World of Tanks – Red Cadillac

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Tank designers traditionally had to strike a balance between mobility, protection and firepower – choose two, because you can’t have all three. Unless, of course, you’re making up Soviet machines to put into of Tanks.

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  1. Obj207?? Who’s making up tanks now Paul?

  2. shit like this tank is why i’m rapidly losing interest in wargaming products

  3. My first game in 705A I dealt 5k dmg and bounced 7k

  4. looks like the Obj705A was an early paper project of the T-10 from 1946? and scroll down…. guess WOT has some secret project papers saved in the gulag 😉

  5. Ragnarr Valaskjalv

    Left WoT years ago and i will never return 😊 Watching Jingles videos tell me i made the correct choice when i left 😂

  6. Silly gnome. Napkins aren’t blueprints 🤔😂 the 705A is basically the WOT version of the Stalingrad

  7. What is it the 705 is carrying at its back end? A jet-ski? 😀

  8. You said it has 640 alpha when it has 650, oh jingles

  9. Philip Clayberg

    Maybe Wargaming should’ve called it the Object 705BS instead of the Object 705A.

  10. Now I remember why I stopped playing this game..

  11. only half what? needs a buff

  12. This tank is yet another reason why I will never go back to WOT, I just enjoy Jingles’ videos.

  13. The Black Magician

    I feel like this is attempt #3?

    Cold Waters and Heliborne videos! More More More!

  14. very balanced game … ^^

  15. Russians and their crazy history.

  16. Havnt played WoT in years because of them doing things like this.

  17. I love the fact that this tank has a snowmobile bolted to the back of it. I guess so that a crew member, even in winter, can quickly zip to the nearest town to replenish the vodka supply 🙂

  18. This is why I stopped playing the game. Though watching these videos, as entertaining they may be, they serve as a nice reminder why I never come back.

  19. And this is why I no longer play WOT. Pay to compete never mind win.

  20. Is that a snowmobile strapped to the back of that thing?

  21. Deficency: It might get superficially damaged when being shot. We haven’t found a guaranteed paint protection yet.

  22. Well, OBVIOUSLY they had to stop working on the tank Jingles. They didn’t have the time travel they required to get the gun from the future yet.

  23. Here’s what I don’t get. The object 705a is the russian super heavy tank. The t110e5 is supposed to be a highly mobile heavy tank. It has better power to weight than the 705a, better tracks and suspension, and weighs just barely more than half as much. But in magical mystery bs land, the 705a is 3km/h faster than the e5.

  24. I would like to play the Karl Gerat or the Landkruezer 1000

  25. 330mm turret armor, all around?!?! Ok, so that’s 13″ for those of us ‘Mericans. I’d sure like to see what’s left of the internal volume on that turret. Yeah…that’s some un-obtainium shit. 9:15 – hand of Stalin on that one.

  26. Aaaaah so this is what the IS-7 was supposed to be! Not the piece of garbage it is today.

  27. The sad part is, this is far from the only OP tank in the game. At this point if you are someone who still plays WOT, you are a mug of the highest degree.

  28. Although I am not sure if you will ever see this comment, I would like to say that me and my father have been watching you for 10 or 11 years now, which means I personally was in 3rd grade when I started watching you. I am now in my junior year of high school at 17 years of age and still watch your videos. You are still a huge role model to me, and even though you did not know it you have been apart of almost every step of my life, and you still never fail to make me laugh. Thank you.

  29. Well most everything in WOT is made up and arbitrary. T30, for example, had no APCR round and yet in game it has, and the APBC and APCBC rounds didnt have an awful lot of penetration. Most penetration figures and rates of fire are completely arbitrary, and they even add or remove armor and weakspots at will. So yeah, the 705A is complete bullshit (the most outrageous part of it is the 1500hp turbine, which somehow has the same power as the Abrams gas turbine but 30 years earlier), but so is pretty much everything in the game

  30. Is that a snowmobile strapped to the back?

  31. Keep em coming good sir

  32. anyone else noticing a ~.5s delay in the sound? Like, i see an arty shell go off in the video, and then the sound takes .5s to go “boom”, am i crazy or what?

  33. that a snowmobile on the back of that tank?

  34. 6:20 “Magical mistery soviet bullshit tank” hahahahahaha

  35. Jingles points out that when you’re constantly putting tanks into a game that sooner or later you’re going to run out. The problem with that statement is that a) they started putting in paper tanks long before they ran out of real ones, and b) they still haven’t run out of real AFVs they could put into the game and didn’t. Two types that come to mind from Germany are the Sd.Kfz. 234 armored cars, which are great candidates since they put that class in for other nations. 234s could have 20mm autocannons, 50mm AT guns, 75mm AT guns, and the 75mm short used on early Pzkw. IVs and Sturmgeschutz IIIs. The other type is the Sturmpanzer IV (“Brummbär”), which has only appeared in the game as scenery hidden in a bunker on one map.

  36. I’ve got a bad thing to say about it. It’s rear armor can’t block tier 10 most premium shells.

  37. If anyone ever asks me why I don’t play World of Tanks, I’m just going to send them the link for this video.

  38. Object 207

  39. Why does this tank has a waterscooter/jetski on his back?

  40. Excellent Jingles Well spoken! Warg Aiming does destroy their own game. Sad but True

  41. And Jingles demonstrates why the fuck I stopped playing WoT and will never play again. Simply put their Russian bias is an absolute joke. In WWII the vaunted T-34 was routinely wiped out by L/50 and L/75 guns and enjoyed a 5-to-1 kill/death ratio over the T-34. The tank for all it’ ‘paper’ goodness, it was actually a complete piece of shit and the Russians lost 40,000 of 45,000 T-34s built to those guns. In the Korean War even the obsolete Sherman thrown at the T-34/85 killed it 1.2-to-1 ratio. When it came up against the M-26 it was 9-to-1 kill/death ratio. Yet in all these Russian-developed games it’s one of the best tanks in the game. Mean while the superior German, American & British historical tanks generally suck.

    And then we have shit like this tank. Just no way.

  42. Ah but Jingles! You *say* it weighs 100 tons but does it? Is it not made from glorious Stalinium and therefore all values are given as though they were in inferior capitalist pig materials? It actually weighs less than half that owing to superior Soviet engineering and materials!
    Oh and what’s wrong with a sketch on the back of a napkin? That, a beer mat or back of an envelope is one of the finest traditions of British engineering design! It usually also involves beer, tea and sheds, as you well know.

  43. You can have all three, They just cost over $2,200,000 each…… M1Abrams SEPv3………….

  44. If I was a heavy player, I’d play nothing but encounter. Ideal to be able to sit in the cap circle and make them come to you…

  45. 5:44 Jingles obviously time travel was involved!

  46. Jingles, I guess you don’t do your research properly!
    The Object 705A is currently quite accurate to what was planned in 1948.
    The 152mm gun M-51 does have blueprint scans dated from 1947 along with it’s prototype before it like the M-43 152mm, M-41 and M-31 which is basically the same gun with a few changes there and here.
    Yes, the Object 705 could go 60km/h, though the 705a, can’t find anything if it could. Remember that the IS-7 weight almost the same and Did go 60km/h during testing and uses the same transmission.
    And there was experimental 1050-1700 horse power engines being tested on every bloody thing.

  47. Russian bias is a myth

  48. Tibeau de ganseman

    Ah the good old British obj207 artillery

  49. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    Russian bias is purely coincidental and vodka powered

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