World of Tanks | RARE TANK | A-32 Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

| RARE TANK | Gameplay
▶ Although a very rare tank, perhaps it shouldn’t be at the top of your ‘to-collect’ list. The A-32 may be the fastest medium in the game but it definitely one of the hardest tanks to play in the game.

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  1. It was quite hard to get good footage showing this tank in a good light. I
    played a ton of games and it just became a common theme that this tank has
    so many weaknesses. What rare tank should I use next?

  2. I used to play World of Tanks for a good while, went off it for a few
    months started to play War Thunder. Oh man there is a big difference and it
    shows how much War Thunder is better.

  3. KREBS .. the resolution… it hurts

  4. Second?

  5. yo Krebs, you looking forward to playing armored warfare?

  6. If it had the (I think) Zis cannon it would be ok

  7. Krebs, how do you obtain these tanks? Why not choose Krebs as a gamertag
    instead of Tanktastic_2? I know it can bring some negativities but alas…
    Its your “name”.

  8. Did you buy all that gold ?

  9. Would you mind playing the kv4?

  10. @Krebs what music did you used at the beginning of the video when you
    presented the tank?

  11. 40 traverse is pretty good and its 35mm of armor slopped pretty decently (
    Around 50 armor frontally using tank inspector) means you can get bounces.
    Its like a t4 t34 with premium match making.

  12. So how did you get your hands on a press account

  13. I selled the T32 3 years ago

  14. Make one on Type 59

  15. Just shut up about this tank being bad and try the M5 stuart. Trust me
    after playing that think you will rather hang yourself…

  16. krebs, how can I switch the tier indicator in the sidebar?

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