World of Tanks Rare Tank – KV-1 in Panzer’s Clothing, Panzer II J – April Fools Day Sale

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Source: BaronVonGamez

– Rare – Panzer II J, Dat Armor!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. What rare or crazy tank in World of Tanks would you like to see me play
    next? And who do you think won April Fools for the video game companies?
    What were some of the coolest things you saw….I really liked that ST-1
    from War Thunder. 

  2. WoT it self is ridiculous, could someone point me out a good tank wafare
    simulator, please?

  3. If you press C you reload your magazine, Baron. Instead of wasting the ones
    you already have left in your mag.

  4. I remember when this little OP monster was on the World of Tanks blitz
    beta, then it has been remove.

  5. You could probably actually call them bullets, isn’t it a mauser rifle
    caliber gun?

  6. Not much of an april fools joke when this is one of the most coveted tank
    they have. Or are they insinuating their customers are fools for paying for

  7. Andrei Buceceanu

    ”We’re gonna ashmenistzaahmenklats this thing over here”
    -BaronVonGamez 2015
    (Can someone make a meme out of this?)

  8. It was on sale on the NA server. I THOUT IT WAS ONLY ON THE EU server

  9. I have my IIJ since last year…. it is, along with my bt sv and kv220, THE

  10. Warthunder won this year. The fools i mean :)

  11. michael tremblay

    Lol love the 1v1 artillery battles so awkward and weird 

  12. war thunders april fools was why better !

  13. baron wilst tu duitch sphrechen

  14. … I have been waiting to get that tank for 2 years.. And on april fools,
    it goes on sale… Fml, thats the 1 tank i ever want…….Damnit

  15. pzIV hydrolique tier 5 prem PLS <3

  16. When I tried to find it it wasn’t friggin listed. I’ve really started to
    get disgusted with wargaming anymore.

  17. you are a horrible shot and wasting gold ._.

  18. LucainCeasarGaming

    you and devil share the same wot account

  19. Thisisfuckingannoying

    was this only sold in eu?

  20. the best tank to kill to pz2js is the valentien AT it has 60mm of armor
    almost every were and the top gun can pen the 2j from the front and if he
    trys to angle you can still pen his lower plate like butter i took out 2 of
    them in one battle

  21. world of tanks, sucks, dislike

  22. The german guy isn’t even angry :D

  23. how do you have 300k gold… this makes me sad :”(

  24. war tunder

  25. This thing is honestly quite crap, and a massive rip-off. It’s literally
    just too situational, on bad matchup and you’re fucked. Not to mention the
    completely OP pen of premium ammo nowadays.

  26. The balloon tanks are the fake army from ww2 to trick the germans
    In D Day to the Wrong beach where the allies will land? 

  27. Buying this tank just supports WG in a way they should not be supported. It
    encourages them to use such methods more often…
    Next time they sell the Type 59 for 200 Euro and there will still be idiots
    who would buy it.

  28. War Thunder was the best this year!! Gajin really made an afort to make a
    good April 1.

  29. Nice Vid Thank’s

  30. “Soak up a decent amount of damage”
    Oh Baron, you have no idea.

  31. I unsubscribed after this video.


  32. How do you get the lightbulb to show when you are detected?

  33. just as lame as war thunder arcade mode

  34. Its so annoying that this german guy always says the same.

  35. Quinton Dombrowski

    Gaijin won the April fools, and they didn’t even to have do anything. If a
    game company puts ridiculously OP tanks on sale so that people with fat
    wallets can seal club newbies by spamming gold ammo from their PzII J,
    BT-SV, or whatever, then they don’t have a game, they have a piece of
    software for losers with too much money and no life.

  36. this tank is so easy to kill when your in a pz 2g considering it has 95 pen
    and the pz 2j cant pen the pz 2g which is hilarious :D

  37. Baron you should try to scout in the AMX 40 :D

  38. World of tanks suck at this april fool

  39. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    Did you get a press account?

  40. I never liked the pay to win ammo in this game, main reason i switched to

  41. omg! I wish I knew this! I have been trying to get this for a LONG time,
    only buy able on the EN service which I am its not for sale?

  42. Try the pc. 1c

  43. ww2legoproductions

    Was this for sale on the NA server 2?

  44. ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson

    World of Tanks

  45. +BaronVonGamez that angry German guy isn’t even angry, he seems really
    excited and happy over penetrating enemy armor actually 

  46. lets see they penis tank

  47. So if you have a test/press account, does that mean you have access to the
    MT-LS? Because you really need to show that. It’s like the unicorn of WoT

  48. is it me or is baron using a press account?

  49. 13 skills!!!

  50. Viperx40 Viperx40

    Aufkblablaba panzer or panther

  51. Viperx40 Viperx40


  52. Platoon with Jingles and make a video! And then tell Jingles to make a
    video from his perspective.

  53. You died in this thing? That is a good effort!

  54. KoneheadGamingFinland

    Happy Easter and Passover AND April fools day!

  55. Baron – ” Tank Destroyers are designed… to destroy… tanks…”

    Me – *Mind Blown!*

  56. Alexander Snowden

    Kv2 pls if u can

  57. I dont like WorldofTanks any more Warthunder is better the games a such
    more interesting as in wot 

  58. WHAT! it was for sale on the NA server?! …….Dang it!

  59. War thunder won april fools

  60. Nick GoesMonster

    It cost 100€ in Germany On Europe Servers 

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