World of Tanks | RARE TANK | Großtraktor Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

World Tanks | RARE TANK | Großtraktor Gameplay
Großtraktor was a very rare tank in World but has become more now-a-days. It’s a sausage tank like TOG and behaves similar.

You can try out World here:

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  1. Hope you guys are enjoying these previews of rare tanks in the game. Which
    one should I do next?

  2. My friend got this for Christmas, he has a hard time playing it as when we
    platoon up the rest of us plug him.

  3. Play the M6A2E1.

  4. Nice tank and you played it well.

  5. Seen one of those, owned it in my T2LT, wasn’t impressed.
    The gun is really weird, it’s not really derp as the alpha isn’t as
    impressive (like a Cruiser II with 370 damage) and the AP just sucks. I
    thing I used the same gun while grinding the Pz. III, loaded HEAT plus some
    HE and derped my way through the grind. But overall I would not spend my
    money on an expensive package just for this tank.

  6. please stop seal clubbing and play real tanks. It is much more enjoyable to

  7. It’s fun to see how WoT plays like, especially those rare tanks since I
    don’t play WoT.

  8. Just a couple of pointers:
    1) Don’t look at the damage and pen data of the ammo itself, but the guns
    that use them. The dmg and pen range given in the shell data depends on the
    gun that is firing it.
    2) You have a setting that turns on last spotted positions in the settings
    3) HE ammo does damage depending on if it hits spaced armor (none or really
    little) or the effective thickness of the armor it hits and can damage
    subsystems more easy than AP or APCR.

  9. The T18s armor is not good, Its over powered, and so is its gun. Yet war we
    dont give a shit were still making money gaming refuse to nerf it properly.

  10. This may be off topic but I want to see one of your good old arcade
    rampages :D. The 15+ kills kinda for warthunderplz

  11. Oh my god. My most favorite tank ever, is in WoT. Now if only they’d
    include the NBFZ (nebufazareg or whatever its called), then i might
    actually come back.

  12. It’s auto canon not auto louder 

  13. Where’s the sick outro u use to have. The OVERWERK-daybreak one. This one
    was sick!!


  15. Check out the armor stats 1488

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