World of Tanks – Really?

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Yes, really.

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  1. robert hoogenboezem

    Jingles, why are you comparing it with the kv-1? I think it better to compare it with the kv-1S

  2. Jingles, I just realised that there’s a typo in the thumbnail. ^^;

  3. When this first came out, I used to feed them to my Churchill III. It carves through these like a hot knife through butter..

  4. IS3A is sheit πŸ™‚

  5. time forgotten prince

    why the KV 1? Simple, the 85 mm or the 57 mm

  6. 10 year anniversary tank get it on new year now imagen 5-6 oh those on each time when it just got out that was funny and nightmare fule

  7. Nick picked a bad time to come back, right before a new patch drives off a large number of players.

  8. After this, I’m waiting for the KV-2SA. 20 year anniversary. KV-2 with 10 round auto-reloader on 152mm howitzer. HESH ammo as standard.

    Because if you’re going to reward your longest staying players with absurd OP BS, why not drop the pretense and give them something REALLY fun???

  9. Rashaaaa

  10. Jingles, you overpraise this tank. It’s not that good. Armor is garbage and you never even mentioned the obviously bad aiming time and accuracy. He was top tier against noobs, no wonder he did that good

  11. I got one. For 10 years of service. This might get me back to playing for a bit. I need something OP.

  12. Komrad Jingles!!! Russian Tanks are far superior didnt you know??? LOL great Vid!!!

  13. Russia, when your military sucks in real life, make shit up to win in a pixel game.

  14. Do you think this is bad? Just wait till you see Arnold’s tank from this last year’s Christmas event.

  15. it was a reward tank for years of in the game the well deserved reward tank

  16. all joking aside this tank is a heap of shite i cant count how many ive killed

  17. Sjoerd Willemsen

    Yup its a “Years of service” reward tank. Played a couple matches in it, with a 4 skill crew. Still i like the basic KV-1 with 85mm gun more then this one. As more commenters have pointed out its dispersion and aimtime is horrible.

  18. That typo in the thumbnail

  19. KV-1SA was in the well-deserved rewards 2022 for anyone whose account was at least 4 years old.

  20. sry to dissapoint u jingles thats a regural match speed these days

  21. Those sneaky bloody russians …. LOL

  22. This thing was real. It was a real autoloader proposal for the KV-1S and T-34, complete with detailed blueprints of the new turret and autoloading mechanism.

    • αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

      A blueprint for a tank doesn’t mean it was real. Tanks like the IS-7 existed in detailed blueprints but the blueprint still expected the tank to break the laws of physics to exist

  23. New year gift!

  24. Very nice of them to add a free KV1 just in time for the Russians to start deploying them in Ukraine, such realism!

  25. with additions like that I look forward to searching for your WoT vids in shorts section of YT

  26. Stevie Huppenbauer

    Everybody got this Tank as a present from WG. It was an anniversary gift i think one week before the Xmas Ops where started in 2022.

  27. Michael Bourgeault

    waddya mean ya don’t have a kit for the KV1-SA. It’s gotta be a real tank… It’s right here in World of Tanks

  28. I got it recently for my 10 years with wot I believe

  29. I’ve been playing since beta and havent logged in since 2018. I think I might have this thing too probably.

  30. Great video, thanks!

  31. Im suprised that so many people stil playing this game. I like to watch it here tho πŸ˜€

  32. Whenever I’m sick of the sh** in WOWS and feel like trying out WOT, i just watch one or two Jingles videos and I’m all better. Thanks Jingles!

  33. KV-1SA may have been a reward tank at some point but it’s in the Russian tech tree at Tier VI as a direct upgrade to the KV-1.

    Just taken another look and wow, Wargaming is really trying to push people into the IS-2-II. Cheapest Russian Tier 8 by experience, and the first Tier 8 tank I want to unlock anyway because double barreled tanks go BRRRT

    • Tf are you talking about? The KV-1SA (tank in the video) and the KV-1s are 2 different tanks mate. The SA is a reward tank for the Well deserved reward celebration for having your account at a certain amount of years old.

  34. dear peasants there is no russian bias continued spreading of western propogana will result in reeducation in your nearest gulage…sincerly wargamming

  35. αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

    I’m convinced that war gaming keeps surprising themselves by adding more and more absurd tanks to the game to see how much cash they can squeeze out before the game dies

  36. subtlewhatssubtle

    I enjoy the KV-1SA, but it’s genuinely not much more than average. Can’t have a gift tank be too excellent now can we.

  37. This episode really shows that in video games, Russian equipment compensates for everything wrong in reality.

  38. Never played tanks, ships are my poison, but funny as hell. Thanks!

  39. The scariest thing in World of Tanks will always be the OG KV that could mount the KV-2 turret and gun and the player saying in all chat, “KV hungry.”

  40. Just the fact you have a youtube channel is amazing, i never thought id enjoy some old gnome prattling on about WoT/WoWarships/Warthunder/whatever the hell you upload i still watch. Been subbed for a great deal now and I still watch some of the oldies for nostalgia sakes! Like watching the Waffentrager E100 HE only game by Circon!! Take care Gnome Overleader! Back to the salt mines for me!!

  41. Deer god, this thing might make me become an artillery player.

  42. What does it autoloader? Gu,ners left arms?

  43. WG claims not to be a Russian company, I am a WOWarships player and there too there is/was a RU bias in ships. Even though the Russian navy never had an WW2 ship to speak of, the ones in WOW are super strong.

    Now I see that also the Russian Tanks are ridiculously strong in WOT, I am seriously beginning to doubt that where the games is based (Nicosia, Cyprus) is not a postbox address for where there actually are (Russia).

    Are people who spend money on the game helping the Russian economy? What do you guys think?

  44. Watched this video, checked my garage and it appears I have one!!! And I didn’t even know it

  45. Can’t wait for the KV-2 with this autoloader…

  46. No free tanks on ANZ. / ASIA at 10pm 6 apr. Hopefully tomorrow

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