised piece of customer manipulation and, as you say, selling this, the M6 Mutant, any vehicle sold on the premise of exclusivity is frankly horrendous towards those who did purchase them.

  44. A bit too much good tank for a low tier and with preferential matchmaking

  45. Outlook trap !
    Man this video remind me how I love the look of the Panther’s hull.

  46. Well I wouldn’t call it rare anymore. I think we should downgrate it to at least uncommon. good vid tho. I didn’t knew if I wanted to buy it yes or no. I didn’t just because I play War Thunder more now instead of wot and I dont play a lot of low tier in wot aswell.

  47. Pz. V/IV = Pz. 1.25

  48. Nasib Siddique Bissoy

    Slap them in the turret!! Perfect QB hahahaha……

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