World of Tanks | RARE TANK | MTLS-1G14 Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

| RARE TANK | MTLS-1G14 Gameplay
▶ The MTLS-1G14 a super rare tank in World of Tanks and it’s damage mythical. I got some first hand gameplay for you 🙂

You can try out World of tanks here:

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  1. What is Krabs back 2 live on this channel mother of god! :D

  2. This tank is awesome, what do you think about it? What rare tank should I
    use next?

  3. I SO want this tank ;-;

  4. why is the quality stuck at 360p ?

  5. Tank so rare, you can only watch it in 360p

  6. Only 360p quality stream krebs. Think it needs re up loading!

  7. Sorry I was not aware of the 360p issue

  8. Krebs, just keep the video as unlisted for 15-30 mins after uploading, so
    it can process properly and we don’t have to watch potato quality :P

  9. Good play with 1 HP.

  10. Drive the GroBtraktor/Grosstraktor !

  11. I keep reading the video title as “Rape Tank” 

  12. 230HE shots….Thug Life…let like 20 and rest AP :))

  13. Dont use percent for damage you will do a lot better if you swap it to show
    the tanks health

  14. Alina-Cristina Udrescu

    i have it on 60 fps setting but it is not really 60…:D i can see it is
    30 or so actually (no smoothness)…just double the frames..something is
    off with your render

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