World of Tanks | RARE TANK | Panzer II Ausf J Gameplay

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Source: Krebs

| RARE TANK | Panzer II Ausf J Gameplay
▶ The Panzer II Ausf J costs a kidney on Ebay. Lucky for you, you can spare that kidney because I’ve got some gameplay of it 🙂

You can try out World of tanks here:

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  1. This video was disliked before it was liked. I am the great equaliser! The
    bringer of likes!

  2. #BestQualityEU

  3. :D

  4. You can press “C” to reload a partially fired clip. Also, did you actually
    buy 200.000 gold or is this a test server?

  5. Use credits for gold ammo…and please don t say it s gun it s good…it s
    the worse in game :)

  6. lol krebs u can pay silver for the gold rounds

  7. How did you get 200.000 gold ? Did you buy it ?

  8. Ya, so good that you need to keep a massive stock of prem amo, ofc if you
    don’t mind spending thousands every game then this is surely the tank for
    you lel. Also nice stream Krebsey 

  9. A few months ago I was at Reboot Infogamer in Zagreb and there was a
    contest to win a WG goodie bag. All you had to do is play WoT, score 5
    kills and survive. So people couldn’t do it, meanwhile I jumped on one of
    those PC’s, loaded this thing and got it in my first game. Incredibly fun
    but expensive to get and run, would really love one to review on my forum

  10. “the good is pretty powerful” I’ve never heard anything so wrong XD

  11. Is’nt krebs german for cancer ?

  12. Pls give me the link of the online shop!

  13. I’d suggest that you drive the MTLS. Dat twin gun…

  14. I would love to play war thunder with its boring with no one to play with

  15. Siem van den Oever

    With the premium shells, u can also play with credits not with gold

  16. Play the MTLS 1G14. It is super rare + awsome

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